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Our duct cleaning services include opening access areas to allow the entire system to be cleaned and inspected.  We use vacuum equipment that exhausts particles outside the home, or High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) vacuuming equipment if the vacuum exhausts inside the home.


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Susan Krystal L.

15 October 2017

At the end of summer we had Patrick of "Life Air Care" come over to our house to give us an estimate on having all of our vents/air ducts cleaned out. He came over on time and gave us a price quote. We hired him to do the job and came the following day to start the job. He took the time to point out vents that needed foil, we had him insert the foil for getting insulation around the inside cuts around the vents. He also cleaned out our dryer vent, and central vacuum system. He was pulling out chunks of wood from when the vent holes were cut at the time of building the house. The house is 17 years old so apparently it never had it's vents cleaned out. Patrick and his son took the time to make sure all the vents were put back in place going the correct direction. The day after they were done we noticed a BIG difference in the air quality inside the house all over and were sneezing less from our allergies. Also we noticed over time their was less dust on the wood furniture.  We will have them over again in another 2 to 3 years to repeat this vent/air duct cleaning.  We highly recommend their services, especially to anyone having allergies.   Thank you Patrick!! More...


Gina B.

19 May 2017

I was very pleased with the work that Patrick and his team performed. they were punctual, professional, considerate and courteous. Some breakers got turned of by other work going on and our AC's weren't working. Patrick came back and made sure our system was up and running he really takes pride in his work and makes sure his customers are happy. The cleaning was very effective, and I am very happy with the work he did. More...



18 May 2010

Very professional company.No hiden fees.reasenable prices