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Annalise Hilliard

13 August 2017

Lisa is 100 % dedicated to her clients. She cares about my all around health, mentally and physically. I have been training with her for almost a year. She keeps me in check and genuinely wants the best for her clients. She gets you the results you want!! More...


Josh Schneider

29 December 2013

Lisa is amazing, knowledgeable and motivating! She will definitely help you set, achieve and exceed your goals!


Melinda Reynolds

28 September 2013

I am loving the 630am spin pump classes! 5 days a week it gives me an opportunity to get a great sweat from some serious cardio and free weights all before my crazy day starts. Great idea Lisa.


Miranda F.

21 April 2012

Just wanted to update my previous post 53 lbs lost. She is the best!


Ashley D.

26 January 2012

Lisa Fit is absolutely amazing! If you are looking for a personal trainer then look no further! Even if your a dude, trust me she will whoop your butt. She is always changing her workout routines; I leave her classes drenched in sweat and feeling amazing. She will keep you on point with your nutrition, and water intake. Try her out, you will not be disappointed. More...


Mac F.

24 September 2011

Lisa is terrific! She will challenge you, motivate you, and then leave your muscles just a tiny bit sore. Her yoga classes are accessible and a real workout whether you're a beginner or seasoned yogi.  The poses flow, but not so fast that you won't have time to really get into them and feel a burn. And thanks to her gentle push and instruction in the "Fearless" class, I can now do poses that I first chuckled at incredulously. She's great--definitely my number one pick for a trainer in San Diego. More...


Sarah L.

1 November 2010

Lisa is the best!  She kicks my butt and makes me feel good all at the same time.  If you thought you couldn't burn a ton of calories and have a great workout while doing yoga - you  haven't met Lisa!


Elizabeth Y.

10 August 2010

Lisa is one of my favorite yoga instructors, she is extremely motivating and is always filling my brain and body with new ideas, tips, and improvements.  I have been practicing for six years, but recently went to her beginner class by accident, I was glad I did! I learned how to easily move into a couple of poses differently making the world of difference.  She kicks a#$ for sculpt, and will really work you out while making you have fun at the same time. More...

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