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Master & Mind Reviews

Master & Mind Reviews

Review of Master & Mind by Daisy Jopling
5 30/03/2018 Daisy Jopling

Working with Irina totally changed my life for the better. I met her at a party, and she previously knew nothing about me. But upon just looking at my hands, she identified not only my talents, but my life mission, and my most treasured goals. She also identified the things that could be getting in my way, and how to solve those problems. I immediately started to do what she said, and it made a world of difference in my life. In fact, when she read my hands again about a year later, she said they had actually changed shape, revealing the inner changes I had made. Her insights were truly life-changing for me. Irina is an expert in the field of scientific hand analysis, is totally committed to serving your highest good, and I could not recommend her highly enough.

Review of Master & Mind by Lorie Melomo
5 27/03/2018 Lorie Melomo

What an amazing session I had with Irina! I learned so much in the hour and a half that I spent with her. I constantly struggle with what I should do, what is "my life purpose" and how do I achieve these things. She gave me tools that can so easily be added into my daily life -- things that will help me identify and connect with my true self. Through hand analysis, Irina gave me insight into my own emotional health. I am truly grateful for the experience. Thank you Irina!

Review of Master & Mind by Vlada Pavlina
5 25/03/2018 Vlada Pavlina

If you were offered a tool you could use to be a happier, better person - and it worked, but you did not quite understand why and how. Would you use it?
One day we might develop the technologies powerful enough to analyse incredible amounts of data and make sense of it all. This day might come within the next few decades - or it might not.
Tellbyhand - is a half open door into your world. And if you enter - whatever your motivation might be - you will be heard and you will feel empowered to be a happier, better person. And why would not want this for yourself?

Review of Master & Mind by Yelena Kaminsky
5 20/02/2018 Yelena Kaminsky

Irena is one-of-a -kind person! Her hand analysis blew my mind off, when I discovered my life-purpose, my strengths and my weaknesses, and she explained to me in detail what stands on the way and what needs to be done to achieve the life of my dreams. Thank you so much!

Review of Master & Mind by Matthew Schulze
5 12/02/2018 Matthew Schulze

My hand analysis with Irina was a unique and priceless experience, unlike any I'd had before. She provided me with unbiased and unfiltered information about myself that would take years for someone to learn under normal circumstance. After taking about 10 minutes to analyze my finger and hand prints, Irina was able to accurately describe my character traits and tendencies (positive and negative ones) and help me to acknowledge many things about myself that I had doubted, written off or ignored up until that point. This is an integral step in the process of self-awareness and growth and Irina presented it in a supportive, non-judgemental way, leaving it up to me to take initiative, equipped with a new approach and sense of self.

If you are on a path of self-discovery or feeling like you haven't found your true purpose or calling, I highly recommend Irina's hand analysis. If you have an open mind and are willing to face uncomfortable truths, she will supply you with the self-awareness you need to improve the quality of your life.

Review of Master & Mind by Erin Clemens
5 06/02/2018 Erin Clemens

The hand analysis exceeded my expectations and I'm already using some of what i learned to transform my life. Irina started by telling me my two dominant schools which made lots of sense when reflecting on what brings me satisfaction and frustration in my relationships. All of the details she provides is accompanied with constructive advice on how to improve or eliminate something on life. I want to do the hand analysis again in a few months to get her take again as the lines in the hand change. Overall, this was a positive, life changing experience.

Review of Master & Mind by Olga Shkolnikova
5 31/01/2018 Olga Shkolnikova

Amazing experience with Irina - she was able to tell me so much about my personality from analyzing my hand! This helps me to better understand myself and make better decisions! Very highly recommend!

Review of Master & Mind by Lauren Perkins
5 23/01/2018 Lauren Perkins

What a wonderful experience!! Irina is professional and gifted. She is astutely perceptive , with a warm and caring manner. Her readings can truly be life changing and I have recommended her to friends, family and work associates.

Review of Master & Mind by Jessica Giovannetti
5 23/01/2018 Jessica Giovannetti

What an amazing, eye-opening experience. I've recently been making some changes in my life and have been looking for ways to understand myself better. Irina made me feel so comfortable as she was analyzing my palms. At first I didn't know what to expect, when I heard about her practice I immediately thought "oh! Palm reading!" I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it is not, in fact it's way better. Hand analysis is a scientific practice that examines finger prints, shape of the hand, all lines and proportions. It's a tool to help one understand themselves better to help make changes and shift their perceptions. I would highly recommend her services to everyone out there, especially those who are open to connecting with themselves on a deeper level.

Review of Master & Mind by Seth Winne
5 20/01/2018 Seth Winne

An incredible life coach, Irina's ability to analyze the characteristics of ones hands is very informing about oneself. She establishes new thoughts about yourself that will ultimately put you in a positive direction. I never knew that the characteristics in ones hand could be related to ones personality, life direction, and possible struggles.

Review of Master & Mind by Exit 19 Art
5 20/01/2018 Exit 19 Art

Irina is an excellent interpreter of hands! I was amazed by the intimate and fine tuned details about my personality Irina could identify using hand analysis. She applies life coaching to tailor strategies specific to the information gained from her assessment and analysis of your hands. Eye opening and surprisingly accurate.
Thanks so much.

Master & Mind

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