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Leiva Law Firm specializes in immigration and nationality law in the San Francisco Bay Area. We strive to provide the best solution in helping clients navigate through their immigration issues. In doing so, we focus on superior customer service and client accessibility throughout their immigration process.


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Alex P.

21 August 2019

Scarlett and team were super helpful and responsive through what has become a rather long and arduous immigration process. In the "post Trump" environment things have become harder than ever. Having an experienced "guide" was invaluable. More...


Megan B.

18 June 2019

Scarlett and her team helped me go from Conditional Permanent Resident to a 10-year Permanent Resident and US Citizen. My green card renewal was so delayed that my PR interview and citizenship interview were combined into one appointment. Scarlett helped me with my PR renewal application and naturalization application, and she did interview prep with me before my double appointment. Everything went well and I am happy with the help I received.Unfortunately my USCIS interviews were scheduled for a time that Scarlett was unable to attend, so I went to the interview without her. She offered to request a reschedule with USCIS but I had been waiting so long (26 months) that I decided to go ahead without her present. While my situation was not 100% simple, I was prepared and the interview went well overall.One negative thing was, when I submitted my permanent resident renewal application at first, the application was returned because the check was for the wrong amount of money. I wrote the check as Leiva Law advised me so I was surprised the amount was wrong. Maybe the required fee was changed around that time? When it came back I reapplied quickly and things were fine from there, but it made my application a month later.Calling their office usually goes first to an answering service, and then they call you back. They returned my calls promptly so it was never an issue for me. Twice I had airport delays with US immigration when traveling into the US from outside the country, and Scarlett was also responsive and helpful over email when I told her about my experiences.I would recommend their services and already recommended them to one friend so far. More...


Viviane L.

30 May 2019

Scarlett and her team have done an impeccable job in helping me acquire my green card.   unlike the prior attorney who was handling my case, the Leiva team sincerely cared about helping me and kept me well informed of status of my interview.  they prepared me well for the interview; they were very insightful and surprisingly accurate.  i know i have asked them a lot of questions and they all were always very professional and emailed back promptly.  i now believe that there is an attorney firm that actuallly sincerely cares about their service and their clients.  I highly recommend the Leiva Law Firm to anyone who is seeking best in class attorney and legal services.Scarlett是我們找的第二位律師,第一位的就不用說了,整個過程讓我提心弔膽不說,讓我們既浪費錢又浪費時間,後來找到了Scarlett團隊,除了專業之外,還能排除我們每每遇到困境,她們總是在第一時間能回答我們所提出即將所面對的問題,再者,從在等待台灣準備面試到終於來到美國,在到等待美國面試,在從歐巴馬等到川普,**等待**的過程都讓我們身心煎熬(因為我有被退件的紀錄)很怕再次落空,但Scarlett 總是會用專業且耐心的安慰我們,叫我們不要擔心,讓我們每次糾結的心,一次又一次的放心。第一次碰面是在美國面試的那天,Scarlett 從San Francisco 來San Jose 陪我們面試。見到帶著微笑的Scarlett 讓我覺得這律師一點都沒有嚴肅或一副死要錢的樣子,道像是前來幫忙的朋友,讓我緊張到不行的心,一下放鬆了一半,Scarlett 非常專業、細心的掌握我們所有資料,英文不好的我,也會在面試官問我而緊張到不知該說什麼的時候,適時在旁邊用親切微笑的語聲提醒我,講錯話還會幫我圓場,真讓我覺得真是請對人了。順利面試過後,她還恭喜我們,祝我們幸福,後來還寄卡片給我們,再次祝我們幸福美滿從台灣開始* 跑資料*到最後美國面試結束,這句話,在這時候讓我聽起來最實在,因為一切* 總算*都結束了。有時真的還是要請律師,遇到的問題才不會像無頭蒼蠅一樣,不知是好,但也要找對律師,才不會浪費錢跟時間,畢竟不便宜。現在「我」總算是拿到綠卡了。真的感謝Scarlett 的團隊。每當只要想到這整個過程,我的腦海裡就只會出現美麗Scarlett的微笑。其他不愉快、傷心的經過我以都不記得了再次謝謝你們。 More...


Petar Markov

24 April 2019

Hi I had great experiance and highly recommend Leiva firm office .They are the guru in immigration law. Thank you to everyone part of the team .They did great job helping me with my i751 and RFI ms Scarlett Leiva was very knowledgeable patient and able to answer and assist me with all my complicate questions helping me to build better case .Betty was very helpful with all the paperwork making sure I have everything and is organized the right way to be reviewed easier ,20 days after my application was submitted I was approved and recieved my green card thank you very much. More...


Maria O.

12 April 2019

It was a pleasure working with Scarlett and her team. They helped me tremendously with this extremely long and stressful process. Scarlett truly cares about her clients and I was grateful to have her by my side. Best immigration lawyer in San Francisco! More...


Nicolas Lopes

1 April 2019

We would highly recommend Scarlett and team, very knowledgeable people with up to date information regarding immigration. My wife daisy and i are very grateful with Scarlett and team. Thanks a lot for helping us through the process of obtaining my residency through marriage. May god bless you and your team for helping the immigrant community, best wishes and hope to see you soon.(maybe in three years). Muchas gracias Scarlett!!! More...


Chris W

10 March 2019

Wow, so grateful for Leiva Law! They're the best!

My wife and I will forever be grateful to Scarlett and her team, Elyse and Betty, for their expertise and kindness in resolving our immigration case.

From our first meeting my wife and I knew we were in great hands. It was obvious that Scarlett really cared about us and had a clear understanding of our case. Scarlett and her team were with us every step of the way to guide us, promptly responding to our phone calls and emails. We were also most grateful that Scarlett attended our interview and was able to help smooth some of the unexpected concerns asked by the USCIS officer presiding.

I am now back in status for the first time in many years as a US Permanent Resident. My wife and I have no words to adequately express our gratitude. Simply amazing! We would certainly use Leiva Law firm again and highly recommend Scarlett and her team to anyone with immigration concerns.


Juan Gonzalez

9 February 2019

Scarlett, did a amazing job in my case. She and her team did everything possible I would recommend her to anyone!
My case was about DACA, and I became Permanent Resident, her team well help you on the whole process, and be consistent with everything I highly recommend.
Immigration themselves would make it very difficult and asked for much documentation, but Levia lawfirm manage everything and professionally.
Before knowing Scarlett I went to other law firms and were overcharging just trying to make money off people. Levia had a good rate and was there to help me instead of overcharging.


Q F.

26 December 2018

Overall they are nice. Luckily we got green card very fast. They are more experienced with San Francisco field office. Not too familiar with South Bay office. This is actually the kind of process determined by you and your spouse 's relationship and the field officer. So that said , if your make efforts on collecting documents and prepare answers , you will be ok. More...


Esmeralda Rojas

10 December 2018

Scarlett and her team are truly a blessing in my family's lives. She not only helped my parents with the immigration process, but she made sure our questions were always answered and provided moral support throughout the process.

I also loved the fact that they had flexible hours. We are a military family and constantly moving but Scarlett made it easy for me to be able to do almost everything online. I recommend her to friends and family with immigration issues.


Jessica W.

