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X. Unique designs and marketing solutions applied
across print, digital and branding identity.

X. Combine talents with a writer to blend strategy
and produce an array of professional products.

X. Work within a budget.



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X. Research online and in real environments, pencil sketches and
multiple ideas in various directions.
X. Provide a first round of a rough collage of color, photos and
digitally drawn ideas to get client feedback for further development.
X. Work with other professionals, such as a writer to enhance product.
X. Getting to an approved product with as many proofs
and changes as necessary.

X. As much as they would like to share.
X. I can work from a multitude of their ideas or produce
an array of ideas for them to choose between.

X. Flexibility and satisfaction in producing something beyond what a client imaged.

X. I'm a wife and a mother of three–working from home has been awesome!
X. With all my children off in college, I've been inspired
to market myself further.

X. I work until the product is perfected to the client's expectations
and that it is a piece I would want my name on.