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Preston Heights, Virginia

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Preston Heights, Virginia


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Michael King

25 October 2019

Had never been here before. Food was delicious and the staff was friendly and helpful. Will definitely be back!


Mallory Cromer

24 October 2019

No longer just a food truck! Mashita can be found on the corner of Liberty Street and is absolutely amazing! Delicious food, (see below) an amazing atmosphere and superb service! Take an hour out of your day to check this place out!! More...


Jae Thornton

11 October 2019

Authentic and absolutely delicious! Warm and friendly staff. The young lady at the counter Jen was amazing, thank you ma'am I'm glad they now have a brick and mortar. Awesome job guys!


Tyler McDorman

8 October 2019

Mashita never fails to impress! From their beginning food truck days to now they always provided some of the best food I’ve ever had and an amazing experience. Even with the opening of their first restaurant location, they didn’t sacrifice quality in any way. Highly recommend Mashita to anyone in the area. It really is some of the best food around. More...


Carpenter Robert

7 October 2019

A very interesting restaurant, the food fantastic.


Jody Condit Fagan

28 September 2019

Consistently amazing food with maximum flavor! Great options for vegetarians!


Mike A

27 September 2019

Great food and excellent service!


Mindy Duncan Morrison

23 August 2019

Thank you, Mikey, for your superb catering at Drew’s and Sarah’s wedding! Every guest commented on the absolutely delicious food. Total YUM!


Katie Wood

2 August 2019

Food is amazing and speedy service!


Fernando Sarmiento

30 June 2019

Whenever you go to a new place or a place that you haven't visited in a while, there's always hesitation. Will I like it? Is it worth the money? If you're having doubts, please kindly smack yourself. This place is so so good !! Will be back ! -2 Steamed buns-Beef Bulgogi -Steamed Short Grain Rice -Sweet & Spicy Mashita -Sprite More...


Diane Elliott Logsdon

27 May 2019

The food is absolutely delicious


John Love

20 May 2019

Always excellent. Will miss it when I move back to AZ.


Megan Morris

2 February 2019

Sooooo good! We had the pork belly and Brussels spouts with rice!


Cynthia Baron Coleman

27 January 2019

Seriously the best food to eat out in Harrisonburg.


Ryan Kirby

28 December 2018

If you've never had it, you should try it. The meats are so tender and flavorful. Clean healthy food with so much taste! Try the steam rice with their sweeted soy sauce as a side to a meal! More...


Cherub Karki

29 October 2018

Their bulgogi bun tasted really good. Can't wait to go back and try the other options.


Grace Burkhart

29 October 2018

Great fast food, delicious flavor and a unique experience eating Japanese cuisine from a food truck!


Jenna Norris

14 October 2018

Down at the Fall arts and Crafts festival in Waynesboro having their food from food truck for first time. Their Chicken Bulgagi burrito with kimchi is so delicious packed with flavor. My guy had the Beef brisket sandwich meat was so tender and buttery deliciousness. Amazing food!!! More...


Cindy Thompson

29 September 2018

This place was delicious! The special of the day was very filling and beautifully presented. I loved the steamed buns with pork and kimchi. Yum! The staff was very helpful and nice in guiding us on how best to order. More...


Savannah Ray

29 September 2018

Cool food truck parked off of the side of the road. The pricing for the food is great, the food is fresh and tastes delicious. Would recommend for a quick bite to eat out at lunch! More...


Tim Williams

29 September 2018

This isn't just good food truck food...this is incredible food period. Appreciate the use of fresh and local ingredients and the specials are always fantastic. There are some picnic tables there outside where you can sit and eat too if you like. More...


Daniel Sage

30 August 2018

The best food truck in Harrisonburg! Good food, always good flavor. The bibimbap is my favorite.


Marsha Knott

30 August 2018

Best food truck I’ve ever had. Mikey and his team are wonderful, as is every single thing on the menu, they never disappoint! Mashita also caterered our wedding and it was perfect. They are great to work with. More...


Dawn Hanes Neil

8 August 2018

love the food and they are so nice


Joanna Bickham

19 June 2018

Best food truck in Harrisonburg! I can't wait until they open a brick & mortar


Laurie Miller Deavers

12 June 2018

Mashita catered my daughter's grad party and the food was delicious! We choose slow braised chicken and pork with optional sauces and it was so tasty. The home made steamed buns add a unique touch to the dish. The owner was flexible and easy to work with, and the pricing was very reasonable. I highly recommend giving them a try! More...


John Garber

23 May 2018

Love the sauce choices � and the Korean style burrito was great!


John H Love IV

19 May 2018

So good. Had both the buns and lettuce wraps. Excellent. Little dessert donuts are good too. My preference is beef, mushrooms, then chicken. Didn't try the pork.


