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Alex Valdez

28 March 2019

Local Marketing Inc. is one of the best companies around for the digital marketing. We have a national team that specializes in the Automotive Industry. Our team really knows our stuff when it comes to digital, products and services. We have a full line of products and we supply our clients with unique, custom and creative content that really helps them sell more cars each and every month. It's one of the main reasons why our retention rate is so high over 90%. So, if ROI is your main focus, you should think about partnering with LMi. And realize that if you want something groundbreaking and exclusive, you should probably give Local Marketing Inc a call. More...


Katie Taylor

28 March 2019

LMi has that rare combination of top-industry talent and small-business care and attention. I love that no matter how hectic the day gets, the moment a client calls, we drop everything and switch focus to their needs. Our management really knows their stuff, and our team has the talent and drive to do whatever it takes to keep clients happy. I love working here and can't wait to see where LMi is headed! More...


JP Allen

28 March 2019

LMI is fantastic at what they do. They can get you the most bang for your buck! They are super quick to respond and I LOVE their customer service. Give them a shot... you’ll be happy you did. More...


Lina A

27 January 2019

By far LMi has been the best company I've dealt with in the automotive industry. They’re not only knowledgeable but get the job done! I highly recommend this company.


Kathy Febo

28 December 2018

LMi a great place to be. I enjoy my team.


Theresa Bivens

28 December 2018

LMI great place to work, management team ROCK. If you are looking for a great digital analysis team LMI should be your first choice.


Akash Nabh

27 May 2018

Great service. Wonderful team to help your business to grow . I had great experience working with local marketing. They helped with my business in the last 4 years. I have seen almost exponential growth due to sincere effort of their team. Always easy to work with and listen to my business needs.Truly the best company to work with. Highly recommend for marketing your business. More...



13 March 2018

One on one experience! Very straight forward and up front and have helped me a lot with my business! Super nice people that will help you a ton!


Brian Pruett

22 February 2017

Local Marketing Inc. is a great place to work great team environment. Owners really know how to take care of their employees and back them. Just like any other relationship trust is a big part you earn their trust when you do what you are supposed to do. Also the customer service is second to none clients know exactly what they are going to get and when to expect it. Communication and transparency is very important and sole focus is on the client. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend people to work there or clients to talk to them. More...


Stephen Williams

31 January 2017

Beautiful design work combined with strategic marketing expertise... this company has helped my practice grow. Love the focus on analytics and ROI.


Michael Heard

29 January 2017

Wow, I continue to be impressed by everything this firm has done to help my business. Local Marketing, Inc. is one of the most impressive agencies I've ever worked with, and they have helped my company grow 20% over the last 18 months. They have a client for life.


Jonathan Stern

16 January 2017

We have been working with LMI since May, and so far we have gotten our money's worth. Michele and her team have been fantastic to work with. They meet with you weekly which is great because it shows they actually do work hard on our site. The content they provide is very well written. More...

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