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Established by a family who just wanted things …cleaner. As younger professionals we were focused on our careers. That meant less time for fun, less time for sleep, and less time to clean. After long days and long hours there is no better feeling than coming back to a freshly cleaned home!


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Jessica H.

24 August 2019

I hired this company to clean my cousin's house for her birthday. Let's just say she loved every second of it! She said that they clean her home top to bottom, and it was squeaky clean. She also said that their customer service was efficient, friendly, and speedy! She's even going to hire them for the next cleaning on her own. Thank you guys for the service. They are a must-hire! More...


Iris S.

1 August 2019

I had my home cleaned yesterday by Maid To Glow.  Overall awesome job done!  Very different in terms of how they offer their cleaning services in comparison to other companies.  The ability to book online was a plus  most likely what led me to book, as it was just easy to follow through.  Their price was affordable and their service, the actual cleaning, was really good...Great Job. They did exactly as I'd ask and left my home looking and smelling so refreshing...made my day instantly better!Maid to Glow...is the way to Go! More...


Iman B.

4 July 2019

Reasonably priced, really good service in terms of the cleaning. We liked them and plan on using them again. We scheduled a cleaning directly through their website...received a follow up and then a email reminder prior to the appointment. The ease of booking is what drew us in. The fact that our pillows were fluffed, towels professionally presented and we even had that toilet paper fold really went over the top for us! Loved them. Thank you guys! Our home is so clean ... already looking forward to next time! Amber was absolutely lovely!! More...


Terry Walls

3 July 2019

These people did a wonderful job. no questions just came cleaned loved them


Drevon R.

16 May 2019

So normally whenever I move out of an apartment I leave it trashed and forfeit my security deposit. Well this time I had a bright idea to use a cleaning service for a quarter of the deposit and get the rest back, making a profit. I didn't expect it to be cleaned so well. Seriously the place is spotless!  Definitely getting that deposit back. Awesome job More...



28 April 2019

We were so impressed with the service and by that, not only meaning the work quality but the customer service as well that I’d love to write a detailed review about our experience.

We were just moving into the downtown area and needed someone to clean out the home before we formally moved in and then wanted to continue using the service. Maid to glow popped up in our searches and immediately stood out due to their reviews and what seems like just…popularity. We spoke with a lady over the phone she was incredibly helpful. We had 1-2 questions regarding the timing and price. She directed us to maid to glows website. We went on there later in the day and booked – could not have been any easier.

Day of, the cleaner showed up on time (they work off of 2 hour arrival range). All equipment was brought by them. Floors and countertops were done superbly. Vacuumed and mopped – countertops were wiped and disinfected. That’s what we wanted the focus to be on.

They have a checklist that seems to be followed for a regular cleaning (that’s how it was explained to us) – its on their website – everything was executed from the list with a nice touch on setting up the towels/toilet paper/bedding.

AMAZING job! We use them regularly now and have had 0 issues.


Richard S.

17 April 2019

Highly recommended!  Easy to schedule, very flexible, and came on time.  I had to do some coordination so actually was given the cell number if he housekeeper and was able to communicate with her directly.  They did a great job!


Jewell H.

8 April 2019

The booking process with maid to glow was extremely simple. It honestly took about 2 minutes, we had a straightforward need for a recurring cleaning. We included the fridge as an extra and the team showed up on time when they were supposed to. Home looked and smelled great afterwards! We really couldn't be happier -- just a simple straightforward job, this saves us time and allows us to do things that we want to do so it's worth it for us.All in all, if you are looking for a company to clean your home and one that's easy to work with... just go ahead and book the. Spare yourself the time and effort for further research. More...


Tricia M.

21 March 2019

I am an Airbnb SuperHost who requires 5-STAR cleaning and that is what MaidToGlow DELIVERS!


Elsa L.

17 March 2019

I spoke with the owner of Maid to Glow over the phone, it was 1st time using service like this so we weren't sure what to do and how to do it. Mony was extremely helpful in setting us up.The person came right around the time they were supposed to  (slightly outside of the time range), they brought their own equipment . We went over what needed to be done, or what we thought should be included in the cleaning. Some things we thought were included in a normal cleaning were not but that was fine -- they were extra with Maid to Glow.Otherwise, it was amazing! The experience was really really good. The actual job was done very well,, most importantly the communication and the customer service was what did it for us. We will continue using them. More...


Nicole R.

2 March 2019

Great experience with Maid to Glow. The cleaning was quick but thorough. Scheduling was easy and simple. She showed up on time and sent me a text about 30 minutes prior to arrival to let me know she was on the way. Will definitely be using them more for intermittent cleanings! More...


Shawn E.

28 February 2019

I'm not sure where to start but we recently moved out of Atlanta and needed a cleaning before our home sold. We hired Maid to Glow for this. They seemed like a great company, decent reviews everywhere... they were extremely courteous over the phone.Anyway when the maid arrived we went over what we thought were important areas of focus, specific areas we used a lot throughout the home. She was very communicative. We left so weren't in the way. We cam back a few hours later as she was finishing. We did a walk through while we were all still there...To be honest we were throughly surprised by how good of a job she did! The house  wasn't in terrible condition but it needed to be cleaned. Priing was in the middle/top compared to a few other quotes and we exptect the work to be reflective. But the work seemed top notch to us! Really amazing work. She was really nice to deal with. We saw a few of the reviews here and felt compelled to write something as our experience was really great, If we didn't have to move we'd be using them again! More...


