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Jaime M.

14 June 2019

Went to get my medical card last monday. They told me it would take 5-10 business days to arrive in the mail. 2 weeks later i call and now theyre telling me it takes 3 weeks to arrive in the mail. Misinformed. Other than that, doctor was really nice and helpful. Received great customer service from the receptionist as well. Will be returning next year for my renewal. Would recommend. More...


Rachel A.

14 November 2018

They are absolutely amazing best customer service ever  Dylan and Mike need a raise hahah


Eric G.

3 October 2018

I had such a great experience this is my second year renewing my first time was at there 511 location but the reception was very helpful And Catherine who took my photo and everything was really really fantastic thank you most of all Dr. RUNDLE She was truly truly amazing very thoughtful very caring with my new diagnoses very loving I really wish I had her for years ago when I was In pain management as my doctor I will most certainly be coming back for 3rd year again thank you all so much they are the true meaning of medicine. More...


Lisa Arenas

3 August 2018



Beatrix G.

27 February 2018

Update: Renewing my card again this year. I'm keeping my original rating, but for slightly different reasons. First, remember to snag a New Times from the Beach house for the back page coupon. And hope for the best but plan for there being no spots out front. The receptionist/front desk folks were friendly and had 'the trials and tribulations of Michael Scott' playing on netflix (gratzie mille) The wait on a Tuesday afternoon was not bad, though they said they had a lot of no-shows. I did have to return to the lobby after each step, not a big deal. The chairs are a lot more comfortable now. To the point I want one for myself.The doctor seemed strained. When I scooted the chair in a bit closer, she requested I move the chair back to the wall (like a good 4 feet away from the close side of the desk) and that I "have some respect for the physician" which was a bit rude. Maybe she had a bad day. Shoutout and thank you beautiful older woman with flowing hair who saw me first and let me know that this doctor is going to require 4 treatments you have already tried for pain. Funny enough, having vicodin prescribed when I had my wisdom teeth removed two years ago counts.Redhead cashier was super chill and pointed me to the new Swell nearby. I'll return next year if the referendum doesn't pass again. More...


Natalie Shipman

13 February 2018

Minus the long wait, it was a great experience. Doctors were very professional and the staff was very friendly. They also price matched other offers that were less expensive than theirs! What more can you ask for? I will definitely be back next year!! More...


Zack Garretson

18 January 2018

Have been a patient in the past was very easy, price friendly an professional so will be in the future as well will recommend to others


Regina F.

1 December 2017

Good experience.  I arrived early to complete my paperwork on a Saturday and was seen in a timely manner by everyone.  Clean office and friendly professional staff and excellent doctors.  I highly recommend and will definitely return for my renewal next year. More...


Pat O.

7 October 2017

Made a 12:45 Saturday appointment.. was done an hour later.. friendly and to the point. Good idea to stop in ahead of time for the pre-appointment paperwork. $350 total cost. $200 there and $150 for the state processing. More...


Jessica K.

7 October 2017

After a terrifying experience 2 weeks ago in trying to renew my card, the situation that transpired was corrected, and handled superbly. I really the personal emails from the owner, and received exception service from, Carmen, at the Tempe location (which is actually 10x closer to my house). I was able to be seen faster at Tempe, the overall vibe was welcoming, and the doctors were upbeat.Thank you so much for making a wrong situation right. I am forever grateful, and truly appreciative. More...


Smirk AZ

3 September 2017

The Marijuana Doctor was very knowledgeable and pleasant to get my certification complete. I didn't have a medical record so they quickly got to one of their doctors and made sure that I was eligible. Friendly, helpful, and over all a great staff! Definitely would recommend them to anyone in need of a MMJ Card! They took care of me efficiently! Thankyou! More...


J H.

12 August 2017

Went in today for a scheduled appt. for a renewal and was super impressed on how fast I was in and out, as well as the pricing. Can't beat it!! I was in & out in under an hour! Thank you!! More...


Howard J. Roach

10 July 2017

I really like this place and the staff so much that I drive almost 20 miles (from Laveen) each year to renew my card (this my 3rd time). Nothing could be easier, I always bring my medical records and print out (& complete) their paperwork prior to my appointment. Finally, “man-bun” & “baby-bun” aka the guys in the checkout room are unbelievably funny. See you next year. More...


Jerry Barno

29 March 2017

great price and awesome service. These guys take care of me every year and everything always goes smooth


Matthew R.

29 December 2016

i just got home from my appointment it was so easy to do the process and ill come back here for my renewal. the staff was very helpful


Gabe D.