Sharon Souder

8 May 2018

Excellent food and service.


Lisa Forman Neall

10 March 2018

Thank you so much for the amazing food you prepared for my husband’s surprise party at the the Village Art Center on Wednesday. Everything was delicious!


Marianne Carr Daugherty

10 February 2018

Delish.... ssam lettuce wraps are amazing and service was excellent. Simple menu, fair prices. Our order was ready in mere minutes and we were very pleased.


Avery C. Daugherty

10 February 2018

Loved it. Got the slow braised pork bun with sweet and spicy mashita sauce. Amazing! Well worth it. Wife got the lettuce wrap ssam with shataki mushrooms and spicy sauce.


Yonaton Daniel

25 January 2018

Highly underrated. Just got my food about half an hour ago and I had to write a review — fresh, flavorful, sweet, spicy, healthy. Great food, will def be returning soon. More...


Sasha Griffith

21 January 2018

Awesome food truck and great to work with for event catering. HIGHLY recommend!!!


C Lilakos

14 January 2018

Awesome food, unique to the area. I love that there are vegetarian menu options available.


Steven Black

22 October 2017

My wife and I had lunch here today when the truck was on location at a real estate event in Penn Laird. I had the braised pork and chicken on soft rolls, my wife had the lettuce wrap with braised chicken with kimchi. The food was amazing! So flavorful and delicious. The sauces he provided were a wonderful compliment too. Try it, you’ll love it! More...


Heidi Spieth Rugg

19 October 2017

Yum! As someone with Celiac, the ability to even eat at a food truck is amazing in itself, but the food here ROCKS! Looking forward to our next visit.


Roger Lee Wilcoxen

19 September 2017

My wife and I first tried Mashita at a dance we went to at Bluestone Vineyard's outside stage. Their brisket was delicious. Since then I've had a few of their other items and always been pleased More...


Jennifer Byrne

12 September 2017

They are the absolute best and deserve all of the awards and praise that you see on this page. The food is amazingly tasty and they are super creative, particularly with the weekly specials. On top of that they are the kindest group of people and always willing to help out those with allergies or restrictive diets. 5 stars all the way! More...


Victoria Gaudin

8 September 2017

Best food truck ever!!! Nice people and amazing food!!


Rebecca Penrod

22 August 2017

Always a great meal! Always delicious! Thanks Mashita!!


Mo Wright

9 August 2017

Get your squad and go. Like, right now. Seriously the best.


Cindy Parks

2 August 2017

Your steamed buns and ssams were hands down the best part of my day! Next up, the pork belly sliders!


Athena Warble Cupp

27 July 2017

Fried Green Tomatoes were AMAZING! I truly appreciate your gluten free options!


Melissa Langeberg

15 February 2017

Attended an event catered by Mashita and everything was excellent! Mikey is a food genius.


Melissa Black Nguyen

12 October 2016

Delicious, balanced flavors and weekly specials with Korean flare. You won't be disappointed and you will be back for more. You're welcome.


Marie Yim Hughes

1 October 2016

As always, it's a pleasure. Pork belly sliders were melt in your mouth good. Shiso kimchi slaw was on point. Always happy to get my Mashita fix when I come down!


Tara Joseph

21 September 2016

Mikey did the catering for our son's Rehearsal dinner last weekend. It was incredible! I wish I had taken photos of the food. I live on the coast of Virginia and Mikey's crabcakes are the best I have ever had. I am dreaming about them! Even after the fabulous dinner, I ate double desserts. Mikey is a master chef. Mikey and his entire staff are extremely professional, thoughtful, kind and helpful. I would use them again and highly recommend them to cater any event you might have. THANK YOU MIKEY! More...


Paul Somers

14 September 2016

Mashita is unbelievably good. The buns with pork are such an amazing experience. The texture is luxurious yet simple. The flavor is perfectly balanced and the sauces are the perfect accent. The kimchi is delicious and the juice could be its own beverage. The staff is all star pro! I love this truck! The owner is present everytime in there and you can see how deeply he cares about his customers. Major props to Mikey and the crew and a big ole THANK YOU! More...


Sean Stewart

27 August 2016

This guy was great! Saw the truck and stopped. The food was incredible! ! Hunt this truck down, you won't be sorry. Hard working young men, we love that spirit!


Janet Huff

13 August 2016

Just tried this amazing food.So impressed with the fresh and flavorful choices! Healthy too . I'm in love :)


Lauren Nicole Davis

5 June 2016

The food is beyond amazing. I can't get over how light and fluffy the steamed buns were. I only got two of them, but I could have eaten 20! Only one problem- all the food looks so good that it takes me forever to chose what to eat! More...


