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Are you feeling lost? Overwhelmed? Don't know which way to go? I can help!

From individuals to businesses, at some point, we all face an information problem. It could be a lack of information or trouble understanding the information that's out there. It could be that there's too much information or that the information available is conflicting. Whatever the problem, it gets in the way of reaching your goals as a business or individual.

l help individuals and businesses make informed choices about what works — for YOU.

~ 90% of services provided are unique to an individual client and situation ~

When you get frustrated and wish there was someone to help you make sense of it all, I step in - getting you straight-forward answers to tricky questions.

My clients say it best -

"Joan clearly has and demonstrates the ability to make the complicated, simple and understandable. She customizes your options. Then guides you through your choices so that you can make an informed decision for yourself."

"Joan is terrific. Her expertise makes the complicated easy to understand. She always has an easy explanation for the technically challenged that makes sense and eases the way. She makes certain that you understand your options and allows you to select among them without allowing her personal preferences to color your choices. I highly recommend her."

The fun of this job is the fantastic variety of things I get to work with...okay, I know everyone says they work with a "diverse population", but have they had to help a client figure out how the tenets of their faith (Odinism - and yes, it is still an active faith) relate to the workplace and a choice of careers?? That is just one example of how everything I do is specific to your specific needs.

Every client is treated as an individual, and services are crafted to their specific needs - people don't fit neatly into boxes, and neither should services. This gives me a lot of experience across a wide swath of fields and disciplines. It also makes me very (VERY) good at looking up what I don't know, distilling information from many sources quickly, understanding which sources are reputable (or not) and providing the client with easy to understand answers in a way that makes sense to them.

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LifeABILITY Reviews

LifeABILITY Reviews

Review of LifeABILITY by corissa holbrook
4 19/10/2017 corissa holbrook

Review of LifeABILITY by Nate Curry
5 Nate Curry

check it out!

Review of LifeABILITY by Rachel Guro
5 Rachel Guro

This class was amazing! You have to attend to understand!

Review of LifeABILITY by Oscar Rincones
5 Oscar Rincones

It's never too late to learn new skills and for a meager price you get clear and concise skill building in a comfortable setting. I got a second chance with the Rent Well class to put some personal effort into getting back into safe housing!


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What do you love most about your job?

I love the variety. Yesterday - I had to research the tenants of the Asatru/Odinism faith so I could understand out how it applies to the world of work. The day before - I was teaching someone the theory of writing a resume. Today - I am working with a small business owner/author on her social media marketing plan. I have no idea what tomorrow will bring!

I may work with a company director one day, and someone who is homeless the next. I also work with small business owners, which the unique challenges that they face. My clients have been aged from 16-82. Many of my clients are people whose lives do not fit neatly into boxes or are not getting their needs met in the community. Below you will find a few of the commonly requested services.

Some issues are easy, others become more complicated than anyone could imagine! I love the problem solving (puzzle if you will) aspect of what I do. I also love knowing that what I do is giving someone the information and skills that they will use the rest of their life.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I was looking for a program that put the needs of the individual client first. I couldn't find one, so I opened my own business to exactly that - and the Un-Program was born.

Programs are just that *programs*. Programs often package together a bunch of other things you don’t want or need, but you still have to get through to get to the part you do need. I instead created the Un-Program. This allows truly individualized services....

People don't fit neatly into boxes, why should services?

Why should our clients choose you?

You should choose me for a number of reasons:

First, I actually care about what you need - that is not just lip-service. If I am not the right person to help, I have no problem helping you find someone who is a better fit.

Another reason you should choose me - I am (to put it politely) blunt - I believe that sugar coating belongs on doughnuts. How anyone thinks you can make an informed decision based on lies or half-truths has always been beyond me.

I also don't think my way is the only way. I give you my recommendation, I explain *why* I think that, and point out the problems I see with the various alternatives. The bottom line is that it is your choices, your life.

Services provided by LifeABILITY

LifeABILITY Services

Small Business Services

Constantly balancing the trade-off between time, money and effort? ● Work smarter using today's technology – 》 Instantly get notified of any actions on your website. 》 Make your phone move around as you do – without giving out your private cell number or carrying two phones. 》 Update your website as often as you want – no coding or complicated computer jargon – as easy as writing an email. 》 Get real-time updates on news important to you ● “Social Media” is the place to be – 》 Which ones (if any) are right for you and your business? 》 Can you find the time to keep up with it all? 》 Be effective in little more than about 30 minutes a week ● Wasting your time, effort and (of course) money on networking events that do little to help your business? Find out what you can do instead. ● Learn how to make your own choices ● Learn what works for you and your business instead of just doing what the Expert-du jour claims you need to do. After all, if you aren’t the expert on your business, your customers - who is?

Smart Job Search

“Work smarter, not harder” - Why not apply that to your job search? Learn the following: ✔ Which 5 job boards are the only ones you really need - and the reasons why. ✔ Learn how 72% of all job seekers are wasting their time and efforts. ✔ Identify what is holding you back from your next job (hint: it is not the economy). ✔ Job Search by the numbers — get the maximum results for the minimum effort. ✔ 3 easy steps to make a popular psychological theory work for you and your job search. ✔ Take away - a list of 27 people (specific to you) that can assist you in your job search.

Resume DIY

Let’s face it – resume creation is tough. Gone are the days where you could simply make a list of your previous places of employment, relevant skills, and contact information. The process can be intimidating – but it doesn’t have to be! With this hands-on training I'm not writing your resume for you – I'm giving you the tools to write it yourself – something that is rarely done but is empowering for clients who want to make their own choices and achieve their own success. If you have a resume already, be sure to bring it with you.

Navigating the System

How to get your needs met as you work with (or through) a large system: school (including IEP), Vocational Rehabilitation (OVRS), Social Security (SSI/SSDI), Worksource, Apprenticeship, and many more

Housemate/Roommate Agreement

How to make it work for everyone – get help negotiating the details in advance. Some are basics that you would think of on your own - but a number of them are things most people do not think about....until it is too late. I bring what I have learned during 20+ years of teaching tenant education classes to help you avoid some of the pitfalls that others have stumbled into on accident. This means you can learn from their experience!

Overcoming Obstacles

Turn your obstacles into stepping stones. No matter what needs to be explained, the process is the same: It starts by accurately identify barriers. With a simple 10-step process, you will learn how to craft an effective explanation. Once you learn the process, you can repeat the steps for other obstacles. Commonly explained issues: ✔ Addiction ✔ Background check surprises ✔ Credit issues ✔ Criminal history ✔ Current Employment ✔ Disability ✔ Employment history ✔ Health issues ✔ Homelessness ✔ Income source ✔ Job Loss ✔ Life choices ✔ Rental history ✔ the Unusual

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