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Jace Hansen

1 July 2018

Legacy did my wedding years ago, and did a fantastic job! Management was nice, and everything was beautiful!


Mark Hansen

16 June 2017

These guys do outstanding work. Very beautiful.


Christina Kimball

27 May 2017

Legacy Weddings did an amazing job with our reception! I loved every bit of it. They have fair pricing, beautiful decorations and make sure it looks great to you. They were easy to work with and did a beautiful job! More...


Katie Ostrander

27 May 2017

Deciding to use Legacy Wedding was the best choice I made while starting the stressful journey of planning a wedding. It took so much stress out of it! From the the beautiful decorations they provided. To the fresh flowers they brought and the linens that dressed up the tables so nicely. We felt that the cost of everything that was provided was fair and affordable. They made my wedding look absolutely gorgeous! Working with Elyse was a pleasure. She was always so helpful and willing to listen to me. The ideas she had helped turn my reception into a breath taking evening. I got so many compliments about how everything looked! I couldn't thank Elyse and the Legacy Wedding team enough for helping me to make my wedding the most gorgeous and best day of our lives! Thank you Legacy Weddings! More...


Grace Harding

27 May 2016

We had Legacy Weddings decorate for our wedding reception about a month ago, and they were just incredible! Very punctual and reliable, and they absolutely transformed the cultural hall! I've had so many people approach me at the reception itself, and since, saying how it didn't even "feel like a chapel reception"- it was that well done. I was able to work closely with Elyse to customize the decor to exactly what I wanted, which I thought was a nice touch. I felt very involved, and the finishing product was just fabulous. I can't recommend their service enough!! More...


Brianne Fowler

27 May 2016

I am so glad that we found Legacy Weddings I don't know what we would have done without you. They are not the least expensive but you definitely get what you pay for. As far as customer service they were amazing to work with and I felt went above and beyond to make sure that our wedding day was exactly what we wanted. I honestly can't say enough. Anyone would be crazy not to use Legacy they are simply the best. More...


Jake Nord

27 May 2016

Thank you so much to Legacy Weddings for helping make our wedding a perfect day. As many know, preparing for wedding is stressful and takes up large amounts of time. We are so grateful to Elyse and Josh for reducing the stress throughout the process while making the day and reception beautiful. I would recommend this company to anyone! More...


Rebecca Dalton

27 May 2016

Elyse and her Legacy crew are the best! Elyse is so pleasant to work with. They were prompt, professional and so accommodating. Legacy relieved so much stress from us because they are reliable. The decorating done in the cultural hall for my daughter's wedding was breathtaking! We had one compliment after another from our guests about how beautiful everything was. Legacy definitely made it a memorable evening for all to enjoy. I would use Legacy again in a heartbeat! More...


Jennifer Harding

27 May 2016

We just finished our second wedding with Legacy weddings - they were, again, phenomenal!!! We were so impressed with them the first time around that we definitely wanted to use them again. And they did not disappoint. They are so nice to work with - they are very eager to be as accommodating as they can be. First , our reception was in the cultural hall - and they totally transformed it - as they say on their website. We had many compliments about how beautifully decorated our reception was from our guests. But really, the best part has to be the clean up after the reception - legacy weddings does it all!! We just took all the gifts out, and cleaned up the kitchen and some other rooms and we were out of there! They stayed and took everything down and swept up and locked the church when they were done. It was really wonderful. We were exhausted after a very busy wedding day and it was really nice to know we did not have several more hours of work ahead of us cleaning up the cultural hall! Also - through it all, they have been a very professional group to work with.Would I hire them again? I absolutely would!! of More...


Melissa Howell

28 May 2015

We had a beautiful wedding reception with Legacy Weddings and Events. Elyse was so great to work with. We price compared everything and felt they were the best deal for what we wanted. Their draping is better than other companies, because their covers aren't see through, they cover all the way up so that the basketball standards are completely covered and their package included linens, tables and chairs and Centerpieces! Wonderful! It was beautiful! More...

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