Jeremy Bazzle-Liskey

4 May 2016

My first dish at Mashita was amazing! The Kimchi was on point, but what made me realize the true level of perfection that I had just walked into was a PERFECTLY fried egg. Seems so simple, yet very few are capable. It's this way every time!!! More...


Dean Landis

18 March 2016

AWESOME!!! the steamed buns are amazing. Anyone who fancies good food should absolutely make this a regular stop. The tofu is prepared super properly and the flavor profiles of everything is on point!! All of the meat is very tender and I am a huge fan of the bulgogi and the kimchi. Overall an A++++++ More...


Brian Ripley

20 February 2016

Perfect unique flavor combination that I was after. Definitely will return soon. I want to try everything!


Olivia Orndorff

20 February 2016

Great food! Tried the sandwiches with and without the sauce. Both ways were delicious, but the sauce (sweetened soy) was a perfect compliment.


William Howard

12 November 2015

So amazing! Truly some of the best food in town!!!


Eddie Combs

26 August 2015

In town visiting, ate there, It was great? Would eat there again!


Patrick Moulds

18 July 2015

Awesome. We loved everything we had. Kimchi is great.


Emily Imgram

24 June 2015

I'm slightly obsessed with this food truck. So happy they have vegetarian and vegan options, and I love that they source locally whenever possible. *Delicious* food :)


Alex Jeter

4 April 2015

Fantastic food! Awesome people running the show. Must have!


Buffy Propst

1 April 2015

It should be illegal how good this stuff is. Hands down, best grub in Harrisonburg.


Jacqui Shaney

24 March 2015

1st time customer today. Absolutely awesome food. Great people.


Jo Safford Horst

18 March 2015

I was really impressed with my food. I'm not always adventurous with what I eat. But I was pleasantly surprised. They have small but filling portions. I don't feel over stuffed. Their staff was so helpful and explained everything for us. Mikey has been so nice and easy to work with. More...


Rhonda Payne

5 February 2015

The best food! First time I had it. So yummy! Thank you.


Brad Painter

28 October 2014

The spicy short rib special was awesome today! Thanks and keep the great food coming.


Catherine Churchman Carrier

22 October 2014

Great food! Thanks for excellent gluten free options.


Danielle Bailey

19 October 2014

Food and service were amazing! You should consider bottling the sauces so I can drink them when I'm not in Harrisonburg.


Arety Jameson

9 October 2014

Everything has so much flavor! And they are extremely helpful if you any questions about their menu. You can really tell they put a lot of love into what they make. I'd recommend getting the kimchi (if you like it spicy) or sprouts (if you'd rather not add to the heat) as a side to add a nice crunch! More...


William A Bailey

7 October 2014

Luv it, thanks Mikie!!


Sara Christensen

14 September 2014

Thank you, Mashita --- for DELICIOUS Korean eats, and for always making your customers feel like family!!


Sabrina Dorman-Andrew

11 September 2014

Love them! Love their food!


Beverlee Michael Kline

11 September 2014

Amazing food! Always willing to customize a veggie filled meal for me! Thank you!


Jennifer Matthaei Cottrell

23 August 2014

Love Mikey and his crew! Great food!


Jeff Mangold

22 August 2014

First thing that comes to mind, Wow! I recently made a trip to Harrisburg and heard rumblings about this amazing food truck, Mashita, and just had to see what the buzz was all about. I so happy I did! I was greated by a gentleman that was so proud, friendly and knowledged of the food, he made me excited to just be there. I decided to get the special that day, Bibimbap, a dish w/ steamed rice, mixed greens, carrots, cucumber, red sweet peppers and pickled daikon radish, I selected beef (you could choose pork, chicken or vegetarian) an over easy egg, micro greens and a spicy gochujang, that rounded off the entire dish with a wonderful spice element. Also ordered Ho-pang, a homemade "steamed" bun that I choose to stuff w/pork(yes it melted in my mouth!) Presentation was awesome and you could tell how much pride they take in there food by giving you a product that was so visually pleasing and very precisely layered. The freshness of the food is undeniable, the nice cruch you get in the middle of cooked fresh vegetables, luscious,firm greens, beautifully cooked rice, beef was so tender and bursting with flavor. I honestly can't wait to get anywhere close to Harrisburg because I will be dinning with them again. If you are just passing through its right off 81 and very easy to find, as I found them at a spot they are set up at the most the 716 E. Market Street location in Harrisburg. Thank you for caring and the intelligence that is behind providing such a wonderful product. More...


Andi Senatro

17 August 2014

So amazing! I can hardly describe how delicious the food is. Whatever you get, you can't go wrong. Even the dessert bites! Super friendly, speedy service, and incredible food. Definitely some of the best food around! Mashita, I will be back soon. =) More...