29 November 2018

We retained Leiva Law firm for my husband's green card application process. From start to finish they were professional, responsive, and made the process seamless. Scarlett, Elyse and the entire team at Leivia law firm were a pleasure to work with. More...


Scott M.

16 September 2018

My wife (a Brazilian citizen) and I have been working with Leiva throughout the process from marriage, to conditional (2 year) green card, and now to the permanent (10 year) green card. Leiva has reasonable rates (including flat fees for certain services, hourly for others) and were very helpful navigating a complex and sometimes frustrating process. More...



13 September 2018

After reading several reviews around on Yelp, I came across the Leiva Law Firm page. I read people's comments and we decided to make an appointment (husband and myself) - and met with them. Best decision we ever made was to have Scarlett handle our immigration case.  The whole team at Leiva firm was very welcoming, and fast at giving responses. Every single question we had, was answered to us, and  Scarlett was with us till the end. If you're in a similar situation, and in look for an Immigrations Attorney, check out their website, and if they specialize in the case you need help with,  don't think it twice, and  get in touch with them. You'll be happy at the very end. In my case, I highly recommend them. More...


J.D. Gutierrez

13 September 2018

Best decision we ever made was to have Scarlett handle our immigration case. The whole team at Leiva firm was very welcoming, and fast at giving responses. Every single question we had, was answered to us, and Scarlett was with us till the end. If you're in a similar situation, and in look for an Immigrations Attorney, don't think it twice, and get in touch with her. More...


Sandeep N.

26 June 2018

These guys are the best They helped me with my immigration process for the green card and got it done quickly I worked with Elyse and Scarlett Very knowledgeable people and make the process look really easy Highly recommended!!!!  Coming back here with any immigration help !!!! More...


Julia B.

11 March 2018

Scarlett helped us apply for a green card through marriage for my husband (which we just received a few weeks ago!). It was so nice to have a lawyer there for us throughout the process, from filing the initial paperwork to accompanying us to the in-person interview. Everything went very smoothly and Scarlett was always knowledgeable, friendly and responsive. She and her law firm made it stress-free for us - we would absolutely recommend them to anyone starting the green card application process! More...


Rachel A.

7 March 2018

Scarlett, Elyse and Betty were all very helpful during my adjustment of status application (green card through marriage). The whole process was very smooth and they were very effective. I had to reschedule my interview at first because I was traveling and was a bit stressed about it but they made the whole process so easy! Scarlett helped us prepare prior to the interview and accompanied us for the interview in the SF office. She made us feel very comfortable and everything went smoothly. I definitely recommend Scarlett and her team! More...


Matthew Archambeault

2 March 2018

Scarlett is an amazingly talented and compassionate attorney.


Alma M.

8 January 2018

Scarlett and her firm have done an incredible job! I have worked with many lawyers in the past, and have never had a better experience than with Leiva Law Firm. They are people you can trust. From beginning to end, their team works hard to make you feel taken cared of. We live in Southern California so dealing with a long distance firm felt like a bad idea at first, but everything was smooth sailing. We had perfectly written emails that had step by step of what we had to do on our end, and someone ready to assist us on the phone. Scarlett truly goes above and beyond the extra mile to help you fully understand the immigration process. She doesn't just have you sign paperwork, but also shares her knowledge and makes it a goal for you to understand what everything means. To me, this is a real professional's work. Nothing but positive praise for Scarlett Leiva. She is super professional and above all: trustworthy. Take it from me, a person that has never met her in real life, but trusts her enough with my entire family's immigration petitions ranging from: advance parole, FOIA, marriage, and sibling petitions. 5 stars well earned! More...


Jesus R.

8 January 2018

5 estrellas muy bien merecidas para la Abogada Scarlett. Es una mujer emprendedora que hace su trabajo con mucha dedicación y pasión. Me inspira mucha confianza por su profesionalismo y su perfil publico. No es de esos abogados que desaparecen de la nada o que se hacen llamar abogados cuando en realidad solo son Notarios Públicos. Scarlett es una abogada con credenciales y mucha experiencia en el campo de Inmigración. La recomiendo por ser una persona buena y honesta con excelente ética en el trabajo, moral, valores y sobre todo honestidad! Muchas gracias Scarlett por luchar día a día por nuestros "Dreamers" y el resto de la comunidad indocumentada. No solo es su trabajo, pero también es su pasión. Gracias! More...


Judy C.

29 November 2017

Great service, really helpful. They really care about their clients and made what is otherwise a stressful experience into a bearable one. Definitely recommended! I can see why there are so many other great reviews! More...


Giovanni F.

26 November 2017

I worked with Scarlett last year for my wife's immigration process. She was extremely helpful and responsive throughout the entire process. We began filing in Sacramento County and mid way through we relocated to the East Coast. Scarlett helped us during the transition and even found us representation in our new county. My wife had no issues receiving her permanent residence status. We were very happy with the service and we highly recommend! More...


Santi V.

9 November 2017

Scarlett helped us with a very professional and straight to the point approach, which resulted in the desired outcome. Scarlett and this law firm helped us to be fully prepared. I strongly recommend her! and we would work with her and her team again. More...


Alice G.

30 September 2017

Randall & Scarlett were a great team to work with for the immigration needs we were looking for (marriage/fiance). They were very responsive, were well informed and were very organized in guiding us throughout the process. We felt very comfortable working with them and were confident the whole time on their abilities to help us achieve our goals. We would certainly recommend them to our friends / use them for any needs in the future. More...


Ilie P.

16 August 2017

It was a difficult and long process getting someone from Europe to the US. Claude & Leiva was there at every step, answering all the questions we had and supported us through the process. We are completely satisfied with them. Their support made the final goal possible. We would recommend them to everyone, we are fully satisfied. Thank you Scarlett & Leiva More...


J D.

6 July 2017

Attorney Leiva is one of the best immigration lawyers in the area.  I accompanied my friend for consultation and she expertly explained the immigration situation my friend was in and also thoroughly discussed the possible solutions to his immigration problem.   She is genuinely sympathetic with her clients who have immigration issues.  Her lawyer's fee is reasonable and my friend chose her to handle his immigration case.  I highly recommend this lawyer for your legal immigration problem. More...


Kyriacos S.

16 June 2017

Scarlett helped us out with a green card application for my wife. I am a GC holder myself so the whole process took longer that it does for US Citizens. It took about 2 years for us to get the interview and get the green card. Scarlett was there since the beginning guiding us through the process and answering any questions we had. We even met in person a few times during that time when we had to gather and submit more documents.When we finally got an interview, Scarlett met up with us beforehand to go through all the documents we needed to present, prepare us for the interview, and on the day of the interview she came with us to the immigration office!! That made the entire process a lot less stressful and we were super happy to have someone like Scarlett with us!!Having a good immigration lawyer is important I feel as the document preparation and in general application process is confusing and it's very easy to make mistakes that could delay everything or even get you rejected.We were lucky enough to have Scarlett by our side helping us along the way :) Thanks, Scarlett! More...


Kenia M.

6 June 2017

Scarlett is the most amazing, professional, and above all: TRUSTWORTHY attorney I have ever met in my life. She is passionate about her career, and it shows in her work. She is detail-oriented and will walk you through step by step. I have worked with many lawyers in the past, and none compare to Scarlett. She shares her knowledge of immigration and cares about educating those of us that don't. I throughly understood my immigration process from beginning to end, and every penny I spent was worth it. Her prices are very competitive. I was actually surprised a lawyer THIS GOOD could be affordable. 5 Stars well earned!! More...


