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Taua Ohana

We have been going there since 2013... our favorite place to eat out... kids luv the food... dad luvs the food


Lisa Destiny Saremi

I HAD THE WORST EXPERIENCE HERE..... I got food poisoning here and for 4 weeks I have been trying to get any kind of phone call back.... I have left several messages and have been treated poorly by the staff and accused of lying..... not once did they have any concern about how I felt, how it may have happened, or ANYTHING...... This last phone call the employee was yelling at me. This is truly the WORST experience I have EVER had dealing with any business. Simply out of the principle of things I will now make sure to let the Better Business Bureau, Department of Health and every social media channel I can find how they choose to treat customers. More...


Peter Betts

They have the best mushroom,onion,and sauce pizza I've ever had, and their shakes are the exact right blend of ice creams!The service is right there and unobtrusive-what more could you want? More...


Elizabeth Alexandrea

Worst service ever!!! When we went in we waited at least 30 minutes for our water and menu. Lady was talking to her friends the whole time. Don't go.


Justin Gomez

The food here surpasses their other locations... been to the location in Claremont and the one in San Diego and I personally like this location the best... I highly recommend the crispy wing with creamy ranch if you want to try this place out. More...


Sylvie Gamboa

I love this place!!!!! Best vegan food ever! Places like this make me proud to be vegan! The food is delicious! The best! And the owners and wait staff are so kind...they talk so sweet to their customers and I personally wanna thank the waitress and mgmt there because today while I was there with a friend it started to rain and I parked far and forgot my umbrella and they were so kind they let me and my friend. Have their umbrella...awww...touched our hearts..I pray God really blesses them triple for that..it was so sweet ...its kind acts like that ..that are so inspiring and make you wanna recycle the love..thats also being a true vegan also and everything veganism stands for...compassion for all and so thank you so much Loving Hut....your my favorite place and your the best! 5 stars! More...


KR Leanos

I have been to this location many times before and had good experiences, so maybe it's unfair to give a poor review based on this last one only, but this visit was a real disappointment. I got the wonton soup, which is usually amazing and was just ok this time. Also, got an Asian gyro to split, and I told the gentleman who took my order to be sure there were no onions. He looked at the menu and said, nope-none. However, there were sliced raw onions on the sandwich, making it inedible for me. I also asked for a dessert recommendation, and he recommended the chocolate cake, which looked good, so got a piece to split. I am not exaggerating when I say this is the worst cake I have ever tasted. It was powder dry with little flavor. I called the restaurant to complain, and the same guy who took my order answered. He was apologetic and took my name and number, saying the owner would be in today and he'd cal me. No call so far at almost 9pm. Pretty much, I paid about $35 for an ok bowl of soup. Not likely to head back anytime soon to this location. More...


Merrilee Klein Sweeney

Wow that was so yummy! I loved the seating and the decor was clean and inviting. The Orange tenders are a must try. And if you're lucky, you just might meet Charles the loving and very gracious owner. Go with an appetite, and try everything. It's all good. Treat yourself. More...


Pat Wells

This is the most overpriced, pretentious loving hut I have visited across the country. The hiked pricing and obstinate chef/owner attitude complement the stark white, austere seating and decor. It grieves me to mark down any vegan restaurant, especially a loving hut, but if I'm going to pay twice the usual price for a menu item, I do expect the chef to honor my request to put the sauce on the side (or notify me otherwise in advance).

First I ordered a raw veggie wrap for $15, requesting the sauce on the side. The server delivered the wrap fully saturated with the spicy sauce, apologizing that it was already premixed but offering me additional sauce on the side. I don't want more sauce - I wanted less! Who tells somebody their request is denied at the point of delivering them the meal?

