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Mental Health Counseling services offering individual, couple, and family therapy. Other services include counseling for anxiety, depression, self-esteem, career issues, LGBTQ issues, or general coping issues. Please visit the website for more information.


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I love that I get to help empower clients to be capable of creating change in their life. Teaching clients how they do have positive choices to make those changes, and then giving them the tools to act accordingly. Therapy is a process, but it is a process of self-discovery for clients (or as in many cases, a process of rediscovery) of one's ability to move through the difficult challenges they face.

I love the work I do, and wanted to be able to pursue my own interests, instead of some arbitrary goals set by an employer.

I am capable of working alongside clients to teach them self-empowerment, and I am confident (given my experience), that clients will experience a positive impact on their life by seeking services with me. I offer unconditional positive regard toward every person who comes to me for help, and am willing to listen to what their needs are, rather than impose some self-focused therapeutic goals they may not feel is relevant. We create a plan of care together, and work as partners in bringing that care plan to reality.


1/1 counseling services.

Counseling for couples (married or unmarried).

Counseling for families (up to four people at a time).