Randy D.

2 June 2017

Husband's (Randy) review:Being the US citizen and wanting to bring my bride to be over to the states, I started looking for an attorney that I could trust to get the job done. Having no experience with attorneys with the horrid exception of the ones representing my ex wife, I was wary. As you can imagine, yelp is full of lawyers that promise this and that, wanting to get you in the door and pay the retainer as fast as possible. It got to the point that I felt like I was dealing with pushy salesmen from a car dealership than from someone who had passed the BAR. After about a dozen or so conversations with various firms I finally looked up and contacted Randall & Scarlett. From the start you can tell that they are truly wanting to help. With my fiance still overseas, they provided me the information I needed to fell comfortable enough to pull the proverbial trigger. As the process continued, Scarlett especially was there every step of the way. I'm the type that has about a billion questions like "will my military service have an impact to the outcome?" to "I haven't seen the USCIS website update since I checked it last night, is something wrong?". I'm sure Scarlett had more emails from my fiance and I about small, miniscule questions than there are fish in the ocean. However Scarlett answered every single one. Even if the self manifested fear we dreamed up made us panic and email her yet again, Scarlett took the time to make sure that our concerns were addressed and ultimately put to rest. (in addition to reminding us to stay off certain immigration websites that provide plenty of horror stories)Once Macy was with me in the states, Scarlett sat with us at their office and we went over the next steps, documents to prepare as well as welcoming Macy to California (which I thought was an amazing personal touch). Once we had our interview with USCIS, we were confident that the outcome would be a favorable one. However we didn't realize that we would recieve notification the very next day that our case was approved. As I write this it's been 72'ish hours from the interview (May 31st)and 24'ish since the approval (June 1st). There is simply no way this could have gone so amazingly without Randall and Scarlett's help. I know many people traverse the immigration system themselves and I wish all the best to those who can do it on their own. However with results like what we have received and the comfort of knowing a highly skilled team has your back, I wouldn't have done it any other way. A life long and heart felt thank you to Randall, Scarlett and the rest of the team for everything you have done and most importantly allowing me to spend every day next to the woman I love. Randy D. Wife's (Macy) review: We began the whole process when I was on the other side of the world, which made it nerve wracking to say the least, but Randall, Scarlett, and the staff at the firm eased my worries time and time again. They gave us sound advice throughout each step of the way, and they were on top of every single detail. Even though I pestered them with incessant emails (Sorry again, Scarlett!), they were always incredibly patient and kind, in addition to being quick to answer my questions.This ordeal would have been painstakingly difficult without the help of Randall, Scarlett, and the rest of the team. I've never been a fan of lawyers, to be honest but this law firm is different; I felt their genuine concern about our case, and there were definitely instances where I saw that they went out of their way just to help. I'm sure Randy is writing a lengthy review so I'll wrap mine up: we had our interview on May 31, and received our confirmation the next day! Woot woot! Sure, there are tons of people who go through the process without a lawyer, but I'd have gray hairs if we decided to do so...or I'd be unhealthly going around Visa Journey for answers. With Randall and Scarlett's guidance, we were able to have some peace of mind and that sort of thing is priceless, if you ask me. I'm deeply grateful to the firm for keeping this immigrant's dream alive, and ultimately, for helping keep this couple from two different continents together.  Macy D. More...


Gil Mejia

18 May 2017

One word to describe this law firm: AMAZING ! Thank you Ms. Leiva for your dedication .


Constanza Yael Nordenflycht-Prado

18 May 2017

Awesome skilled immigration attorney, after having a really hard time getting my husband to the U.S. we are now just waiting to be approved. Thank you for helping us be a family. More...


Harel A.

18 May 2017

I don't know how to start .. so thankful for this law firm. Scarlett is amazing and so caring she took care of us during sec interview and gave us confidence and help us through the process highly recommend for Scarlett wish yelp had 10 star :) It's like a family .


Linh T.

16 May 2017

Randall is a very good lawyer right on time for everything. Helping us get everything we needed.


Daniel A.

4 May 2017

highely recommen for this law firm . First me and my wife wanted to travel with the AP we were nervous and we went to consult with Scarlett which one of our friend recommended for her . Must say she gave us the confidence and the right answers, we traveled we back safe and since we hire her also for our interview we felt much more better she answer our questions anytime and was there for us , most important is the way she calm us down , gave us confidence and prepared us was everything . Thank you Scarlett p.s of course we got approved:) More...


Kevin C.

23 April 2017

Some friends recommended that I go to Scarlett's office to help in my spouse's change of status process. Scarlett and the whole office were amazing allies in helping us during the green card process. We needed someone to help us with our change of status application after my fiancé came here on a K-1 visa and we got married. Our case was somewhat complicated but Scarlett met with us, answered all our questions, and did our paperwork. In addition, they repeatedly answered questions as we waited for the green card to be approved. They were always kind, patient, and gave us the gift of their expertise and years of experience. Having Scarlett at our USCIS interview made all the difference in the world. I can not think of money better spent than having her there with us. I highly recommend Scarlett and the whole office. And I think that the highest form of praise I can give them is our future business. We are planning on contacting Scarlett again when we need to apply for my spouse's permanent green card and citizenship. More...


Enkhee C.

24 March 2017

Randall and his team is the best immigration lawyers you can find in San francisco. Me and my husband had no idea how to apply for green card, what documents do we need to submitt, how to prepare  the interview etc... they helped us so much and went through the whole process with us. These people are the pros. More...


Cars C.

27 February 2017

The attorney attended marriage based green card application interview and reacted to the judge's question  in a very professional approach . I have great experience with her


Alvarado Salceda

22 February 2017

Scarlett Leiva es muy excelente persona excelente abogada siempre contestando las dudas que sus clientes tienen sea cual sea el problema ella siempre está hay para alludarnos en las dudas de sus clientes sobre inmigración... doy mi sincero agradecimiento para con ella y la recomiendo como abogada More...


Nancy S.

29 January 2017

This review is long overdue, however, with the recent ban on immigration, this review couldn't be more important. Several years ago, my husband had some issues with his visa that were beyond his control. After receiving horrible advice from another attorney, he was almost detained by ICE agents. He was lucky, the ICE agents were sympathetic to his situation and gave him a few days to resolve the issue. That's when we contacted Mr. Caudle. Mr. Caudle was able to get us additional time and then helped my husband file for a green card, which he eventually received. Mr. Caudle really cares about his clients. He was friendly, personable, and very knowledgeable in immigration laws. Many thanks to Mr. Caudle and his wonderful staff for getting us through a very stressful and confusing situation. More...


Wen Hsia C.

20 January 2017

Randall is the best immigration lawyer you will ever get. He was very patient to answer every question we have and explained/ repeated things we need to know. He is very professional and knowledgeable. You need to find someone you can trust to save all the hassles and worries. Randall is the GUY! More...


Joshua G.

8 October 2016

Randall Caudle is an outstanding immigration lawyer with an well-known reputation for professionalism, integrity, and compassionate advocacy. And I'm in a position to know because I'm an immigration lawyer myself. I refer cases to him for those needing help in San Francisco-area and have been impressed with the results that he has achieved. If you're in the Bay Area and If looking for top-notch representation in connection with any immigration matter, look no further.  Caudle Immigration is your choice. More...


