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Pam C.

12 May 2018

For the last few years, I have sent some of my résumé clients who were not sure of their job objectives to Louise Goeckel before they worked with me. Her master's degree in career counselling sets her apart from most job coaches because she can offer advice rather than merely asking questions. Her seasoned wisdom, job market savvy and compassion create a positive environment for clients to grow in self-understanding and gain a confident outlook for their futures. From their time spent with Louise, my clients report that they have clarified what they offer an employer and what they really want in a career. Some have even said that they gained employment hope for the first time.Pam C. More...


S Y.

28 January 2018

Louise was such a delight to work with! I was a bit hesitant at first because I have worked with other career coaches in the past without getting the results I was hoping for. The difference between Louise and most career coaches is she has a Masters degree in Counseling - and it really shows! She is a great listener, non judgemental, and provides wonderful insight and suggestions that matched what I was trying to convey to her. Louise is very knowledgable about many different industries and vocations across the board. Rather than trying to fit me into the mold of a certain career path (I've worked with other career coaches who did that with me), she provided new perspectives, ideas, and suggestions for career opportunities where my skillset and interests could meet - things I hadn't thought of before! Louise reads between the lines of what you are telling her and she helped me have a better understanding of what I was truly looking for in my next career step.IMPORTANT: You have to be willing to do the work on yourself in order to get the results you want. Louise will help guide you in the right direction, but ultimately it is up to you, the client, to do the actual work and get yourself to where you want to be.I enjoyed my sessions with her very much and would not hesitate to contact her again if I have another "road block" in my career. Thanks Louise! More...


Naomi D.

22 January 2018

I went with my brother to support his job search and was very pleasantly surprised at how much I got out of our meeting!!!  So much so that I decided to set up a few of my own meetings with her to make sure my support was focused on what would really be truly be helpful & use my skills/talents. I plan to do follow ups to help keep our collaborative process alive. This gives me comfort and a real sense that I have a partner in her. I particularly love the way she views people and the way she magically describes their various challenges as true opportunities in a way that's easy for me to remember. More...


Laurie Z.

28 November 2017

I've known Louise for many years.  She's supported me during transitions.  Her positive, caring nature is very helpful when making change.  I call her my "cheer leader".  I feel like anything is possible when she is there beside me.  I also love her Tea with Louise events, they would be a great way to get to know her. More...


Claudia Mar R.

13 November 2017

"I have been a client of Louise for many years with various career issues. She is always very present, reliable, caring, wise, and amazingly brilliant. An expert career coach! If you are looking for someone who really listens, remembers where you want to go in life, and then is able to help you get there, Louise is the answer. She helped me to be happy, successful, and true to my craft.  No need to look any where else. Call Louise now!" More...


Kelly G.

18 February 2017

I have worked with Louise during career transitions the last few years. She is very professional and experienced. It was super helpful talking with Louise when I was deciding whether or not to leave a job, when and how. She was very insightful and provided just the right support. I highly recommend her! More...


Aaron K.

5 May 2016

Louise was a wonderful career coach who greatly helped me advance to the next phase in my working life.  I owe her many grateful thanks.Louise is a very attentive and sympathetic listener.  When I was confronted with hard choices and/or harder realizations, she evinced empathy and then patiently steered me from the location where lessons are learned to the places where new career-related directions and/or goals are first articulated and then planned for accordingly.The homework Louise assigned me was not just self-informing and self-referential.  Specifically, it got me to the places I needed to get to and helped me prepare better for the coming work of selling myself to a future employer.  Also, by the end of all my sessions with Louise, I was able to point to specific goals and tasks that had been accomplished, as well as then being able to show that I was decidedly "on a roll" with an undeniable momentum behind me.Lastly, Louise was very encouraging and continually ended our sessions with a smile.  The praise she passed on for the work I had done thus far also served to motivate me to further accomplishments.I always looked forward to our next meeting. More...


Linda T.

5 August 2015

Louise is amazing.  To start with she listens to EVERYTHING you say and has a gift to  be able to  extra from what you have said  exactly what you need to move forward.  After sharing with her a event that was a big stumbling block for me she usually say............ and that totally changes my direction.  She will always be the first place I start if I need support. More...


Peter F.

5 August 2015

I have been working with Louise for many years, at key points during the sometimes roller-coaster ride that being a database and programming consultant can sometimes be.  Louise is an excellent listener, and she caters the level and depth of help she offers to what the client requires.  She also has worn many "hats" and has a very good understanding of what drives business decisions, which she can articulate to me from the perspective of the prospective employer.  She genuinely cares for the well being of her clients and facilitates them to take initiative and be bold.  In one of the classes I attended, she had me create a montage, cutting out words and images that, together, represent a coherent vision of myself: both my current self and the self to which I aspire.  Where it is sometimes difficult to articulate exactly what I want, Louise gave me the tools to gently probe my subconscious mind and inner aesthetic to find direction and meaning.  I still keep the montage I made in my room, and I thank her for providing the tools that led me to create a prescient window into my future. More...


Renee B.

30 July 2015

Louise has extremely high and useful perspectives. She listens well, and is able to understand your issues from your point of view, and then let you know where you fit in the world. This works for both employers and prospective employees. In addition to all of those skills, she has a very grounded, practical nature. The mixture of her skills, talents, and lovely nature make her an excellent asset, for anyone. More...


Candice A.

27 July 2015

Hello,   Louise is uniquely gifted!!.  Talk with her once and you will know this too..After my first meeting with Louise, I walked away smiling; knowing I was truly heard, felt, and finally supported!  I have worked with her now, on and off, for about two years.  She intuitively guides, with a genuine heartfelt enthusiasm unlike any person I have met.  Her passion and caring is evident always, and in "all ways".   She has the tools and knowledge to offer, there for the taking.She continually inspires me.  She seeks first..  to understand.. and then she engages in a way that is honest, clear, targeted and superbly motivational. Tomorrow's dreams will blossom from the seeds we sow today!I hope you choose Louise to help you take your own inner-steps.. as you walk your new path, planting YOUR seeds!! More...


Am C.

25 July 2015

Louise is warm, sincere, and seems herself to have found her life's calling.  She tends to go in the direction of depth, with almost a psychic's approach.  At the same time, she knows the landscape of the work world, and can steer you in that world too.  She is a cheerleader, very supportive and kind.  While she wasn't on target every time, she was pretty good at figuring me out much of the time.  She is also more affordable than some coaches. More...


Teri R.

20 July 2015

Working with Louise Goeckel makes the agonizing process of the job hunt/life change not only bearable but fun, inspiring, and uplifting.  Those are generally not  words one uses when looking for a job or to make a change.  Generally this phase of life can be depressing and make one lose their confidence particularly for those of us of a certain age.  Louise has such an amazing talent for helping you to zero in on talents you didn't realize you had.  She walks the journey with you and helps you to focus and think and dream.  It may sound new age but she blends her experiences and talents with her quick wit, clear head, and smarts to help you become the person you want to be both professional and personally.  I have worked with Louise on a few life changes and two job searches (10 years apart) and each time she brings something new and fresh to the search.  I remain confident while making the changes to improve my life and career. More...


Andrea C.

10 June 2015

I won a raffle at a fundraiser for an hour of coaching with Louise, and I am not exaggerating to say that it changed my life. I felt that she totally got me and understood where I was coming from.  I got some clarity on my issues around procrastination, and then I went back for another session when I wanted to drill deeper on what was really going on at work. My work with Louise really inspired me in my career and opened up the possibility later that I could be a coach.  Thanks Louise! More...