Margo K.

13 February 2019

My whole experience from the online booking to cleaning service was great!! It was super easy to book, and i work a lot at all kinds of crazy hours, the owner, Mony, was super helpful in coordinating my service and making it work to fit my schedule. I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a maid service, makes my life a lot easier everything is done online and taken care of. I needed a last minute cleaning because my parents were visiting from FL and he made it work. The cleaning service itself was also really good, left my apartment nice and clean. I will be using them again for sure. More...


Tammy C.

29 January 2019

Love Mony and his employee Djuanne! We had an especially difficult house we needed cleaned due to the owner having a stoke and not being found for several days. Several companies politely turned us down, but Mony and Djuanne understood our unique situation and helped us out. I live out of state and could not come clean my mother-in-law's house myself and she has no one else to help her out. We are so grateful to Maid to Glow. Not only were they kind and understanding about our difficult situation, but the house is now sparkling clean! Djuanne is very detailed oriented and spent hours making sure the house was inhabitable again. The price was extremely fair and Mony was our savior. More...


Ramandeep B.

27 November 2018

This cleaning service is easy to work with, owner is very responsive to email and phone. Easy online scheduling with quick email confirmation of appointment. Their pricing is also a bit better than a few others I looked at in buckhead area. Cleaner was nice and open to addressing areas I felt still had dust or grime. The dining table and kitchen floor still had crumbs on it but overall a good experience and I will be using them again. I'd like to get a feel for the various cleaners they have and then hopefully can request the same person once I find the right fit. More...


Kory I.

22 September 2018

After feeling a bit reluctant to begin using a cleaning service, I'm very happy I ended up moving forward with Maid to Glow. Communication was open and clear, Mony assured me that I was in good hands and could be reached at any time with questions.After the cleaning I was happy with the service Sean provided my home with. I think the part I was most surprised/pleased with was the attention to detail. I will happily continue my weekly service, and would recommend to anyone. Also, if you arent able to be present during the cleaning, you can leave a key for the crew. It was a pleasant feeling coming home from a long day at work to a clean house, even my pup was happy! 5 stars for sure More...


Sarah M.

27 August 2018

I was very pleased with the work done by the Maid to Glow team. I was new to the area and relied on reviews to make a decision to go with them and I'm glad that I did. Everything was thoroughly cleaned. The crew did break a light fixture in the bathroom - however they replaced the broken piece same-day and it wasn't an inconvenience for me. More...


Jessie K.

27 August 2018

This is the first company I've ever hired to clean our house, so take my review with a grain of salt.Pros: They don't charge you for the cleaning until the following day, after they've checked in with you to make sure you're fully satisfied. The girls who have cleaned my house have been super nice and polite. The price is reasonable, and their communication is pretty good, using email and text to make sure I know when they'll be at my house. I've never not been able to schedule a cleaning when I want it done, they've always been available. Cons: They've gotten my appointment confused before, and the past 2 times they've only sent one girl, so that poor girl spent 5+ hours cleaning our  townhome alone. I'm unsure why they wouldn't send a pair or a small team to knock it out. Since we're usually not there at the time, it's not a big deal, it just means we have to keep our dog locked up all day. Overall, I love them and will continue to use the company. More...


Kristi E.

26 August 2018

My experience with Maid to Glow was overall positive. The woman who cleaned our home was prompt, professional and did a thorough job. I thought the communication strategy was strong, confirming the time and date of the cleaning and the service to be provided. Only reason it is not a five is I thought the service included cleaning of the 1 half bathroom we have. I mentioned this on the phone but the online form does not let you easily identify this extra 1/2 bathroom. I don't think the inclusion of the half bathroom was communicated to the person actually cleaning and thus she left before it was noticed that it was not cleaned. More...


E L.

23 August 2018

I had such a terrific experience with Maid to Glow that I have to share!  Our house was . . . not in the best condition.  We'd been in and out of town for months, so not really cleaning.  Just being there enough to keep making it dirtier.  I don't think our house (3 bed, 3 bath) has ever been that dirty.  But Ashley and Zeshia worked their asses off and the place was absolutely heavenly when I got home that day.  They made sure that I was satisfied with everything (I was) and were super nice to talk to.But the experience was great from the beginning.  Mony is so friendly and professional and really made us feel valued as customers.  Mony checked in every step of the way to make sure that we were happy with the process.I am thrilled to have Maid to Glow coming bi-weekly now! More...


Andrew F.

