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I am a therapist in Forest Hills, Queens, specializing in treatment of anxiety. I have over 10 years of experience providing therapy to clients. I treat adults and adolescents experiencing uncomfortable symptoms of anxiety.

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Nicole Dufek

24 February 2019

Miranda Malone is wonderful. She is personable and professional. If you're in need of a therapist, I recommend scheduling an appointment with Miranda. She has a broad spectrum of experiences and knowledge to guide you through whatever it may be that your struggling with. More...


Rena Semertzidis

24 February 2019

Miranda is a wonderful, caring, and skilled therapist who I highly recommend.


Aaron Alexander

24 February 2019

I highly recommend Miranda Malone for anyone that’s in need of a Professional Counselor. She has the ability to create a calm and open environment allowing for deep personal exploration. She is easy to talk to and uses her long list of experience to provide excellent quality of care. If you’re in need of a Therapist, I recommend setting-up an appointment with her! More...


Leta Guzman Mackessy

6 September 2018

Lindsey is a great therapist that truly cares about her clients. She goes above and beyond to make her clients feel comfortable. She has amazing blog posts that help me out on a daily basis. She is truly dedicated to her private practice and it shows in return with the way she treats her clients. I recommend anyone struggling with anything in life to talk to Lindsey. She will lead you in the right direction to become mentally healthy! More...


Anisha Shah, MA, LPC-S

28 August 2018

Lindsey Huttner, LCSW is very passionate and knowledgeable about her expertise as an Anxiety Specialist. She is patient, compassionate and a great listener as she works with you! She is easy to connect with and talk to as she guides you with practical effective tools to manage your situation. I highly recommend her! Give Lindsey a call today! More...


Sandy S

25 May 2018

Mrs. Lindsey Huttner, LCSW is a credit to her profession. From the moment you step foot in her office, you are warmly greeted into an inviting and safe space. She is as warm as she is knowledgeable, with several specialties in working with anxiety, mood symptoms, trauma, personality disorders, and stress/life in general. If you are struggling in any way, I highly recommend giving her a call. You will be glad you did! More...


Jennifer Ruiz Blandon LCSW, Harmonyum Practitioner

25 May 2018

Lindsey Huttner is caring, knowledgeable, professional, enthusiastic and determined to help. Individualism and communication are two of her greatest strenght. As a fellow Social Worker I am proud of the work she does. I highly recommend Lindsey Huttner LCSW to anyone looking to heal and work on themselves. More...


Erica Soto

25 May 2018

If you’re looking for a therapist that makes you feel comfortable, that you can trust with your thoughts and is extremely knowledgeable, then look no further. Lindsay Huttner has an amazing set of skills that will keep you positive and she’s easy to talk to. I highly recommend her for anyone looking for counseling. More...


Harbor Light Coaching

25 May 2018

I can’t recommend Lindsey Huttner, LCSW highly enough. Her education, training, and experience are extensive, but the depth of her warmth, generosity, and compassion are what truly what stands out. Lindsey is incredibly easy to talk to and caring. She provides her clients a non-judgmental, safe space to explore their concerns and she offers valuable tools and resources to help quell issues with anxiety and depression. I’m happy to know that anyone I recommend to Lindsey is treated with the utmost respect and care! More...


Missy KL

25 May 2018

I have known Lindsey Huttner, LCSW for about 10 years now. She has an amazing way of making others feel calm, cared for, listened to, valued, and respected. Lindsey has a great ability to engage with the people she works with and help them create an individualized plan that allows them to progress on their own terms and at their own pace. If you are looking for treatment/ support do not hesitate to reach out to Lindsey Huttner, Butterfly Effect Therapy, to get your needs met. More...


Mimieux Caesar-Dume

25 May 2018

I am a Nurse Practitioner who had the pleasure of working with Lindsey Huttner as she counseled many of my patients. I witnessed the positive effects of her insight, calming nature, non-judgemental assessment and guidance. I highly recommend her as a therapist. More...


Barb Majors

22 March 2018

Lindsay is very dedicated!

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