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Henry Engineer

26 May 2019

Best Indian food in Lubbock. A little spicier than royal which is good for me. Best naan in Lubbock by far. Extremely nice owner.


Kelli West

13 May 2019

Service is always super even when they have a full house. The service was very welcoming and observant. The bill was fair.


Jared Vogler

27 April 2019

I wondered in during the Sunday buffet. The food was great, the staff was friendly, and the price was more than fair. The place was completely packed with happy diners, I will be back ASAP


Ian Watkins

28 March 2019

Fantastic service and even better food. I love this place.


Shelby Elliott

26 February 2019

One of the best spots of its kind in the area. Looking forward to coming back with my friends. I see why this place has a lot of positive reviews.


me me

26 February 2019

Always yummy! Took my elderly parent with me and she was very impressed with his cooking.. she kept telling him that she would be back for more!! She's 83yrs old and had never tried Indian cooking, but she's hooked now!! Lol? More...


Marie Twayana

27 January 2019

I couldn't believe how great the food tastes. I have been all over this country and no Indian food is better than this. My family and I will never eat anywhere else when visiting Lubbock. The gentleman working was very kind! All I can say is thank you for the wonderful meal. More...


Jon Sharp

30 August 2018

We love this place! I give it four stars only because it doesn't look super welcoming outside, and it is quite dated and a little dark inside, much as it would be if you were visiting in India, most likely. But if you can get past appearances and our sometimes over-critical American standards, the food is always hot, consistently prepared and really, really delicious. Even when you're the only customer there, and it seems no one else has been there in years, the food is hot and fresh. Then someone else comes in. Then another picks up a take-out order. After awhile you realize they have a dedicated fan base. Dishes are spotless and I've never had a bad experience. Go during buffet hours and you'll leave stuffed. Be sure to visit with the owner, Paul, too. He is a wonderful host - super polite and helpful. Trust me. Give India Palace and Paul a chance to make your belly happy. You'll be glad you did! More...


Frank Emre

2 June 2018

Great small place to eat. Great Indian food and very reasonable. We will be back.


Mahnaz Ashoori

7 April 2018

The food was awesome and the perfect level of spice. The atmosphere was warm and the service was amazing. Everyone was so polite and hospitable. Definitely going again


Alex Mote

14 March 2018

Excellent authentic Indian cuisine. Would recommend to everyone I know. Perfect service and extremely friendly owner. Everyone should make time to visit India Palace!


Elisha Hada

14 March 2018

Absolutely amazing food. The owner is the sweetest person I've ever met. If you're looking for authentic Indian dishes in Lubbock, I definitely recommend this place.



7 March 2018

I have never had a bad experience eating here. The buffet is amazing. The menu items are great as well. The owner is the friendliest! It has become a weekly place for me. More...


dolce villa

26 January 2018

Just go. Don't think about it. Just be there. The staff is very attentive and kind. The food can probably bring you back from the dead. I know it makes my day every time in there. More...



14 January 2018

Wonderful buffet. Nice and attentive staff. Highly recommend


Jonathan Johann

14 January 2018

The buffet was utterly delicious! Had been craving good Indian good for quite some time and needless to say this place sated my cravings. The owner is always such a gentleman and is very attentive to all of the customers' needs. Would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for some seriously good food with good service! More...


Fahd Sattar

29 October 2017

Quiet, unassuming spot. You may have reservations about the location but I advise taking a chance on this place.
Went for lunch which was an eight tray buffet. We tried the vegetarian dishes and all were fresh and tasty. Naan was served hot out of the oven.
Also, enjoy the Indian oldies quietly playing in the background.

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