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I am a Life and Health coach addressing Who You Are? & What You Want?

Answering these two questions begins to create a path to understanding your mindset, behavior, actions, and results on our way to building lifelong habits having the life you desire.



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Being a part of watching my clients become the person they know they can be.

Being diagnosed with and healing MS became the greatest gift ever given to me.
Through this journey, I discovered who I was and what I wanted.
This awareness became the guiding light as I built the life I wanted.

The journey became simpler when I answered and understood the two fundamental questions, Who are You? & What do You Want?
When I discovered this path, I was inspired to guide others on their journeys to achieving the life they wanted.

Anyone that works with me chooses out of a connection with me.
I am not for everyone, and it is not my place to say whether a person should choose me or not.
The best step is to talk and determine if what I offer and the strategy we would implement is the right fit.

For the right person, we achieve more than expected and develop lasting positive habits.