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Shoba C

22 March 2019

Mauricio is one of the most talented designers in Houston. He focuses
on the important things in a room like lighting and rugs and it’s amazing to see the transformation. He has a distinctive class and style and an eye for detail. Ours was an 18 month project and the results are outstanding. He is easy to work with and very responsive. Highly recommend him. More...



24 January 2019

I work with many designers and finding a good one is difficult.
Nava design is definelty one of the best.
Mauricio has great taste and very good ideas.
He doesn’t make you feel pressured and doesn’t stay silent in the wake of a bad idea.
His network also helped us get some good prices and made the process easier.
Thank you sir for being a bright light in the darkness of the design world,


Preetica Kumar

30 March 2017

If you're looking for a chic, modern/contemporary space, in your budget, that you will be happy to go home to everyday...Mauricio is your guy!! I get compliments on my skyrise 1 bedroom apartment everyday.
1. He understood my taste, vision and needs very quickly. He also broadened my horizon and brought options to the table that I had never thought of.
2. He closely collaborated with me throughout the design and purchasing process, on all decisions that were important to me. At the same time, with my busy work hours I was able to lean on him for many decisions.
3. I was on a strict budget . He was cost conscious on my behalf, without compromising on the look.
4. I personally also respect his passion for his craft....it makes a big difference because Mauricio really cares about the end product he delivers to you. It's not just a "job" for him.

Happy designing to you all, and Mauricio...Thank you.



6 July 2016

I have had the pleasure and have enjoyed working with Mauricio on dozens of projects for the past 5 years and can say he has an amazing eye for what his customers need to create a one-of-a-kind, modern space. He is very involved with each project and is extremely professional. I highly recommend his services. More...


Sylvie El Hage

3 February 2016

I recently acquired my first very own place and decided to hire an interior decorator. After much research, I came across Mauricio Nava and I could not be more happy with my decision.
Mauricio has an eye for beautiful things whether the budget is $500 or $5,000. Not only is he such a talent in interior design, but he is also accomplished in other areas: he is professional, prompt, flexible with his schedule, budget conscience when he needs to be, and above all honest. It was an absolute pleasure working with you, Mauricio! Thank you!;)


Eduardo Perez-Alduncin

5 September 2015

As we were undecided and frankly confused about our redecorating project; Mauricio's vision and assistance was timely and very professional. As he began to ask the right questions on our first meeting including goals, budget and objectives; I knew then we were in the right hands. Mauricio presented his ideas, budget and timelines a few days later, once my wife saw the "after" images and we were sold. The entire project was in fact right on budget, timely and exceeded our expectations. Thank you Mauricio! More...


Rianne R.

13 August 2015

Mauricio Nava is very professional and has great attention to detail. He really cares about the quality of his work, showing passion for what he does. I like his ability to transform any space from plain and simple to classy and elegant, regardless of the budget and style. I would definitely recommend his services. More...



29 October 2014

Mauricio is awesome!! He always gives me many options to choose from, he is very flexible and he immediately picks up on your style. I highly recommend Mauricio Nava Design. It was a pleasure working with him and will definitely use him again. More...


Advanced Energy Films

12 October 2014

I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work with and have an ongoing business relationship with Mauricio Nava of Mauricio Nava Design. We have worked together for a couple of years and I have witnessed Mauricio work with his clients from conception to completion. I am impressed with his attention to detail, colour and staging. Mauricio’s projects always seem smooth, but I’m sure it is because he never seems rattled. This creates a great working environment for his clients and trades. In regard to trades he expects the best service for his homeowner and takes the time to understand our products/services. More...



16 August 2013

Mauricio has done a phenomenal job completing decorating my house in a timely manner. His design elements and approach is unique. He was not married to a single store or vendor and always was thinking outside the box. Continuously introducing new elements of design and most importantly working against a tough deadline to complete the project but managing to do so. Anyone looking for a bright, result oriented decorator I would absolutely recommend Mauricio. More...


Build Green Incorporated

28 January 2013

I have been the General Contractor on many of Mauricio Nava's jobs. I have always been greatly impressed by the improvement made through his designs. The final product is cohesive, well put together, and visually stunning. Everyone that sees my portfolio only wants to know who the designer is on his projects because of the obviously higher level of design. More...


High Fashion Home

15 January 2013

Mauricio is a very talent designer that specializes in high end, residential projects. He has a tremendous eye for contemporary design. Our clients have nothing but glowing praises for the work he has done. He is very hands on from start to finish to ensure the project receives the proper attention for completion. More...



17 February 2012

Mauricio was a complete professional while working on my condominium from June '11- December '12. His eye, efficiency and passion is unsurpassed by anyone I have met in this industry. I highly recommend him.