Edith Louise

25 June 2014

The chicken steamed buns are delicious!!


Renee Good Whitmore

24 June 2014

Everything is delicious and Mikie is friendly! I especially love the beef steamed buns and kimchi, but you really can't go wrong with anything on the menu!!


Emily North

6 June 2014

What fresh delicious Korean food! You know we'll be back, Mike!


Casey Pariseault

21 May 2014

The perfect offering of delicious but healthy food! I love me some Mashita! I've even been a customer of their awesome catering service! Can't say enough good things!


Ricky Porco

23 April 2014

If Mashita accepted JMU Dining Dollars my parents would need to take out a second mortgage on their home.


Jknic Ely

18 April 2014

Everything always tastes of love. Steamed buns will have you hooked immediately. Specials keep it interesting, whilst the staples never disappoint. Ask for suggestions if you're feeling indecisive. Friendly service. More...


Yosi Yolanda L. Khalil

5 April 2014



Rebekah Girvan Budnikas

22 March 2014

I kinda wish you could park in my driveway. ;) Talented guys, inspired truck, amazing food!


Sydney Nicole

11 March 2014

You guys rock!


Aaron Propst

28 February 2014

Amazing food. Decadent flavors and textures. Highly recommended. Truck and eating area nice and clean. A great addition to the city.


Tammy Hutchinson Clem

22 February 2014



Rachel Lively

9 February 2014

Everyone should try Mashita. It's the best food in town. The guys there are awesome & very friendly too. I think the hubby & I have a new favorite place. Highly recommended! :)


Kristi McDonnell

7 February 2014

Fresh, flavorful, delicious, healthy, unique -- all of these words describe Mashita! So good!


Ande Banks

30 January 2014

AMAZING FOOD! Plus, amazing customer service! Be seeing you again soon.


Leslie Joecks Dutt

25 January 2014

Yum! Lunch was great - will be back!


Kira Johnson

18 January 2014

Absolutely LOVE Mashita, you really cannot go wrong eating here. I love the beef bulgogi, my husband loves the pork, and even the vegetarian options are spot on. The Mashita sauce is to die for, but my absolute favorite thing is the "quick pickle" kimchi. I wish I could order it in pint containers, I'm addicted! Definitely a go-to spot on our roster ;) Earned every star! More...


Deb Fitzgerald

19 December 2013

Wonderful dinner. Thanks for the advice, and the sampler platters- we had the chance to try a little bit of everything. We'll be back, and soon!


Brent Schoenduby

21 November 2013

Just had lunch here for the first time today....amazing. I come from a 15 year restaurant background, mostly upscale. First off the truck itself is clean and professional. (Something you don't see in a food truck...around here anyways) I spoke with the owner for awhile before I ordered. He explained the concept, described everything on the menu in a way I understood. Great guy. I ordered both the beef (marinated and cooked perfectly) and the shredded pork. With a sweet and spicy (homemade sauce) the flavor of both meats were spot on.cooked perfectly, flavored amazingly, and served on the best homemade steamed bread around. I would pay twice the amount for good this quality in a restaurant....give these guys a try!!! More...


Katie Coffey

18 November 2013

five words: NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM.


Kayti Polito

28 October 2013

Great food and awesome customer service. Their suggestions are always right on the money and taste buds!


Eugene Graynovskiy

20 October 2013

easily the best food truck in town


Chris Nalberczinski

19 October 2013

Absolutely phenomenal! This guy has a gift.


Elpidio Steve Pizarro

16 October 2013

I'll be coming to this place often. These guys "get it."


Jennifer Reinhard

9 October 2013

We ate there last night: fresh food, delicious taste, even the kids' plates were empty! Yumm!:)


Gary Luste

27 September 2013

Just so good....coming today for the sliced pork special!


Sarah Carothers

21 September 2013

Mashita is amazing! I went 2 nights in a row and the food was delicious!!!


Jen Nelson

19 September 2013

So delicious!! Get one of everything.


Jacob Dobscha

19 September 2013

Amazing food!


Walter Ariel Mitchell

19 September 2013

I've been a professional food eater for over 30 years now. I can say, with authority, Mashita is the best food in Harrisonburg. I always look forward to the specials! Only for professional eaters. More...


Ashley Saunders

17 September 2013

Sp yummy and my kids love it!


Kaitlyn Martin

13 September 2013

SO STINKIN GOOOOD. get their pork!


Amanda Bare

13 September 2013

Amazing food!! Thanks for the great service


Blake Cramer

10 September 2013

Buns yall!


Holly Neyland

10 September 2013

So delish!!!

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