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Love Grows: The Relationship Consultants

Houston, Texas, Harris

Love Grows: The Relationship Consultants logo

Love Grows: The Relationship Consultants

Houston, Texas, Harris



Love Grows: The Relationship Consultants is a boutique firm that Speaks, Writes and Brings Love into Existence via:
✔interactive, intimate workshops
✔and therapy

We specialize in healthy heart-centered relationships.


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LaQuinta Renee

30 July 2018

Very inspirational and much needed!


Shaylaya Smoot

30 July 2018

uplifting and powerful...


Erika Myshawn

30 July 2018

Love Grows is amazing and very committed to helping people grow love. :-)


Bernice Calvin Augustus

30 July 2018

Love Grows reminds us that It is our job to love ourselves with just as much passion as we love others. Thank you Love Grows!

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With relationships being vital to the quality of our life, it is quite astounding that with all of our academic training and socialization we are not taught or given the space to practice the very important tools and skills required to cultivate healthy relationships.

Skills and tools such as:
🔹️heart-centered communication 🔹️awareness
🔹️being present
🔹️The Art of Forgiveness
🔹️The Art of Communication
🔹️being responsible for your energy 🔹️grounding
🔹️letting go
🔹️using your voice
🔹️The Power of No, etc.

The lack of these tools and skills in addition to unhealed emotional wounds contribute significantly to the quality of our lives and relationships.

Having the opportunity to teach these skills to others and witness their growth as they do the work to heal their emotional wounds and improve their relationships is by far the best part of my job.

My passion and interest in human behavior led me to pursue academic degrees and training in psychology and behavioral health. Along this journey I honed my attention on relationships and emotional health and wellness, realizing that our unhealed emotional wounds become emotional blocks hindering our ability to fully connect, trust and love others which sometimes includes pieces of ourselves.

A significant component that sets me apart from others is I am non-judgmental which allows me to meet everyone exactly where they are on their journey and provide a sacred space for them to be emotionally vulnerable and transparent.

I do not practice what I have termed the “Catastrophic 3 C’s” which is to try to convert, condemn or convince anyone of anything. Instead, I respect that everyone, absolutely everyone is on their own journey.

Something magical happens when you meet someone and create such a space for them; they feel seen, heard, validated and loved, and THIS is the space where sustainable healing and growth occurs.