13 October 2016

Quick service, easy payment process and friendly doctors. Couldn't have had a better experience!


Pagan.soul ..

27 September 2016

Loved this place. Quick and easy. Best call and make an appt. otherwise you could be waiting for hours up front with a bunch of people. Making an appt got me a less filled waiting area which is wonderful for someone in social situations that causes anxiety. You see three people and then they mail you your card. Definitely going back for renewal next year More...


Jesus Salinss

10 September 2016

awesome i had my card disapper � it was ok i went back and they got me a new one i was in and outz...


Jaime Block

24 August 2016

Fast, Easy, and the best price for re-certifications in the valley. I also got my card in the mail exactly 10 days later. thanks for the great customer service.


Michael Taylor

21 April 2016

Loved the people and the atmosphere. Extremely helpful and friendly


Megan King

26 March 2016

Very friendly people working there. I had a bunch of questions and they were all willing to help.


Annmarie Miano

3 October 2015

I was living in Phoenix for 8 mos, my mom was ill and I had to return to NY.... You guys helped me a great deal..... Hope to be back soon!


Samantha M.

2 June 2015

Just wanted to update my review when I got my card in the mail. It took a total of 7 business days for me to receive it. Thanks again Marijuana Doctor!


Nykki S.

8 May 2015

Although the location was busy, the process could not be more speedy and professional.  Have your paperwork in order, be prepared, and let the clinical and clerical teams do their magic.  My only complaint is that the camera for my photo took a pretty dark picture for my card.  I would like it if you could present a brighter ID image so that my card looks as progressive as the service I received. More...


Alex W.

3 May 2015

I had an amazing experience, I spoke with their in house pain specialist,the staff was extremely friendly and professional. Great service and they checked on the progress of my card after the 10 business days they quoted to get it in More...


mike j.

21 March 2015

this was my 4th time coming here, great staff and everything is easy. yes its a bit of a long process but worth it


Joanna C.

28 February 2015

Third year coming here and over all I get great costumer service, great doctors, these guys make it very easy all through out the process will definitely renew here again next year.


Animal F.

12 January 2015

These guys have been spot on for me. On my third card and have used Precision Medical every time. Could not be more satisfied. Go see these guys and you`ll be a week away from your card. More...


Matt H.

7 October 2014

I had a great experience at Precision Med group and would highly recommend them to anyone.  I found them to be very honest and straight forward in regards to the money needed.  I also feel that they are very professional.  The office does get busy, but that is the sign of a good business.  If you are in a time crunch I recommend scheduling the first appointment of the day.  Go to Precision Med group you will lovve it! More...


Casey Crypto

6 September 2014

best ever


David Scot

11 August 2014

I think their great, keep up the good work


Mene T.

11 August 2014

The place I went before in Mesa was sketchy as hell and closed down for some mysterious reason. This place is actually really professional and got me approved, no problem. Which is stupid that I have to renew in the first place -- my condition doesn't go away, so the government is clearly just trying to rip you off. This place at least makes the BS paperwork painless, although as others have said, there is a long wait time. I brought a book and was medicated, so it was no problem for me. More...


Andrew J. Tirpak

20 June 2014

Best place I could find in arizona, there are even some up north too!


Sergio Vazquez

5 April 2014

The best in arizona


Hamidah Ahmad

27 March 2014

Love it


Vicki T.

18 January 2014

I'm an old lady and never had any experience with marijuana.  Was scared to death to go to one of these places.  The people at Precision are awesome!!  Very understanding and explained a variety of ways to use this medicine.  Didn't feel rushed and as I left was told, "welcome to the community."  What a way to make someone new to all this feel glad they finally went.  Would highly recommend Precision to anyone! More...


Beth F.

10 January 2014

As another reviewer wrote, the staff is very nice. It is true that you will wait for a long time, especially if you don't have medical records. But what do you want folks? You're getting a license to smoke pot! It does take a couple of hours. However, this is my third time getting certified (once in California and twice in Arizona) and I've never had or heard of a MMJ clinic that was fast. (Maybe they are smoking their stuff?)The doctors usually have normal full time jobs, so they work at the clinic one day per week and all patients are seen on the same day a lot of the times. But I didn't mind. They did my first and second AZ cards, and I have an appointment this Saturday for my third renewal. I wouldn't go anywhere else. More...


Marc F.

4 October 2012

Great service, very helpful and friendly. My mmj app had complications, but they helped me through every step until it was complete. Highly recommended.