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Trudy Slaby Eissler

27 May 2018

After an auto accident I was afraid to even drive...and driving on the interstate frightened me ...I was handicap...thank goodness after only a few sessions I am now back to normal...they are A-#1 in my book...and I had never attended counseling sessions prior to going to Mc Conaghie Counseling More...


Jules Dykes

27 May 2017

Andrew helped us navigate and work through some very difficult challenges in our relationship. I'm not sure where we would be without his counsel. I would highly recommend Andrew to help repair or enhance your relationship. More...


Grace Shickler

27 May 2016

McConaghie Family Counseling is a beacon of hope and wellness in the community. The therapists there are so warm and authentic. As an educational consultant, I highly recommend them for family needs-especially play therapy for children. More...


Allison Johnson

27 May 2016

As a mother with young, strong-willed children, I was desperate to find a way to eliminate the daily battles and stress. Punishment and negative consequences were just not working. McConaghie Counseling introduced us to parenting techniques that allowed us to set boundaries and inspire cooperation. They gave the tools to change our parenting style so that we realized there was nothing wrong with our children, we just needed to change our approach. They have helped us through every stage of development – from the early tantrums to more defiant behavior, and through each stage they have given us the methods that truly work. McConaghie Counseling changed our lives! More...


Tracy Moore

27 May 2016

I referred a family friend to Tracy and Andrew. I knew my friend and her family would be in the best hands and care possible with them... They specialize in all counseling services but in this situation family counseling and are especially amazing with kids.... You can tell that they have the passion and understanding that just calms everyone in a stressful situation.... More...


Woodlake Family Dental

27 May 2016

The counselors at McConaghie counseling are leaders in their industry. Their knowledge and professionalism is rare to find.

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