Valeria Somarriba

8 October 2016

Scarlett is an amazing attorney she helped us with our whole process of getting my husband's residency. We tried other attorneys and they told us they couldn't help us. That our case was too complicated and that we were not able to get my husband his green card, but when we went with Scarlett she explained everything throughly and guided us every step of the way with all of our questions. Scarlett also went with us to interview for the residency and the officer tried to argue an issue form my husband's past with us Scarlet advocated for us and the case was approved same day. I am very grateful that God put her in our lives to help us in that hard time in our lives.My husband has been having his Green card for a year now. Thank you so much again Scarlett may God bless you. Sincerely The Camacho Family More...


Emma C.

9 September 2016

Randall and his team went above and beyond to help us with our case. We cannot recommend Caudle Immigration enough! We used Caudle Immigration back in 2013/2014, and everything from start to finish went smoothly. I am in the process of filing our petition to remove conditions on residence, and Randall has supported me with this process (I received a request for more evidence), even though we are doing this on our own. They genuinely care about their clients and want to help out in any way they can. If you need help with Immigration, you have come to the right place! More...


Osvaldo D.

26 July 2016

A hearty thank you to Claudle Law Services. A few months after getting married, my spouse and I researched dozens of law firms to help us with our immigration process for my spouse. We are a gay couple, so there was that added dimension. After careful review, we settled on Caudle Immigration. We were met by a friendly staff and we cannot begin to tell you how helpful they were. Excellent customer service and attention to detail. We were walked through every step of the process. Randel himself came with us to our interview for our green card. We were approved on the spot! A week later, my spouses green card arrived in the mail. I highly recommend this law firm to everyone. You cannot go wrong. More...


Natasha C.

5 July 2016

Randall helped me, my brother and my friend out with our immigration years ago. It all went very smoothly and he even came to my citizenship ceremony!!


Chris M.

31 May 2016

Randall is one the premier immigration attorneys in Northern California. We have worked on cases together for the past several years so I can attest to the superior work that he and his team put out. I highly recommend him for any and all immigration issues. More...


Sara L.

20 May 2016

Thank God we found Caudle Immigration!!!  Words can never express the gratitude that my family & I have for everyone at Caudle Immigration. Randall, Neda, Elyse and all of the staff here are amazing. From the first time we met with Randall we were completely at ease. It didn't feel like we were meeting with a stiff attorney. Instead, a person who actually cared about his clients. There was an unbelievable amount of faith in Randall that we had right from the first conversation. We decided on the spot to work with Randall. It is a decision that changed our lives, for the better. And will continue to for years to come.Our case took several years to navigate because of the broken immigration system in the US. The entire process was scary for us because we had been told in the past that there was no hope and that we shouldn't even try. Randall never shied away from the difficulties in our case and got to work right away on our behalf.My family is safe and we are together back in the US. We worked closely with Neda for the last 2 years of our case. She is beyond wonderful.  Having been an immigrant herself, she was able to understand how confused we were by the process. Neda, on multiple occasions, went above and beyond the things a "normal" attorney would have done. I honestly believe that because of her, my husband is back home and on the path to citizenship. We had lots of questions and required lots of her time. Neda was always able to help and guide us.I wish I could say more about how grateful my family & I are for all of the work Caudle Immigration has done.  You can see from other reviews that everyone who works with them raves. The reason for this is two fold.  1. They just know what they are doing and get the job done and 2. They are honest and trustworthy. Put your trust and faith in Caudle Immigration. I know from experience that you will be forever grateful that you did. More...


Ashley C.

22 March 2016

I highly recommend this office. The attorney and his assistant, Elise, are very friendly, organized and knowledgeable. I have nothing but positive things to say about them!


Ruchi T.

12 February 2016

This review has been pending for a while. I had been meaning to write a good review for Randall when he helped me change my status some time ago. He and his team are downright amazing! Randall knows what he is doing and he does it with such great precision and organization. on top of that, he is so pleasant and soft spoken. He was with us during the interview process and made it so easy for us. I will highly recommend him! his fees are very reasonable as well! Thanks Randall! More...


Jennifher G.

22 December 2015

Working with Randle, Neda and Elyse has been an absolute pleasure! After having a discouraging encounter with a previous lawyer, I was frightened to carry on with the process. I got in a little but of trouble during my juvenile years which makes my case a little more complicated when applying for DACA. I did my research after my first lawyer and decided to hire the team to work with my little sister! Her process went smoothly and she now is eligible to work in the USA! My case is still on the line but I am so grateful for this amazing team! They have been nothing but supportive, compassionate and outstanding! More...


c m.

25 August 2015

Randall and his team are AMAZING - professional, super response, supportive and on top of everything. Randall gave me a ton of advice over the phone even before I hired him to work on my change of status. He is so knowledgeable and just a fantastic go-to attorney. More...


Fabri F.

6 August 2015

My wife and i decided to choose Randall and his team of attorneys 6 months ago ,to represent us during my change of status process. We made the right choice!!! Randall and his team are amazing, they helped us collecting all the documents we needed to file our case, and they guided us throughout the process until our case was approved . Very kind, friendly and professional people. Thank you Randall for assuring us that everything would be ok ,thanks Adela & Elyse for helping us collecting all documents and giving us all the info we needed, thanks Scarlett for representing us during the interview! We'll come back whenever we need to! I highly recommend them More...


Nikki K.

1 May 2015

When my husband and I decided to get married last September, the thing we dreaded the most is the immigration process which we heard was like a highway to hell. Every time we hear immigration stories, our hopes are going down. At first we were reluctant to hire a lawyer cuz it's expensive but I can say that we're glad we did cuz it's worth every penny. We started off with a free consultation, signed papers, paid the flat rate fee, and started the immigration process. I can't say that it went smoothly because as most people might not know, when you're in the middle of processing your papers, the immigration won't let you leave US without an advance parole. My mom got sick, I needed to leave US, this is barely a week after sending our papers to the immigration meaning they might not even have reviewed the papers yet. Fast forward, Randall, who knows the system and the people inside the immigration very well, was able to help me expedite my advance parole (which i swear to God is so hard to get if the immigration officer wants to be an a**€£#e). On that day alone, the moment I realized that I can be with my mom because of Randall, I knew we made the right choice to have him represent us. We submitted our papers last week of November and an interview was set last week of March and then got my green card a week later. There was a little delay on the timeline but we were given a heads up because of the Holidays.Randall is very professional, very polite. He always tells me not to worry, everything will be fine and boy was he right each and every time.The immigration process is like visiting an unfamiliar place. You can take the train (cheaper) and find it on your own, you can get lost, waste your time looking for that place. Or you can hire a cab, pay a little bit more, but you can sit back and relax and the cab driver will take you exactly where you wanna go.I highly recommend Randall and his team, they saved us from tons of paperworks and headaches. It was a pleasure working with him. Thank you Randall! More...


What's in a nam e.

