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San Diego, California, San Diego

1 hire on Bark
‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


San Diego, California, San Diego

1 hire on Bark
‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


Your only one BRAND away. Are you ready to remove any confusion or frustration of the typical scenarios of branding companies out there. Simply put... WE GIVE YOU CLARITY, STRATEGY AND DESIGN… BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY WE HELP YOU BUILD A TRIBE AND CREATE A MOVEMENT.


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12 July 2019

Very professional and easy to work with. Mike and his team took the time to learn about my needs and gave me many options. Our final logo design turned out better than I could ever imagine! More...

Thank you so much Edric, your brand is going to crush it! Appreciate your kind review, you are a true inspiration!

23 July 2018

If there were 10 stars available, Mavrik Agency would get 11! Where do I start... First, with gratitude. Mike and Sofia, thank you so much for walking beside us through the branding process these last few months. You both are truly special individuals, and together are an unstoppable force. Second, with praise. Your tireless efforts and unparalleled design have far exceeded our wildest expectations. Building a successful business requires countless late nights, early mornings, and a significant amount of risk. Due to this cost, a founder naturally becomes very protective of the business they are building. Trusting someone to then give a face to that business is not an easy thing to do. But from the very beginning, Mike and Sofia gave us a peace and confidence that we were in good hands. Not only did they lead, but they also listened. They helped us discover the business that we wanted to be, and further, they helped us define exactly how we wanted to serve our community. The end product blew our minds, and we still receive compliments daily - from the distinguished logo, to the beautiful website design. I cannot thank you enough.

And we are not done! I look forward to working with you as long as our doors are open. Thank you a millions times over.

Joshua Braddock
Braddock Law APC

10 September 2015

I have to say I HIGHLY recommend Mike and Sofia for wedding videography! They are creative, professional, and there work is absolutely incredible! I can not tell you how many times I have watched our wedding video over and over again and still get teary eyed. From the music they pair with footage and all of the small details they capture we can relive our big day that we spent so much time preparing for. I will say that we almost didn't get a video because it wasn't in our budget but I happened to see a friends wedding video and seeing all of the moments that Mike and Sofia captured I knew it was a must. People forget about the food, the music and the decorations but the video lasts a lifetime. It's so amazing and so worth it and I would hire them again in a heartbeat for another major event!! More...

26 August 2015

What else can I say about one of the best video companies around? Sofia and Mike made me feel so at ease that the filming was made simple and relaxing.

I appreciate their honest feedback to help me get my videos right and am recommending the next professionals I meet who need quality and affordable videos for their business or personal life.

21 August 2015

Mike did a great job creating my Introduction video on YouTube for Organized Beautifully. He helped me write the script, brought really high-tech equipment and lights and set it all up on site. We had a pre-production meeting where we discussed the story boards and my outfit. He made the entire filming experience fun. He edited the video and uploaded it to my YouTube channel. I highly recommend R3 Films. More...

18 August 2015

I can't recommend R3 Films Highly enough. Sofia and Mike produced a tremendously high quality short film for my non-profit work and it has been exceptional in helping me share vision and raise financial support. They were extremely time oriented and efficient but also took time to listen to my heart and the vision I was trying to create with my video. The end product was far beyond what I could have imagined. Best part is they took my ideas and blended it with their creative expertise in a way that far exceeded what I originally thought was possible. I could say much more but suffice to say I look forward to working with them again many times in the future. More...

14 August 2015

I met Mike first when he was filming a charity event I'd attended. I was so impressed with his demeanor and the quality film that resulted that I hired him and his wife/partner Sofia to film my CD release party later that year. I was so impressed with the results~ They really captured the spirit of the event and made everyone look like rock stars. I've recently hired them again for an even bigger project. One that I don't think I would've ventured into if I hadn't known the film/light/audio will all be in the best of hands.

If you have a story to tell, these are the ones you'll want to help you tell it.

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At MAVRIK we are all about user experience! The experience can make or break sales, so we only design responsive websites that create an epic user experience. This includes being fully congruent with your brand identity including the look, feel, colors, fonts and content in order to connect with your ideal clients/customers.

We start by asking questions like:
What was it that brought you to start your business, and the story behind it?
How long have you been in business?
What do you like best about what you do?

We get to work with amazing people that want to change the world. MAVRIK is known to be the "go to" when our entrepreneurs, experts, leaders, speakers and business owners approach us to help build there brand (or brand refresh) from scratch, and then help them with marketing as well. When our current clients came to us, they went from scratch to end up at the point of seeing 6 and 7 figures and having had to hire staff/assistants just to keep up. One thing that has not changed over the years is... Our heart, and that is all about helping define what a company stands for and the impact they want it to have. We believe that an epic brand is designed and built with purpose. We also believe strongly that a vision connected with the right brand development and precise marketing creates a powerful platform to impact the world.

I can start by sharing one of my favorite quotes by Pablo Picasso - “I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order to learn how to do it.”

I have been tinkering with technology since I was a young boy and ever since, my passion has never dulled as a creative. Studying in both Stockholm and London has given me the understanding and knowledge for what it takes to build an epic brand, but also an appreciation for all the different avenues where inspiration can be found that ignite entrepreneurs. I believe that there are great brands everywhere, they just need to be built.

I will start why Bark clients should not choose us... and that would be if all they are looking for is a exchange of services for money, because anyone can do that. Clients on Bark should work with us if they are looking to form a relationship where we can work together to accomplish their ultimate goal(s) as a brand.


We make sure you have clarity of who you are, what your company stands for and what your ultimate goal is. This session is what will get you there. Only with extreme clarity can an epic brand be built.

Once you have a clear vision and strategy for your brand, we get to work to deliver your epic brand. Mood-board, logo design, color pallets, branded fonts, brand and images and videos. We got you!

At MAVRIK we are all about user experience! The experience can make or break sales, so we only design responsive websites that create an epic user experience.

If your design isn't backed with an advertising/marketing strategy, that helps you close sales... Then it's useless. We make sure your design is backed with an advertising strategy and precise marketing!

A key component to an epic brand is your media. We make sure that your visual brand, including EVERY image, ALL graphics and most importantly ALL videos on your site communicate the overall message of your brand with a perfectly fitting look and feel.