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Nicole Careyhall

7 April 2019

Two days ago me and my husband and our two-year-old daughter wanted some Filipino food so we went to one called Sialong right here off of Oddie they didn’t have no lumpia so we research I guess the guy didn’t feel like making it because he already made a batch for the day so he wasn’t trying to make no more OK we searched and searched and searched and found one off of Glendale bakery which is a Filipino food from customer service from the phone call Ryan was excellent I have to say Best customer service anybody can offer so we start looking.....MapQuest tells us to go to Prater by Pizza Hut nope that wasn’t it we went by Mccarran and Prater .......so I called Ryan again now mind you I didn’t know his name his customer service skills was out of this world soon as I call him he tells me oh no you have to go under the bridge and over the bridge and I’m like OK so we find it we get there oh my gosh wow the place is amazing we ordered our food I got this one drink which is cantaloupe with the cantaloupe shavings on inside can I say good can I say delicious can I say I had to give me another cup to go.....his mother gave my two-year-old daughter a cupcake with purple frosting she loved it I love it too because I had some then once we placed our order I guarantee we have lumpia Pancit and skewers that oh my God all I can say it was good and it took less than 10 minutes just to cook our food present it to us and we eat our food the presentation was amazing he presented our food on a banana leaf something underneath of course but banana leaf we have pancit we had some sweet skewers with vinegar from his mom she said put some there omg that was bomb also have to say the bathroom it was perfect everything you need from a newborn baby except for diapers what’s right there Ryan his mom the whole staff I love you guys I am going to be you’re number one fan for real I just found me a restaurant and for my daughter third birthday Ryan is going to make a cake so I can’t wait I can’t wait thank you for making my My family day a great day excellent day a blessing you guys are amazing I don’t care what nobody say your food is off the hook I promise you I am coming back sorry it took so long to write the review I just had a lot to say so thank you guys for welcomed me my family into your home your home More...

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