1 March 2015

We worked with this law firm for a US citizenship process. The process was completed successfully a few months ago.The initial consultation was with Randall, and when we decided to make use of their services, we were assigned Neda Vrazalic. Things I liked -- their office gives off a no-pretense, Silicon Valley startup vibe. No stuffy lawyer offices with marble and glass, no stuffy and pretentious lawyers. Love it.- Their rates are decent - I called several law firms both in SF and on the Peninsula. They were just a big higher than average, lower than many of the big-name firms- Very good follow-up. Whether by email or by phone, they responded promptly within 12-24 hours. The US Citizenship process can go smoothly, or it can have bumps. Bumps require rapid responses within a couple weeks and can make things stressful for the applicant. So it is good to have a responsive lawyer on your side- They do seem to be very familiar with the SF interview process and the interviewers. Neda accompanied the applicant to the interview, which was a huge relief.- They do help with post-interview USCIS asks, if any.A few things that were less than great -- Had expected to work with Randall after the initial consultation but he was  busy and we were asked to work with Neda. She is great, but I wish the expectation had been set up front that we could be asked to work with other firm lawyers. We had gone here based on Yelp reviews for Randall, not the firm. So perhaps clarify before you sign up.- Lawyers other than Randall are less experienced in immigration and US citizenship law (though they seem to work with him as needed on cases)- the USCIS asked for a couple of follow-ups in our case. For most of them, I had to do a lot of work to get the paperwork ready. While Neda and team advised on type of information that should be included in the response, wrapped it up and polished before sending to the USCIS, they only worked with close-to-final responses that I had created, rather than ask for information that they would then use to respond directly. Not sure if this is the usual, but I had expected them to take on more responsibility and actual work for responding to USCIS requests, considering what we paid. So be ready to spend more time on things or clarify up front what they will do and what they need you to do.Overall this was a good experience and I will recommend them (with above caveats) to friends. More...


Mr. C.

26 January 2015

Randall was great. He and his also-great team took care of everything for my wife's green card application, and he also accompanied us to our interview to make sure everything ran as smoothly as possible. I could go into great detail, but I'll be brief to keep this digestable.Randall was very polite and fun to interact with. He clearly explained the application and interview process and what we would need to prepare for the interview.  The interview is fairly subjective (that is, it depends on which officer you get). Randall knows all of them and their quirks. If the officer does their homework, they should review your application pack (Old pictures, letters, proof of a real relationship - prepared by Randall's team, with your help) before you arrive for your interview, and in a way, they will have already made up their mind about your pass/fail.You show up to your interview, prepared for battle with your relationship memorabilia in hand.Our interview was so uneventful and smooth, that my wife was a little disappointed she didn't get to whip out her muscle (proof of a valid relationship). What I mean to say is that Randall and team did so well, that the officer just said "welcome". More...


R T.

19 December 2014

We researched and interviewed a few lawyers to assist with our green card application. Randall seemed to be the most experienced lawyer out of the bunch. Not to mention, he made us feel the most comfortable. During our first meeting, he explained what we could expect throughout the process and even laid out a tentative timeline, which was pretty spot on. He and his team were very responsive and always available to answer questions, which was appreciated. Before the interview, he gave us a checklist of everything we would need to feel prepared; the checklists they provide are very helpful. On the day of the interview, Randall met us at a coffee shop and accompanied us to the interview. That type of personal service is awesome! He has great rapport with the officers and staff at the immigration office, so you know you are in good hands. Having him there, with his tidbits of knowledge and experience was invaluable. We had our interview on Wednesday, and checked our status on the USCIS site today to find that we were approved! I have not doubt that it was due to the preparation and help we had from Randall and his team. If you want knowledgeable, and helpful counsel - you won't go wrong with him! More...


Swapnil G.

6 November 2014

I couldn't wait to sign up to Yelp to share my experiences with Caudle Immigration. We were blessed to have Randall as our immigration attorney. He helped with the naturalization for my wife and also did my petition for green card. Since the day we met him, we were on the right track of success. He has all the qualities that a great lawyer should have.Also he has a great team assisting him. I would also like to thank his whole team and specially attorney Neda for her help. I would highly recommed Randall and his team for any immigration purposes. More...


Nuno S.

17 April 2014

Randall and his team helped me arrange for my green card here in the US.  I found Randall through a recommendation from a colleague of mine from grad school.From the first interaction with him and his team, I always had the sense of being very well taken care of. Randall made sure he explained me the advantages and disadvantages of all my options and had the patience to hear me out and address all my concerns. He even went out of his schedule and spoke with us twice at a time that his office would be closed for our convenience.The whole process took exactly the amount of time he had mentioned it would take, and in every part of the process I felt safe and comfortable that everything was gonna work because Randall clearly knows what he's doing.  He also seem to have a great professional relationship with the immigration officers in the SF office where we did our process which made me feel a bit more relaxed during the day of the interview!In summary, I highly recommend Randall and his team to help you with your immigration case! More...


Natalie B.

2 April 2014

I checked on Yelp and chose Randal Caudle.I liked what I read and the location suited me.Convenient to get to and plenty of parking meters right outside. It doesn't have the run of the mill law office look which is refreshing.You climb a couple of  flights of stairs and walk into a large bright space with glass fronted offices. Great first impressions. Transparent and friendly and bright.Elyse greets you with a smile and helps out with any questions and arranges your consultation with Randall.I was so impressed with Randall. He comes across as a very friendly, calm, laid  back person in whom you can rely to get the job done. He has years of experience, so you really feel confident you are in good hands. He keeps you informed, each step of the way. He returns emails promptly and doesn't keep you waiting, which is a big plus. He gives you that personal touch that is quite rare these days between a lawyer and his client. It's evident that he cares and takes an interest in your case. One never feels rushed or like the meter is ticking away. I actually looked forward to my trips to their office! I came out smiling every time. It's been a pleasure dealing with this firm. I highly recommend them.Thank you Randall Caudle. More...


Márcia A.

27 March 2014

Me and my husband met Randall in a ski lodge in Tahoe. At the time we were only dating but he gave us his contact and made us feel comfortable to email him with any questions we might have about us getting married and me immigrating to the US. We did meet with other immigration attorneys before we decided to go with Randall, but all the others seemed unprepared and not really confident in what they were doing. Besides, Randall gave us much more valuable information without charge than they did being paid. Our process of getting my green card ran very smoothly. The staff, as well as Randall, was easily reachable in case we had questions and they were always very kind and helpful. I highly recommend Randall's office to everyone that needs help with immigration. More...


Bren M.

16 March 2014

I had been dating my then girlfriend from the Philippines and we had discussed getting married.  It wasn't until a recent trip into the US that she was questioned by immigration about the trips to visit me and I was called by them accusing me of having the intention of getting married while she was on a tourist visa.  I had no intentions of doing that, but after that incident I decided it was best to seek out a immigration lawyer to help us with our dream of being together.We first met Randall Caudle and his staff during a free consultation.  I found Randall here on Yelp and decided to check him out.  His office is very conveniently located across the street from Caltrain.  Randal and his staff are very knowledgeable and they made my then fiancee and myself feel like we were in good hands.  One thing that concerned me during my online research was all the scam artists out there preying on couples who just want to be together, yet feel like they have to pay thousands of dollars just to meet their goals.  Before going to Randall, I got pilfered for a a few hundred dollar consultation call with an unscrupulous Philippino Lawyer from L.A who then said I had to pay thousands up front if I wanted him to help me with this process.  I never called him back.Randall on the other hand charges a flat rate, and I couldn't be more happier to feel like I got what I paid for.  Randall and his staff were always forthcoming with information and what we should expect during this process.  There were so many forms and steps that I'm glad we hired him to help us with all the steps.  We were married in November and my wife was just approved for her permanent residence card earlier this week.  I've already petitioned her children and we expect them to be here by end of summer.  I feel like Randall and his staff really care about couples reaching their dreams and if you are in need of immigration services, I would highly recommend Randall and his staff to help you. More...


