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Troy, Michigan


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Nona May

24 May 2019

Just signed up for a gym membership. I absolutely love this place! Mr. Cacaj signed me up and told me many perks about what Lifetime brings. Seems like there is new equipment coming in and had to wait on a specific machine to become available but hey there are many more of the similar machines in the works being installed. I asked about summer programs and many of the employees have reached out to me almost right away to explain them and what they had to offer. Many people only leave reviews when they're upset so I figured I add a great review. People do need to realize that this is a great gym with many perks especially when you have children! This is not a resort. But pretty awesome place to come to right after work. More...


John Chatzopoulos

27 April 2019

I usually wait some time to give real feedback. With that said, this location has been fantastic from Day 1. I made an appointment with James Shammas who handled my on-boarding. He really impressed me and so I decided to join. Hands down best decision I've ever made. This gym is super busy but you would never know it because they have so many different rooms to work out in. Locker rooms are always clean and the employees are always cleaning or folding towels.I also ventured off to swimming. Now I'm not a great swimmer but I certainly wouldn't drown in a pool. I walked up to one of the instructors/lifeguards and asked "what do I have to do to swim like some of the others here?" Now mind you he was leaving, but he stayed for quite some time and gave me great tips. Because of his tips I have substantially improved my swimming ability. I went from doing 5-7 lengths to 40-50 all because he took time out of his day to show me a few things. I want to recognize Jesse for that. He changed my gym experience. I came from LA Fitness and it was completely opposite of Lifetime. Spend the extra 20-30 bucks. Its worth it! You not only get the beautiful facility, but you get people like James and Jesse. And trust me there are plenty more James and Jesse's in that place. You could tell the staff loves being there, and that makes me want to be there. I've lost 15 pounds and I feel great. Finally! I spent an extra 30 bucks a month that I won't have to spend on medications in the future because i didn't take care of myself. Now I want too. Lifetime thank your employees for a job well done. Your gym is great but your people are BETTER! More...


Lindsey Elizabeth

27 April 2019

I had the BEST experience today singing up with Anthony. He went above and beyond to make myself and my daughter happy and comfortable. The only suggestion I would have is not limiting the infant room hours but that’s only because it conflicts with my daughters nap schedule, I understand why it is the way it is. I was nervous about going in today and leaving my daughter in the child care center but I could not be happier I decided to go. Definitely ask for Anthony when signing up! More...


Google User

27 April 2019

This lifetime is finally stepping up. This current week they cleaned the floors there was so many dusty and dirty areas that were never touched in years. Today I saw that they finally got new TVs which is even better and they have a lot of new equipment. But the gym does need a paint job from the inside there are many spots that are patched/painted from fixes and the paint isn’t even the same color as the actual color it is before. Also the ceilings need to be vacuumed. I’ve been to other locations and being inside of a clean gym makes me feel much better to be in. Please keep stepping up you guys really needed it especially the Troy location. More...


Joseph Miller

27 April 2019

Amazing place to be! I feel like it is my second home. I am getting older and this place gives me some of my younger energy. I walked into Anthony’s office today to ask for an opinion on a workout for an issue I have with my back. Not only did he explain it well, he got up and stopped what he was doing and walked me upstairs and took me through it step by step and I feel great because of the new workout! I will be here for life! More...


Debra Gardner

28 March 2019

Great gym with modern equipment! Awesome staff! Been a member for a few months now. And have never had a bad experience


Jordan Huyser

27 January 2019

The price is very steep and is the only thing that is keeping me from giving them a 5 star. I wish they had a program where if you weren't going to use the gym for a certain month, you could put it on hold... without paying another fee. But overall it is a fabulous place. I couldn't imagine working out anywhere else. Love that it has two different pool choices. Love that they keep the pool with lanes at a cooler temperature. I feel like I am getting a better workout in when I swim in cooler water. It's also nice that they have a wading pool though that's kept at a warmer temperature. Love that they have not only two jacuzzi's, a dry sauna, and a steam shower. No other gym that I can think of has a steam shower and most don't have a dry sauna, so I greatly appreciate that. In my opinion it is very tidy here. I've never had any issues with the cleanliness. I also love that it's open 24 hours a day. It makes it a convenient gym for a student who has 3 jobs to still be able to fit a workout into her day/week. More...


Kristen Ayers

18 June 2018

I love this gym it's very diverse and everyone minds their own business. I do think it could use some updates, but overall it's my favorite gym I prefer it over Shelby township. The staff at the front desk are always happy and positive and that makes it just that better. More...


A Google User

18 March 2018

I am shocked by their terrible reviews! I've been to many lifetime gyms in the area (mainly Troy, Rochester and Shelby!) All are amazing. They all have there downfalls but they'll all amazing and very clean! I've never had a major issue with staff! Pros and cons of each follow....


PRO..very clean, especially when Alice is working the woman's locker room! CON :no outdoor pool!


PRO: very clean, great outdoor pool!
CON. Sales people and trainees are pushy! Not that bad, but worse the Troy!

PRO: amazing child center, and outdoor pool!
CON: for a tall female, showers suck! I have to squat to wash my hair! (After squats it's no fun! Haha!) Always a line I woman's locker room, which is maybe good because it means business is good!

Overall I love going to troy, not as busy, can get in and out and it is very clean!!! GM Jason is awesome, very friendly!


Paige aldrich

21 February 2018

The staff here has been so good to me. It's so refreshing to have a positive experience with people!! They went ABOVE AND BEYOND my expectations! Thank you LTF Staff. Especially Heba! I hope that's how it's spelled More...


Shabob Youth

10 December 2017

This is a great Jim anyone who gave this place less than two stars is probably broke and hungry I can't afford the premium price for a premium gym


Brenda Z

19 November 2017

Love this gym! Great staff and the environment is super welcoming. Glad I switched from L.A.

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