The wrap looked good but was too spicy for me so I ordered a quick $15 kale salad instead so I could still eat with my friend before her pasta dish cooled off. Again, I asked for the dressing on the side. This is such a standard request it's crazy... but the server came back after five minutes with my salad - you know where this is going - drenched in avocado dressing. The server apologizing profusely and said that the chef/owner simply refused to put the dressing on the side. Ok chef- I understand that you want to massage the dressing in with the kale, but if a customer asks for the dressing on the side, why not do that? What's more, the dressing was not even good for a raw dressing. Pretty sure the chef just smashed some avocado and lemon into my kale with his/her stubborn little fingers.

My friend ordered the cashew penne pasta and seemed pleased with it, although still hungry an hour later.

Overall, I do not recommend this place. As soon as I walked in, the energy felt off, and this location is certainly not representative of other loving huts.

If you do you go, note that this menu tends to focus more on Italian pastas/pizza, burgers, a couple soups, and salads va the more asian fre of some loving huts. They also sell bags dog food. There is a handy gluten-free menu. But I think its best selling feature is that it's located in a cute shopping district with plenty of other restaurant options from which to choose.


Forrest West

This is where my girlfriend and I go almost every date night. The food is absolutely delicious and has some of the best vegan Italian food I have ever had. Even my family who isn't vegan loves this place. My dad really liked their tacos. Worth a try for anyone, vegan or otherwise! More...


Jennifer Green

Oh my goodness this place never fails!! Every time I go there I always order extra food so I can bring home with me. Also, it's in the perfect area, nice and relaxing. The customer service is also top notch. I definitely recommend it. More...


Laura Lopez

Wonderful food; makes you feel great supporting a cruelty-free business��


Tyler Soto

Amazing food!!! met the owner tonight, very nice gentleman. Friendly atmosphere. �


Terra Nokes

The food was AMAZING! The service was great and I loved the music selection.


Christie Gabriel Millette

I was surprised they were out of quinoa, a vegan staple of mine. How do you run out of quinoa at noon in an empty restaurant? It only takes 15 minutes to make. So I ordered the spicy tender burger. I didn't know what to expect since there's no description of it, just protein patty - I still don't know if it was soy, seitan, ... It was good, but the 'salad' it came with was just a pile of old lettuce, most pieces with brown edges, no tomatoes, onions, just lettuce, definitely not worth $13. It took over 20 minutes to get my food also, and there were only 2 other tables occupied. The service was good but the overall experience was not. I won't be returning there. More...


Alena Salmeron

great service and great food.. waitress was so nice as well as the owner


Shely Enloe Crosby

So good & fresh. The staff were friendly and courteous too. We will be back. We shared the Steak Rolls, Chicken Strips, Diego Tacos, Italian Calzone, Sizzling Fajitas & Sun dried tomato Penne...oh & don’t forget the chocolate cheesecake! ��� More...


Azari Rodriguez

Since our go to Loving Hut in Upland was closed today, we decided to give the Loving Hut Claremont a try, we drove from Eastvale to Claremont just to be disappointed. I understand its health food but how can you possiblly serve health food with unhealthy waiter etiquette. My sister ordered a water and I ordered a thai iced tea. A trio of guests showed up and were attended, thats great. We had decided to just roll with the punches and give it a go regardless of the horrible service already. I tried to think he was just a socially awkward person working as a waiter, and that it should be fine. So we picked what we wanted, and it was a matter of waiting on the waiter. Well he ended up taking the other trios order first, and that thai iced tea ended up a to go drink after all. There was no server and guest bonding what so ever. I understand if it was busy, but it was not busy at all.

Not pleasant, Not Pleased, Not going back.



DiAna Dery

Best pizza we’ve experienced since eating 100% vegan, it’s been just over a year however vegetarian for years. We will definitely be back. I read other reviews, we did have a server that wasn’t warm & one that was. My husband said the food made up for it, I agree More...


Author Annette Patterson Les

This place is amazing!!
I love the food first and foremost. It’s fresh and yummy😋
The hostess is always sweet and friendly and although I haven’t interacted with the chef, he makes some mean Vegan/plantbased dishes. Oh and it’s clean with a big A in the window.

Lmk when you are gonna be there maybe I’ll come too lol any excuse to eat at this spot.