Jordan D.

12 December 2013

Dear Readers:I'm a working professional in San Francisco.  I met my wife while living & working abroad in Europe.  I had consulted another attorney to help us with my wife's situation and what should have likely been a simple situation was turned into a very difficult one.  Both of us were very despondent with the expected course of events and were having communications issues with our attorney.  I asked for a second opinion from Mr. Caudle.  After having a brief discussion via telephone with him, I came in for a face to face visit with my wife.  IT WAS LIKE NIGHT AND DAY.We felt reassured that he knew exactly what he was doing, was motivated to help us, and that his opinion was better than what we had received before based on educating us more completely about the process.We had very smooth sailing after making the switch.  Everything happened essentially as we expected and very close to the timeline that we expected.  I am thankful everyday that we found Mr. Caudle to assist with our immigrations issues.  I give him and his staff our highest recommendation. More...


Eda O.

19 October 2013

I would give more than five stars if I could. I found them here on yelp.  We made an appointment and went for a consultation. Randall and his team are very professional and friendly. They are well organized and always on top of their work. Whenever we had questions during our green card process, they got back to us immediately. During our interview he was well prepared too.  We feel very lucky to work with them. We highly recommend Randall if you are looking for an immigration lawyer. More...


Jane K.

22 August 2013

My husband and I really enjoyed working with Randall and his team. They were a class act, making the process of applying for my green card so extremely smooth, we've got to the end of the process and can hardly believe how 'easy' it was, dare I say. This was down to Randall and team - they looked after the paperwork, he had us exceptionally well prepared, took us through each step very clearly as it arose, and with any queries along the way he, Elyse, Stephanie and the rest of the team were always so quick to respond at any time of the day and take the right action to keep the process on track and moving along. I would highly recommend this office. Not only for their professionalism and efficiency, but also because they're all really genuinely nice people to deal with. I had shopped around, and off the bat, Randall's office dealt with us in a very straight forward manner, with an initial consultation laying everything out that they would do and everything that was expected of us in the process to make it all smooth. If you're in the market for an immigration lawyer, please don't pass Randall and team by. More...


Steve A.

13 August 2013

My new wife and I originally discovered Randall through his high ratings here at Yelp and couldn't be happier for having chosen him to represent us.  We had initially contacted several other attorneys as well, but having finally met him in person, realized he was our guy.  Randall has a very calm, friendly and professional manner that, simply put, made us confident he was the right choice.  Although we originally planned on filing for my wife's green card status change on our own, we really didn't want to risk any snags or issues that would delay her processing.  Having someone as knowledgeable as Randall to help guide us and answer all of our many questions with confidence was worth every cent spent.  He was always prompt and thorough with his email responses, and his being present the day of our USCIS interview, gave us the confidence we needed to get through that otherwise stressful experience.  There are many immigration attorneys to choose from, but I can confidently say, he is likely the best, and has the ratings and awards to prove it. More...


Leslie M.

12 August 2013

I was cautious when I first found Randall here on Yelp. I didn't know anyone who had hired him before. I decided to take a chance and called for a consultation just to check him out. I was totally prepared to meet with other lawyers and then pick one. Well, I did. I picked Randall. All the staff and Randall made my husband and I feel super comfortable right away. Not only is everyone from this office very nice but they are also very attentive. They always call back or e-mail quickly (even on weekends sometimes). Immediately after meeting Randall I could tell he definitely knew his stuff! He is extremely knowledgeable and sharp even with complicated cases like mine. I also didn't feel or encounter any kind of shadiness with fees or paperwork. One set price that I paid immediately. I CANNOT recommend Randall and the rest of his office enough! Seriously, at least have a consultation with them! More...


Roh R.

23 July 2013

When I found Randall in yelp it was kind of a relief in my heart because i read most of the review about him and they all said he is very professional and very friendly , and when I walked in his office , he met all the expectation mentioned above , he is one of the best immigration lawyer I have came across so far , very friendly understanding and the best part is he does not make you feel lost , he and his staff knows what they are doing. Thank you once again Randall and the staff. More...


C K.

19 June 2013

Randall assisted us with a complicated immigration law case.  Randall took his time and carefully listened to the facts, and then he told us the law that applied.  He also discussed options and liklihood of success.  I found Randall to be knowledgeable, earnest, intelligent and kind.  If potential clients have marriage application immigration cases or other immigration issues, I would encourage them to contact Randall to assist them with their case.  Randall is one of the good guys, and we were thrilled to have him on our side! More...


Rebecca M.

16 May 2013

Randall is an incredibly knowledgeable and thoughtful attorney that I would recommend for all family immigration matters. He has a thorough understanding of immigration law and its many nuances. He helped me to feel confident with the immigration path that my husband and I have decided upon. Overall, he has been very insightful and supportive. More...


Steve B.

18 March 2013

This review is LONG overdue...All I have to say is, Randall is the most professional and genuine immigration lawyer one can ask for.  I used Yelp and other web review pages prior to Randall.  I sat down with a law firm a cousin recommended and that was a waste of time.  Two other law firms returned my phone calls, but treated me like a "number".Randall took care of my wife's green card with no hassles or problems. The process was swift but orderly, and he was very attentive to all our questions and concerns.  From the initial consultation, to the very final step; Randall kept us informed, updated, and went above and beyond for us (and likewise for others based on the numerous reviews) throughout the process.  Randall was right by our side in every step of the way.  I can't seem to explain the numerous, great things to say about Randall and his team, except that they have been priceless in every aspect.  So, don't waste your time reviewing and second guessing your choice on other attorneys in this department... Randall is the perfect and ONLY choice! More...


Philippe R.

14 March 2013

Randall took care of our immigration case, I have to say, my wife and I didn't feel like we were going through the process of getting the green card. Very personal, friendly and attentive service. Quick response for any questions, affordable. Randall and his staff took such a good care of us, all the paperwork, all the steps we needed to  take and the interview process, all so smooth and easy. Thank you again guys, you are awesome. More...


Andrew G.

21 February 2013

Needless to say, I was very nervous about choosing an immigration lawyer. I've got little to no experience with lawyers in general, and the stakes for this sort of thing are high. And lawyers don't exactly have a good rep.But having just completed the Green Card process, all I have to offer is praise - Randall and everyone who works with him is straightforward and nice, professional and responsive.I paid a set price and there were no hidden fees, etc.Ironically, the only problem I had throughout the entire process was managing my own fear; will I or won't I get rejected...that kind of thing. Which I'm sure many of you can relate to.I need not have worried. I'm honestly surprised at how smooth it all went.I really believe that Randall and his team are decent and honest.Hopefully all of my experience with lawyers will be as good! LOL More...


Michael S.

