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MagePro Studios (Audio & Voice Over)

Avon, Indiana, United States

MagePro Studios (Audio & Voice Over) logo

MagePro Studios (Audio & Voice Over)

Avon, Indiana, United States


MagePro Studios provides audio editing and processing for all sorts of productions...
Comprehensive Audio Services
Educational (eLearning)
Movie Trailers



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Every job is like breathing a part of yourself into it. The project becomes a part of you and it's something that you want to be proud of, from start to finish. Working with our customers is never a burden and brightens the day to listen to their imagination spark ours as we bring them together to bring them to reality.

There is a measure of cautiousness when one starts a business as you never know what the economy is going to be like while trying to grow. But there are a few mentors out there to guide and inspire business owners like me to success. I've always been able to use my voice to make money for others. From the use of imagination to taking a wide vocal range mixed with acoustics and electrical engineering, it was a force of nature that built itself. The family history of involvement in radio/TV and stage and the engagement of newer, proven technologies all combine to create a unique Voice Over and production business.

We've got the voices, talent, experience and gear to get the results you want. We can turn your imagination into reality! Call us today to find out more!


We have several individuals available for your Voice Over project, from young to old, male to female, for any type of delivery you need. Need a deep baritone voice to sooth or a voice of authority? How about a series of character voices for that video game production or a narrator for your eLearning project or Promo?

If you need anything from an audiobook mastered to just about any type of Voice Over production (including full cast audios), this is our favorite thing. Sweetening audio for a video production? We can do that too! Our professional studios are available. (Sorry, we don't master or record for bands or singers/rappers.)

We take your novel and get it ready to be put out to the public. We catch common typo's that others miss. You know, those typo's that wind up in a review with a star deducted just for that? We also look at continuity. Too many books are out there with issues that make your head spin. We catch that too. We work closely with the authors and ask questions (generally, because we are interested in seeing our clients become successful) that are generally the same ones that your readers do. We do all this with the idea that someday, it may become an audiobook!! (in hopes that it's US that creates it) Give us a call today and give us the details of your project so we can turn it into a Reality!