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Jonathan Meyer is Oklahoma's Best Magician. His shows feature the funniest Comedy and the most Amazing Magic in Oklahoma.
Jonathan can handle audiences of all sizes and types and ages.
He is Oklahoma's Top Children Magician as well as the Top Adult Magician.


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Niles Jackson

11 September 2019

Good clean fun. WOW! WOW! WOW! Close up magic that had us laughing with amazement. “How did he do that” we said after every illusion. Highly recommended.


Kayci Lewis

25 August 2019

Great entertaining show. Kids and adults loved it! Highly recommend!


Emily Rothrock Tate

24 August 2019

My organization, an Oklahoma nonprofit, has hired Jonathan several times for special events, and we cannot wait to work with him again. Jonathan is an excellent communicator, highly professional, gracious, empathetic and generous - oh, and he's a REALLY REALLY GREAT Magician as well. He takes the time to understand "why." Whether it's a child-friendly event or a black-tie corporate event, Jonathan is the professional magician for the job. More...


Nicole Baylor

22 August 2019

Great show and professional. We had him return to do a show for my parents anniversary. Great for all events. Look forward to another event where we can bring him back.


Gozde Demiralp

16 August 2019

Jonathan came to our daughter's 7th bday party last year for the first time! She still talks about it. Not only her friends but also all parents including my husband and I were entertained and quite often laughing out loud! Jonathan will be coming again this year to her 8th bday party- and not sure who is more exited about this- and we are looking forward to it! Strongly recommend! More...


Alan Wright

30 June 2019

Most Magical Display Ever, dubbed "The Compassion Trick"The Oklahoma Magician showed me the most amazing display of magic. I was traveling back to OKC from Fort Smith and almost to the exit of Hwy 75 and I-40, when I ran out of gas. Since it was late afternoon, I decided to just walk the mile and half into Henryetta, instead of calling for Roadside assistants. About halfway to the exit a little Black SUV pulled over and ask if everything was okay, and could he help. Of course I could use some assistants, in a time that should have been a really low point in my day, I had no clue who was asking to help. You guessed it, it was the "Oklahoma Magician", graciously offering to help and ultimately performing one of the coolest display of magic anyone could receive. Jonathan obviously can show you some really cool tricks and have you second guessing how did he do that, but for me the trick was what I am calling his greatest. Showing some compassion and helping a fellow Oklahoman, taking a bad situation and turning it into a pleasant experience. That's really hard to do for most of us, but not with this Magician. Thank you for showing me this trick, it so simple, but as you showed me, very effective. Signed your Biggest FanAlan Wright More...


Lindsey Elstein

30 June 2019

Came to the daycare today and put on a great show! Had the adults just as amazed as the kids.


Lindsey Nicole Elstein

24 June 2019

Jonathan came to our daycare today and put on an amazing show! Kids loved it but teachers were just as excited! Thank you!


Premier Custom Homes

27 April 2019

Great show for all ages. We had him come out to my daughters elementary school and all the kids love it!


Christian Collins

27 April 2019

Bios hired Jonathan for our annual 10 year party and he was fantastic. Jonathan was very entertaining and had a wonderful sense of humor. We would definitely recommend him again. More...


Erin Cowan

27 April 2019

Jonathan performed for my daughter’s birthday party and did a fantastic job! He held a rowdy crew of about 40 kids captive for the entire show. They loved it! He also works in humor for the parents that makes it a fun show for everyone! Thanks Jonathan. More...


Tamara Slattery

28 March 2019

He was hilarious and very entertaining. Great magic too!


Paige Fraysur

26 February 2019

Show was great got the kids involved at the end and everyone had a great time.


lawrence grech

26 February 2019

Hands down one of the best Magicians I have had the pleasure to witness at many events in Oklahoma.
Great personality and wonderful with children.
I highly recommend.


Julie Hostetler

27 January 2019

Having Jonathan at our company party was just fabulous. He brought amazement and fun to what would have been a normal night of eating and talking. He was the added bonus I wanted to make the night unforgettable. He arrived before anyone else so he was early, and stayed for the entire 5 hours waiting for us to eat to finish off our night. So he was patient and gracious and accommodating. I recommend Johnathan if you need something to get your guests laughing or just amaze and entertain them. We will all wonder for years to come, "How does it do that". He really is fabulous! More...


jen jkpoage

27 January 2019

We hired Jonathan for our Dillingham post Christmas party with over 100 people.
He kept us entertained with his magic and humor. We would recommend hiring him for your next event. More...