16 January 2013

In late 2011-early 2012, Randall and his team helped my wife obtain, perm. residency status. My wife was here in California working with TN visa from Canada before we got married, and shortly after the wedding,  we met with both Randall and Tara to help determine the best way to obtain perm. status. Randall and his team looked at all of our options and helped us transition from TN to Green Card in about4 months. Randall kept us informed throughout the whole process, and even accompanied us to the immigration interview. Although having him represent us added to the already high immigration application costs, his fee's were reasonable, making the whole process stress free. More...


Stef L.

2 November 2012

I never make a review on yelp but as we use this site to get feedback about professionals i wanted to do this review. We had found a highly recommended lawyer form yhis site but turned out to cost me money not get the job done due to incompetence and most important cost me valuable time lost of a year. So from that ordeal i was reluctant to value any of the other reviews made about lwyers. That said i was pleasantly surprised. Thankfully My wife Found Randall through this site and he immediately the  same day arranged an appointment to review our case for adjustment of status and I131 at no cost. He was friendly calming to us and gave us the  course of action and when will we have the outcome. From that time till the resolution to our case(ie green card) the timeframe was 2.5 months as he said drom the first appointment. He was always accessible for every inquiry we had  and if he coudnt one of his staff would do that. All and all i consider him highly competent, accurate no bs ,affordable cause there are a lot of other lawyers out there that want an arm and a leg for far less work and lastly a friend. Would highly recommend him and his superb team Tara ,elysse and stephanie were always welcoming and efficient. Tara came with us to the interview cause Randall had to be elswehere. All went smoothly and we were approved on the spot. Thanks again Randall job well done we ll see u in a few years for the naturilization process.!!!P.s.Have to add also that he is a fun guy to talk to and a Giants fan! More...


Heather K.

29 August 2012

Warm fuzzies!So Randall came across my review and contacted my husband right afterward.  He apologized for the misunderstanding about the i-751 filing fees and offered to assist us with that free of charge.  How awesome is that?  I've said it before but I shall repeat myself anyway:  when business owners pay attention to their clients' feedback -- whether negative OR positive -- and take the time to respond, it really makes them stand out above the crowd and shows that they actually care about providing quality services.  I'm very impressed with Randall and the way he conducts business, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to someone else. More...


Meli M.

1 August 2012

CIAO!Let me start with saying that immigration process sucks,on so many levels.For this reason you need a superamazing attorney to smartly guide you through the Immigration Jungle.Let Randall and his staff be your guide, with him at your side,  your road will be bright,and the Immigration Monster won't chase you or eat you alive.Don't think twice, everything with Randall is going to be alright.Thanks to Randall, Jennifer, Tara & Elyse I can finally say to myself : "Welcome to America!"G R A Z I E :) More...


Brad P.

1 August 2012

Listen up!!  Got married a woman from Ukraine in 2008 (SF City Hall)Thought her ultimate U.S. Citizenship was a given - RIGHT My logic (you ask )I'm a U.S. citizen = My Wife can become a citizen - RIGHT Nope.Not a given.Not these days.Only now - 4 + years later my Wife will be sworn in as a U.S. Citizen (August 2012).Yep - I said over 4 + years Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It could have been much worseIt could have taken much longer.It could have cost much more.Fortunately, we located Randall Caudle - "immigration specialist supreme".From the first phone call....Randall was approachable, available, efficient, knowledgable, affordable and returns calls and emails (really).FYI - Did I mention "results oriented"  - Which BTW is the only thing that counts in immigration matters !!Right Net Net If you have an immigration issue do yourself a HUGE favor - Call Randall Don't try to handle it yourself - Call RandallDon't call your divorce attorney  - Call RandallDon't call yoru criminal attorney - Call RandallDon't call your bankruptcy lawyer - Call RandallRandall is a specialist in immigration law and a damn good guy. FYI, I'm a also lawyer so I know a thing or two about good legal service (for whatever it is worth) More...


Celia C.

26 June 2012

Dear Randall, We want to Thank You again and again for all your help. We can never thank you enough!!!!!! Honestly, you made it happen that we can be together and the process went so smooth. Now you send us reminders after two years!!! You are really SUPER!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!If anyone needs the best immigration lawyer then look no further, Randall Caudle is the lawyer to get. He does his job so well that you will be worry free and he is the nicest person. He makes you feel very at ease. Randall is a very caring and kind hearted person. We went to Randall two years ago for help with my husbands green card just after we were married. Now after two years he sends us our reminder to apply for the i-751. caudleimmigration.wordpr…Thank you Randall & staff!!! You are all super!!!Sincerely, Celia More...


Candice K.

18 May 2012

When my husband and I needed a lawyer to help us with my husbands papers we did so much research! It was a frustrating process because most of them would take days to call us back and even when they did they seemed not to listen to us and even ignored some of our questions. That was when we read about Dr. Randall Caudle on yelp. Right from our first meeting with him I was positively impressed. Not only is he an extremely professional and proactive lawyer... He is a nice guy and cares about his clients. Needless to say, my husband got his papers and we are happy to become part of his legacy of happy clients! So... Five stars to Randall Caudle and his fantastic team! More...


Brian C.

26 March 2012

Randall represented me in a complicated green card case. He navigated us expertly through the process, alleviated our concerns and was a champ during our interview with immigration. I found his team very professional and like other reviewers, find that more than just a typical attorney/client relationship, he genuinely cares about you. I recommend him highly! More...


Linda K.

7 February 2012

Randall and his team were instrumental in securing my H1B visa in a timely manner, with a professional approach and a very positive attitude which helped me ease my stress from lengthy and cumbersome immigration procedures. I trusted that my application was in good hands with Randall and my application was approved in less than 2 weeks! Great job. More...


Lee S.

7 January 2012

Randall and Tara are amazing. They are two people that really care about their clients. They made the process for my husband and I very easy and smooth. They are precise, punctual, and understanding. They  have a positive demeanor each time you interact with them. They are both very genuine and truly fight to obtain the best results for their clients! I highly recommend Caudle Immigration to anyone. Thank you for changing our lives for the better.Ashley and Thomas More...


Lola D.

16 November 2011

Both Randall and Tara Veerathanongdech were fantastic to work with. Well informed, detail oriented and kind, I would recommend their services to anyone.Thanks again for everything.


S L.

23 October 2011

My wife and I approached Randall and his team to help us with my wife's K1 visa and permanent residency filing.  It was a long process but Randall and his team were very professional from beginning to end. They were extremely prompt at responding to our queries and very reassuring throughout the whole process. Submissions and Documents:  The majority of the item information could be submitted via the online form system which was really helpful. All documents prepared were well organized (even color coded) and we were able to double check all documents before the final submission. Interview: Randall and his team were fully prepared for our green card interview and went over everything with us a week before.  Randall accompanied us to the interview and everything went very smoothly and quickly on the day.  Even the immigration officer was impressed with our submitted documents prepared by Randall and his team.  Overall, we found Randall and his team to be extremely professional and great value for the price.  We would definitely use them again and would recommend their services to friends and family.   Thanks Randall and Tara! More...


Songsta S.

24 August 2011

Randall was recommended by my friend Joren and he provided sound advice.  I am a practicing attorney myself so I know when I have a good attorney advising me.  Randall's the real deal.  thank you!! More...


Ozge G.

