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Juniper C.

6 September 2019

I am so glad to know Robin and have him in my life. We went to grad school together and since then have jumped at the chance to work again with him. He brings a wonderful blend of insight, compassion, and groundedness to therapy that can be so hard to find. He's a gem- reach out to work with him, and you'll be so grateful to have him in your life, too. More...


Scarlett Che

9 July 2019

A great firm in PR and Crisis Communications!


Riley Spehler

30 June 2019

Great firm! They are industry leaders. I highly recommend


Adrienna Young

30 June 2019

One of, if not the best Crisis Communications, Media Strategy, and Digital Content company we have engaged. DC and New York based with clients all over the world.


Rachel Bodensteiner

30 June 2019

Great firm! I highly recommend


Todd Erikso

20 May 2019

No other firm I would rather trust. Recommended for best advice on communication through traditional and digital media.


Clara Sparks

6 May 2019

Working with the dynamic PR and digital media professionals at LEVICK was a great experience. They are atop our short list to hire again later this year!


Rita Cheng

27 April 2019

Richard Levick is an exceptional communicator and thought leader. He is a prolific writer and a consummate professional. He and his team not only excel at developing strategic PR and communication campaigns, they also help their clients navigate high profile PR matters. I give Richard and his team at LEVICK Strategic Communications my highest recommendation. More...


Bianca Hutzler

27 April 2019

Our company Blue Ocean Global Technology relies about the LEVICK team for media, content, PR and crisis management for all high profile corporate clients. Great collaboration and a team of amazing leaders. More...


Pablo Ruz

27 April 2019

Not only is Levick an amazing author, and commentator, but his PR company is trusted globally to help companies, governments and executives make the most informed communication and content decisions. Confidentiality is a hallmark of their client client experience. Industry leaders and highly recommended. More...


Matthew Felegyhazi

27 April 2019

LEVICK is an outstanding strategic communications and public affairs firm! Their team designs, implements and accomplishes the goals we pursue. I highly recommend this company. They always deliver results and have a deep network of media relationships. More...


Todd Johnston

27 April 2019

It is a pleasure to work with the LEVICK. They are a team of media and content experts that we have trusted for the past decade.


Juhee W.

15 February 2019

[Update] Mr. Levick has been such a genuine and empathetic attorney throughout the long and difficult process dealing with a moving company. When the first compensation offer came in by the moving company, he helped me negotiate with them further, and the compensation doubled.  What I really appreciated the most is the fact that Mr. Levick personally called, instead of communicating just via email, to explain my options and current status, quite frequently.  I felt like he was as caring about me as my father would. He insisted I call him Larry, but I developed such respect for him I could not. His office support personnel are all very professional, timely and most of all, very communicative. The moment they received my documentation, they let me know it has arrived, and what the status of the compensation check was.  I had never worked with an attorney before, and he certainly set the bar high. I hope I don't come across another situation where I need to lean on an attorney again, but if i do, I know who I would contact first. More...


Sameer Somal

30 August 2018

Richard Levick is an accomplished author, industry thought leader and founder of Levick Communications. Richard is a visionary you can trust. His integrity and expertise are unparalleled as steward of helping his global clients make the most informed PR decisions. As an entrepreneur and co-founder of a digital reputation firm, I have been fortunate to benefit from Richard’s commitment to education, especially when we refer him client cases. Levick is one of our most reliable and authentic partners. Highly recommended. A line that comes to mind when I think of Richard Levick: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act but a habit.” -Aristotle [384 BC – 322 BC] More...


Wassim Subie

1 July 2018

Professional and progressive public relations.


Craig P.

19 June 2017

Robin is a colleague I know from graduate school and trainings.  He is extremely intelligent, warm and present.  His ongoing curiosity about the mind and about the work of psychotherapy is truly an inspiration to me.  If intellectual curiosity with a somatic (body-oriented) approach sounds like a good fit for you, give him a call.  He's great! More...


Pb T.

9 February 2017

Dr. Stephen Levick is a caring, dedicated, and brilliant psychiatrist.  He brings years of experience, training and knowledge to his practice.    From every session I come away with something new and meaningful -- an  insight or a seed that I plant for future action.    Dr. Levick  was there for me through the  lowest of lows and hardest of times, and helped  me navigate a difficult divorce.   I credit him in large part for the happy, calm and peaceful place I now enjoy almost every day.   In addition to talk therapy, he is excellent with finding the right medication(s) and dosages.  If something is not working well,  he will find a solution.     My life has gone from feeling like an emotional rollercoaster  to what feels normal -- serene, calm and happy.    Dr. Levick is on call, and willing to have phone sessions ,  if necessary.  He will have backup if he is out of the office.    There are many physicians/psychiatrists to go to.  I think it is rare to find a Dr. with all of Dr. Levick's abilities and qualities. More...

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