Katie Davis

28 November 2018

Jonathan was hired to be the magic CONSULTANT for our college theatre production of DIRK GENTLY'S HOLISTIC DETECTIVE AGENCY. He provided a workshop where he taught our students how to perform a range of sleight-of-hand tricks and also helped us to order all of the magic supplies we need! He was a creative, clever collaborator who helped us a great deal. We had a BLAST learning from him and with him. SUPER nice guy and a brilliant magician and showman! More...



29 September 2018

Jonathan came to suprise our daughter at her birthday and he was AMAZING! Not only kids but all parents were also entertained! We surely will consider Jonathan Meyer for our next party! Very easy to arrange, responded texts very rapidly. We are very pleased. Thank you Jonathan! More...


Keith Stelter

8 June 2018

Hired Jonathan last minute for my daughters birthday and was not disappointed. She was 3 and he held her attention. He was entertaining for all the older kids and adults as well. Best idea i have had in a long time. More...


Lucie Smoker

17 May 2018

Fabulous! We booked Jonathan for a show for seniors. His performance was both magical and tasteful. His charisma held the room. Highly recommended .


Red Dirt Report

26 February 2018

We recently hired Jonathan for a party and were simply amazed at his talent as a magician and his exceedingly positive and friendly persona. Both adults and children loved Jonathan's show and he stayed longer than he had to to talk to kids (and adults) and was literally the last one to leave. He clearly loves what he does, loves people and is as affable and polite as they come. I highly recommend Jonathan Meyer and his magic show for any function and aimed at people of all ages! More...


Tamara Donahue

30 January 2018

Jonathan went above and beyond anything that was required of him. He drove 2 hours just to accommodate our facility. He did slight of hand, up close magic an hour before the show. He showed up early and stayed late. Jonathan was cordial, professional and and above all, an astounding performer. He's genuine and passionate about his trade. It's not a successfull party/event unless you have the AMAZING Jonathan Meyer! Book him today!!! More...


Melanie Krause

24 January 2018

Jonathan Meyer was our entertainer for the 2018 McLoud Chamber of Commerce Banquet. He was very funny and full of tricks that wowed all ages in attendance. We thoroughly enjoyed his crowd interaction, audience participation, and professional flexibility. More...


Lynn Bradford

24 January 2018

Jonathan has a very amazing and entertaining talent. He put on a great show at our company party. We highly recommend him for any event.


Aneesa S

31 October 2017

I had Jonathan come to my house to do a magic show for my daughters 4th birthday party. Jonathan was AMAZING!! He was very flexible with my crazy last minute party schedule. The kids AND the adults absolutely LOVED the show! He worked very well with the kids and even took the time to show a few tricks to those who stayed after the show. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone looking for a GREAT SHOW. He's got a full deck of awesome entertainment! You don't want to miss out on it. You won't regret it! More...


Brennan Parken

14 February 2017

I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Meyer this last January. I am the state president of Oklahoma for an international nonprofit, leadership organization called DeMolay International. We brought Mr. Meyer in to be a part of our program for our annual state event. Jonathan was nothing but professional and easy to work with right from the planning stages all the way to show time. He brings everything he needs and will work with you to have him fit to your program/show. His show brought both laughs and mind-blowing magic to make the program truly amazing and fun for everybody there. He is certainly the best in Oklahoma, and I fully recommend Jonathan Meyer if you are looking for a premier entertainer. More...

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Since I was 4 years old. I grew up practicing the art of magic EVERYDAY. I began performing shows while in college during the summers a "Frontier City", which is a theme park located in Oklahoma City.

It's the best magic and comedy in Oklahoma. I do have several shows. Typically, I'll stroll around doing close up magic, then perform for your entire group with a comedy magic show.

Everything! I love the process of "fine tuning" a routine and tailoring it to specific audiences. Watching people's reactions is the ultimate reward!

I just sort of "fell into it". Magic is a hobby that turned into my career. There are many magicians who inspired me along the way.

Reliability, Professionalism and over the top, high end entertainment!