24 May 2011

If you are looking for an immigration lawyer, I highly recommend you Randall. My husband and I had a wonderful experience with him. Randall is very professional, knowledgeable in immigration laws, patient, super friendly, caring - trust me he really cares-, but most importantly a wonderful human being. Our case was handled so fast that a couple days later after the interview, we received the card in the mail. Even today, I sometimes email him with random questions, he gets back to me promptly. His fees are also very reasonable. Thanks again Randall! (and Tara!) More...


J M.

11 May 2011

Randall and his team assisted my sister and her foreign husband in obtaining his green card. He and his staff were perfect professionals, punctual, kind, and most importantly: successful! My sister and brother in law have settled in the States thanks to Randall's help. They were always great to work with, kind to our family and easy to talk with. Their offices are in an awesome building, too! We would use them again, and our family refers people to them often. Thanks Randall and team! More...


Mike T.

11 April 2011

I can't recommend Randall and team highly enough. Randall helped me move from TN Status (I am Canadian) to a marriage-based Green Card. I spoke to several lawyers in both Reno (where I live) and San Francisco about my case, and they all gave me different and contradictory advice. The lawyers I talked to before Randall either knew nothing about moving from TN Status to a Green Card (there are issues related to the fact that someone on TN Status does not have "immigrant intent") or recommended that I take the "consular processing" route to getting my Green Card, which is a highly risky in that it could have required me to spend months back in Canada waiting for my Green Card to be processed.After talking to Randall on the phone for ten minutes, I was certain that he understood the details of my case and that he was the person I wanted to hire. I was not disappointed. He and his staff were easy to work with, he travelled to Reno to attend the immigration interview, and I was awarded my Green Card less than 2.5 months after filling.Thanks again, Randall! More...


Whitley P.

27 January 2011

I was apprehensive about finding lawyer via Yelp! but end the end could not have been happier with Randall and his team. They were very prompt, professional and really cared about our case. Thanks very much Randall. More...


Brendan B.

18 January 2011

I didn't have any interaction with Randall, but did work with one of his team members - Jennifer Lee. She was flat out awesome, including working evenings and on the weekend to get my TN Status documents in order. I feel lucky to have found such a great guide to what is a sometimes opaque process. More...


Christine M.

21 December 2010

What is not great about this guy? Absolutely nothing. He was amazing from day one. I have never used yelp reviews to help me find something, but in this case I took a chance and it was a great decision! He was on top of my husband and my case, getting things done quickly and accurately for us. He knows everything about immigration law and we couldn't be happier with his services. He went above and beyond our expectations and from day one we were very impressed. We looked around at various pricing and experience and there was no comparison. I would highly recommend him to anyone! More...


m w.

5 October 2010

Woohoo!  It really IS as good as it gets!  Randall and his team have been a pleasure to get to know and work with. It took us just a few months to complete the entire process with peace of mind and most importantly, confidence. If Yelp has led you to look them up, there really is no need to search any further - we chose this firm based on Yelp reviews (and the friendly phone call we received from Randall), and we're so happy to have done so. It really is deserving of 5 stars, and more!The moment we stepped into his office, it felt like home. There were thank you cards, keepsakes, and gifts from his clients from all over the world. This is by no means a pretentious team - they are warm, welcoming, efficient, and very knowledgeable. We are overall, very satisfied with the outcome and will definitely recommend this law office. More...


Arun N.

16 June 2010

Randall and his team are simply superb. I found him on Yelp, saw all these great reviews - not one of these great reviews is an exaggeration. He truly is awesome. He's very knowledgeable and passionate about the subject of immigration and knows his immigration law. Oh, and by the way, he helped me get my wife's green card with absolutely no problems whatsoever. I'd highly recommend him to anyone I know who needs immigration help. More...


Natasha J.

1 June 2010

I am not surprised with all the 5 stars Randall has got as he really is the best attorney out there! I will always be grateful to the person who referred me to him. From the very first time I talked with him over the phone I found him to be genuine, warm and extremely knowledgeable. I have been his client for the past 2 years and he has always given me nothing but excellent legal advice. I just successfully completed the stressful & complex green card process (woo-hoo!!). Randall was with me every step of the way and always instilled a sense of confidence and a positive attitude in me, even when I was on the verge of tears & ready to give up on the system. His words ' you will be fine' constantly resonate in my head! . Without him I would have never been able to get through the entire green card process with my sanity in tact. He is an amazing human being - kind, compassionate and so great at what he does! If you're on the look out for the best of the best look no further- You will not be disappointed! More...


Fritz K.

18 May 2010

We couldn't have asked for a better lawyer than Randall.  He is very knowledgeable about immigration, friendly, responsive, and professional.  He always responded promptly to our phone messages and emails, and he explained legal issues clearly.  Everyone in his office was great as well.  Whenever a friend comes to me with an immigration issue now, I send them to Randall. More...


ebru t.

18 March 2010

I had a consulation session with Randall Caudle related to naturalization process.  He is very knowledgeable, easy to work with, thorough, friendly and helpful.  I would highly reccomend him.


Aiza A.

15 February 2010

Thank you Yelp for helping me find the BEST immigration attorney in the Bay Area! I was in the process of filing for my work visa last year, and I looked on Yelp for reviews. Called a few attorneys (also from Yelp) - but none of them struck a chord like Randall did. After our first conversation, I just knew I've found my attorney. He is great at what he does - he's knowledgeable and experienced, keeps himself up to date on current immigration issues, confident and optimistic, and sooo easy to trust. Not to mention he has a great crew working with him! Personality wise, Randall is down to earth, flexible, always available... He's someone who really cares about his clients, not just their immigration situations. He'd give me a call once in a while just to say hi and catch up, and we've always maintained contact through email even after my visa was finalized. For me, that's something you can't get from any average attorney.Guess that's it then - Randall is no average attorney. If you ever find yourself needing one, be sure to check him out! More...


Aoife G.

3 August 2009

Randall is a great immigration attorney.  He's great to work with- knows his stuff, replies promptly, very pleasant.  He really helped guide me through the naturalization process. He also helped 2 of my friends get their US citizenship.  I've had very negative experiences in working with immigration attorney's in the past so I really appreciate how great Randall & his office are.  Highly recommended. More...


Hui C.

20 May 2009

It was great working with Randall and his team.  They were extremely friendly, easy to talk to and helpful.  They made sure all our documents were in order, guided us through the immigration process and made sure we got our visa approval without any issues.  Dealing with the US government can be somewhat overwhelming at times but Randall and team set us at ease.My wife and I highly recommend their service. More...


Geek D.

26 March 2009

Great service and good advise during the immigration process. Paperwork  was completed within minutes & done correctly resulting in requests being approved very fast no RFE's in any of the applications he has done for me in the last years.


Conor M.

26 March 2009

Excellent immigration lawyer, highly recommended on any visa issues you may have. Randall laid out all the issues facing me, potential problems and outcomes in a clear, concise manner, and answered all questions I had.


Maya G.

19 October 2008

Randall is well experienced in immigration law. I got to know him when he was the in-house attorney for a company I used to work for. He is very personable, provides great service. I highly recommend him. More...


Alex A.

11 February 2008

I'm in the US thanks to Randall that helped us with the complex, kriptical, visa and Green Card process. The whole team was always there to answer questions, share their wide and precise knowledge and make the whole experience seamless and easy. Thanks Randall !!!!!

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