22 August 2018

I found Maid to Glow with a google search after having a disappointing experience with a different cleaning service about a year ago, and I have been very pleased with the service provided by Maid to Glow.Booking was extremely user friendly, their site is easy. I wasn't totally sure of the right way to book a deep clean + weekly cleanings through the site (I didn't want a deep clean every week!) but ultimately if you're confused about anything you can just reach out to Mony directly. He was very receptive to the feedback on the site. Bottom line is that it's an efficient way to get something scheduled and start the conversation, which is exactly what I needed.We've been working with Shaire, who has been an excellent cleaner. We needed a deep clean and honestly just needed some help getting out apartment back to baseline with trash, bathroom and some laundry. She did an absolutely EXCELLENT job on that first clean which set us up for success going forward with weekly cleanings. We requested that we get the same team for the weekly cleanings, and they were happy to oblige. One of the best things is that I can reach out via text to Mony or Shaire with requests about the cleaning/scheduling. They've both demonstrated great customer service- I can talk to Mony about scheduling and invoicing and Shaire about apartment entry logistics or specific needs this week. Communication is the #1 thing for us with a cleaning service, and that's been nailed with Maid to Glow.If I can offer a piece of advice to prospective customers- the weekly cleaning helps alleviate the typical frustrations of a cleaning service by setting a good baseline with a deep clean and then doing maintenance work weekly. Maid to Glow gives a discount on recurring weekly cleanings for this reason. If you're a messy household like we are, I suggest going weekly. If you do some good maintenance on your own, you might not need it.Overall, we're very happy with the service- a clean apartment has been a relief and well worth it. More...


Diblo Martin

31 July 2018

Superb service! Ashley did a great job thoroughly cleaning our home, she was very detailed and worked through each area. She went above and beyond. I am VERY satisfied with the maid to glow team More...


Maria Johnson

31 July 2018

One of their cleaners contacted me the day before I was due for a cleaning. They were very helpful and nice! The cleaner was on time and deep cleaned our apartment (very much needed) efficiently and thoroughly, I was pleasantly surprised. My husband and I signed up for biweekly cleanings now so we’re looking forward to it. More...


Kent Marie

31 July 2018

We’ve had a great experience so far with Maid to Glow. We’ve had multiple cleanings done by them so far and they are very consistent with their work. They have a checklist that they go over as they clean and at the end it’s left with the customer. My cleaner has been meticulous each time, I was very surprised, he is just a lovely person. I am not sure about the rest of their team but I like the person in charge of my home. More...


Dysen N.

19 July 2018

Very weird, but a fake yelp account with my same name reviewed maid to glow negatively. Here is my real review: Maid to Glow's owner is wonderful to work with. I had some specific services I needed and he made sure the price was customized and the cleaners knew what I needed. The first cleaner I had however didn't do a very thorough job both times I had him come (hence why I'm giving 4 stars). The second cleaner I had did a great job! More...


Nicole N.

30 May 2018

They are really great! I was thoroughly surprised. We have had our home cleaned twice now and the provider seems very consistentThere was 1 Maid to Glow employee that has been working on my home and he's done a good job each time.   I am very pleased with their service and will continue using them. More...


Ryan C.

30 May 2018

I had a great experience with the Maid to Glow team. It couldn't have been easier to book my appointment-it was confirmed within 30 minutes and within an hour, Ashley, who would be doing to cleaning, had reached out to coordinate. The end result was impeccable and the price was accurate & fair. I really appreciated the GREAT customer service since I was in a time crunch. Will definitely be using them again in the future. More...


Teresa S.

26 May 2018

Maid to Glow cleaned my son's apartment when he was moving out.  Great communication and reasonable cost. Cleaner showed up when she said she would and did a fantastic job (thanks, Ashley!)


Erin C.

20 May 2018

Maid to Glow arranged a next-day deep cleaning, when I was in a bind.      The provider arrived early and did a very thorough cleaning.  I was hard-pressed to find a single grain of dirt when she was done with the place.  I am likely to use them again in the future.  Highly recommend! More...


David C.

17 May 2018

As a busy bachelor, I know what clean looks like a lot better than I am at cleaning. I think Maid to Glow solves the problem. Comprehensive cleaning, attentive to my requests, and they provide that clean touch and feel that I could never achieve on my own. More...


We have been in business for 1 year now - we're a little new, but very experienced with 2nd to none customer service!

Yes - we bring everything needed in order complete what is on the invoice.

Meeting and satisfying customers as well as the dynamic environments we step into. Each project is a new challenge and no 1 cleaning is the same as a previous one! Above all though, seeing our customers smiling is what we care about the most!

The idea of making a fully automated online cleaning business (must book through our website - www.maidtoglow.com) came from needing a cleaning done at our own home! We struggled finding a business - dead end websites, dead phone numbers, no customer service, and very long quoting process (taking pictures, requesting to come take a look etc). We did not have time to go through that and saw an opportunity to create something for everyone else that was and is in our shoes!

We offer a premium service at an affordable price! Many other cleaning services had flaws – late appointments, untrustworthy, random cancellations, poor cleaning, poor communication, and unfair customer service - we've rectified all of these and turned their flaws into our strengths!


We offer a Laundry ($15 per load) service

We offer an Organization ($45 - Equivalent of 2x loads of laundry) service -