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Lynch Chiropractic and Chronic Pain Solutions clinic is all about neck pain, back pain, sciatica pain treatment in Charlottesville, VA. They will offer you best-in-class treatment using the latest equipment to help you reduce and eliminate pain and chronic conditions’ symptoms.


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Laura Kenny Burt

1 May 2018

a world of difference. Decreased pain, increased mobility. Wonderful staff, clear communication of expectations and treatment, reasonable cost


Josette Rivers

29 March 2018

Unbelievable!!! Dr. Lynch is the best!!! I have never seen a doctor so informed! I have been dealing with this pain for almost ten years and this is the first time my condition was explained to me in a way that helped me understand why I was hurting... I was told by "medicine men" that I needed surgery and it may or may not help!! Dr. Lynch says different!!! I received my first treatment today and I am so so happy with my results and all I learned...Thank you Dr. Lynch... Bless you and your team!!! More...


N M.

26 November 2017

My husband, my daughter, and I are all patients of Dr. Lynch.  My daughter saw Dr. Lynch for alignment of her neck and atlas.  She encouraged me to make an appointment when I was suffering with sciatica pain.  Dr. Lynch explained that my car accident in 2014 had caused misalignment in my neck and lower back.  His painless treatments aligned my vertebrae and stopped the sciatica pain.  If in future I experience pain in any part of my body, I will seek Dr. Lynch's expertise in chiropractic before going to my family doctor.  Dr. Lynch and his excellent staff are friendly, kind, caring professionals who sincerely want to help patients feel well again.N. Miller More...


Tammy Eve

21 November 2017

Dr Lynch is the best chiropractor I’ve ever gone to. The staff is great too! Lisa is one of the friendliest people I’ve ever met and Pete is a great guy.


Tammy P.

26 June 2017

I've been going to chiropractors for almost 30 years and Dr Lynch is the best chiropractor I've had.  Not only is he and his entire staff super-friendly (feel like I'm visiting with friends) but Dr Lynch uses top notch methods that get results. I've come in with injured knees and back problems. He always gets me back to being a functional person! More...


Nancy Murphy Nelson

5 February 2016

Love Dr Lynch, staff and practice--Great 'Holistic' results ☺


Lisa Fritsch

21 June 2015

Love all the "tools" he has to fix everything that's out of place on my spine. And especially happy that he is a certified Atlas Orthogonic chiropractor. Thank you!!!


Jay L.

23 April 2014

I am currently seeing Dr. Lynch and his team regarding an injury to my upper vertebrae. I have now been seeing Dr. Lynch for the second week, with vast improvements. I am an athlete who trains in both MMA and heavy weight lifting, although back problems are common, Dr. Lynch has gone far beyond any and all expected treatment. He and his team explain EVERYTHING thoroughly so you clearly understand what they are working/stretching/etc. I am going to make sure I continue with Dr. Lynch after my rehab, for several reasons. Above all, he and his techniques work!! More...