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Ruby Sewell

28 August 2019

Family business,great team,takes care of all employees.


Mark Prelich

13 July 2019

Rossy and Janeth showed up as scheduled and did an excellent job. They worked well as a team. We are anticipating our next visit.


Charlene Webster

28 May 2019

I have been with Maid Pro for several years and am very happy with there clean Wendy and Leona Are Wonderful and Very Efficient!


Shelle Scheirer

15 May 2019

Thank you Theresa B. It was wonderful coming home to clean house today!


Lyn Merrill Fallucca

10 May 2019

Maid Pro offers prompt service. Destani and Antonia were friendly and efficient. I look forward to my monthly service and a fresh, clean home.


Kayla Williams

19 October 2018

Yarit39 was an absolute gem! My house is always left feeling brand new after a cleaning!


Lauren O'Shea

17 September 2018

We've been Maidpro customers for a few years now. We've had some pros that have been hit-or-miss, but ultimately Maidpro is earning five stars from me because they've always been responsive to issues and have made changes to ensure our satisfaction. We've now had Janette as our pro for a while, and we could not be happier with her. She is thorough and kind and feels like a part of the family (even my three crazy dogs love her). My advice to anyone trying it out is - if you get a pro you aren't thrilled with, give feedback! That's how they will improve! My other advice is, figure out how to get Janette. ;) More...


Mace Maison

3 August 2018

Extremely professional and excellent work each time. Rossy is the best. She talks to our kids and asks how they are. She even remembers them by name. Her work is too notch!! We highly recommend maid pro west!! More...


Connie Pisano Koss

25 July 2018

MaidPro came to my home and my house was cleaned beautifully. Floors were so, so clean. Kitchen sparkling clean. Carrie did a great job! Thank you.


Missy Stutzman Langston

3 July 2018

I can not say enough good things about MaidPro and my house cleaner Wendy! She truly cares about us and our home and goes above and beyond every time. She has been a true blessing in my life for the past 3 years. More...


Ariana Ardaman

14 June 2018

Rosey is amazing !!!!! My life wouldn’t be the same without MaidPro and their help! Thanks to Rosey my house is absolutely spotless !


Bob Tiani

5 June 2018

We have had many really good house cleaning services over the years, but none as good as MaidPro Orlando West out of Winter Garden! They've got true professionals that are friendly and clean your home like you'd like it cleaned!! More...


Laurie Wilson Alexander

20 April 2018

We love having Yamilet help keep our house clean! She is very sweet and does a great job! Our dogs are so happy when she arrives and we are too because she leaves our house looking great! I would recommend Yamilet and Maid Pro if you are looking for reliable, trustworthy service. More...


M Christine Warren Wildman

13 February 2018

I have been very happy with this company. when there was a problem with one service, they were quick to make it right. that one problem was completely unexpected because all other services were above and beyond my expectations!


Leigh Laughlin Paulk

28 July 2017

First time I have had a professional cleaning company clean our home and I am so thankful and happy with the job. On time, professional and they did fantastic work. Thank you madepro!


Vic Getchel

19 August 2016

We "LOVE" our MAIDPRO WEST! Always professional, always detailed, always a perfect clean house! We've tried other cleaning company's but MAIDPRO is by far THE BEST!


Lucy Palmisciano Sparacio

10 June 2016

Can't say enough how pleased we are with MaidPro's professional cleaning service. When they leave, your home looks so clean and shining. From the minute they step in the door, they do not stop. They arrive on time and spend the whole allotted time. More...


Diane Thompson Ostrander

8 June 2016

MaidPro cleaned my house today for the first time. I am extremely picky and really didn't expect they would meet, let alone exceed my expectations. They did both and I am so happy! I highly recommend anyone considering having their home cleaned try this very professional organization! More...


Jacquie Oliver

26 May 2016

I had a great experience with MaidPro Orlando(West). Service was spot on and the cleaning was FABULOUS


Terry Day

1 April 2016

I love MaidPro!! High quality service at reasonable prices, sure, but this company goes out of their way to make things really great. Very good with dogs and cats. With people too!! I am so happy I found MaidPro. More...


Taiter Carson

30 March 2016

Maid Pro cleaned our office today awesome job! The staff was very professional, thorough, friendly and accommodating.


Missy Stutzman Langston

18 September 2015

Had first cleaning today at my house that has been clean neglected for over a year because of illness, and it looks amazing!!!! As I can not do housework yet, your service is truly appreciated and helps in my healing process. Thank you so much!!! More...


Andrew Withrow

25 April 2015

Wow! What a clean. Maidpro has made me a happy customer for a few years now. They are always professional, always on time, and curious. I recommend them to anyone looking for some assistance with cleaning their home. More...


Cindy B.

17 February 2015

This is my second housecleaning agency and let me tell you, I can not praise them ENOUGH!!! They are thorough, detail-oriented, professional, kind and amazing. I love when our housekeeper comes, everything is so sparkling and fresh! I highly recommend this company!!! More...


Victor G.

23 January 2015

We have been with this Maidpro since they opened! We've used other cleaning services but was never completely satisfied, until we started using Maidpro! They do an amazing job! Very detailed, very thorough, professional, friendly, safe and dependable! We love coming home to a freshly cleaned and great smelling house after Maidpro visits! Especially WENDY! She is WONDERFUL! Thank you for always treating our house like it was yours! More...


John S.

8 January 2015

I have been using Maidpro for over a year now and am very happy with their service. I would highly recommend them.


Mo Dalton

11 September 2014

Excellent service from Maid Pro, the ladies take care of our home and our pets, couldn't have asked for a better service, highly recommend Maid Pro.


Joann S.

11 February 2014

I have been using Maid Pro close to 10 months now and all I can say is WOW! They are so professional, kind, and make sure you are 100% happy. I recommend Maid Pro to everyone!! There prices are very reasonable and you definitely get your money's worth. Go Maid Pro!JoAnn S. More...

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