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James Dix

26 August 2019

good people to work for. great hours


Buddy Buddy

19 August 2019

They are the best to work for !


Paul Williams

17 August 2019

I applied for this a month ago do you have to be armed or something I need a job and I met the boss seems like a nice guy please give me a call 219 614 4805


Shawn Steele

1 January 2019

Very reliable and trustworthy


Michael Johnson

31 December 2018

Majestic Security has been in business for over 30 years. These guys have been of great help in and around the nwi area from offering Security detail at events, to providing Loss Prevention officers at retail stores throughout Indiana. 5 star rating from me. Keep up the professional service you and your crew offer, Brad ! More...


Joshua Fuzey

4 November 2018

great place to work for too.


glock collector

30 August 2018

Great security place


Mike Chesnutt

25 August 2018

I worked for Majestic security for quite a few years now. They have always treated me Fair


Exp DeBo Eclipse

1 July 2018

Staff is easy going and nice.


Clay Helenburg

1 May 2018

I have been with Majestic for four (4) years now. They have never done me wrong, and in fact if there was an issue whether personal or professional, they have always offered to help any way they can. whether it's more hours or needing a different post etc etc. I will recommend them to anyone as I have not worked for a better crew or boss. More...


Matthew Ebright

26 December 2014

Ive only been workin with majestic security for almost 2 months now and i love my job couldnt ask for anything better i enjoy working for brad and matt great bosses i used to work security for metro and its no where close to wat majestic offers i can see this as my career


Donald Hull III

1 September 2014

I have been working for this company for almost 2 years now. I am happy to say that i like the job. The hours are good, the pay could be a little more considering my background but you have to get what you take in this day and age. There are people out there who have a heck of a time finding a job, I am glad to say I have one. Brad and Matt are both great guys. Yes, sometimes there are communication errors on both parts but its hard not to have them from time to time trying to run a business. If you two need any help im only a phone call away. Good Company in my opinion. More...


Joe Nelson

28 January 2014

Had some fun times working for Majestic. Learned a bunch too!


Scott Strampel

28 January 2014

Brad is a great man,you cant beat the quality and professionalism of Majestic Security.

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