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San Francisco, California, San Francisco

3 hires on Bark


Teaching our beautiful dogs new things can be a very rewarding experience. When we take the time to teach our dog what we want them to do (i.e. commands), we can have much more control and ease in any situation. With the right guidance we and they can be successful in navigating any experience with ease.


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Shawn C.

24 July 2019

Kevin is an amazing trainer and person. His demenior settles everyone. He, wee still have much work to do with Milo, yet more work on us. He is great with explaining his expectations of us and making sure wee understand.Milo loves and respects Kevin. Highly-rated,  recommend him as your next dog trainer. More...


Lisa J.

18 July 2019

Kevin is amazing. He has made our life with our 7 month old Shepard/ lab mix puppy so much easier. I highly recommend him as he only uses positive training methods that work. We've made so much progress in a relatively short amount of time. So worth every penny! - Lisa More...


Carolyn F.

3 January 2019

Over the holidays, I needed coverage for my very timid rescue puppy, Mookie. I was very nervous to leave him for 16 days and did not feel comfortable leaving him at someone's home with other dogs since he is very fearful and has a tendency to bolt when he's scared.  I found Kevin on Wag and he mentioned he was available to house sit for the full time I was going to be traveling.  Before agreeing to have Kevin housesit, we mutually decided we should do a meet and greet with Mookie beforehand since Mookie is fearful of most men.  All I can say is KEVIN WAS AMAZING.  During the meet and greet, Kevin spent TWO hours with us, patiently getting Mookie to warm up to him and then doing some basic training.  We have never seen Mookie open up so well to a male before.  My sister and I instantly felt comfortable knowing Mookie was going to be in good hands with Kevin.  Kevin is super intuitive with dogs and understood our puppy right away.  When I returned from the trip, Mookie was happy and better trained than ever.  He now knows heel and walks on the leash perfectly. Kevin's stay also seemed to help Mookie overcome some of his fears. In addition to being an outstanding dog trainer / sitter, Kevin took excellent care of the apartment, kept all of our plants alive, brought in the mail, kept the place clean, etc.  We will definitely be using Kevin for more training and I would highly recommend him to anyone needing training for their dogs.  He definitely has a gift and will quickly understand how to tailor the training to your dogs needs.  We cannot thank you enough, Kevin!! More...


Nora M.

13 August 2018

Kevin was AMAZING with our pup!! We had a pretty out of control and crazy Irish Setter named Mikey that we had tried so many training techniques with, including paying for other private trainers that were not effective. Kevin's techniques were the first that Mikey actually responded to. Right away I could tell Mikey actually understood what we were trying to tell him and he would listen without treats!! Kevin was very patient with our family and would often stay extra long just to make sure we could all get practice training with Mikey. He really cares about the success of his clients. I would 100% recommend him to anyone who wants a well trained dog. More...


Kathy Partak

9 July 2017

I replied to one of Kevin's posts and made an appointment to have him come meet us and Gunner. Gunner is a one year old Bernese Mountain dog. Kevin spent more than an hour with us that first night and showed us several of his techniques, Gunner responded to him immediately. He talked to us about prices and packages (it's different for each dog/family/situation) and he presented us with a really workable plan - both financially and time wise. We've had 3 sessions in addition to the initial one and Gunner has progressed exponentially. He immediately responds and gets in "obedience" mode when we put his collar and leash on, but even without them, he is sitting and staying when someone knocks on the door, he's not rushing and jumping on our guests, and he doesn't walk us, we walk him. I'm excited to see it all come to fruition with a really obedient dog and I'm even applying the techniques to our older cocker spaniel. Now if he can only do something with my 13 year old son!! More...


Lynne Bradshaw

11 May 2017

We have been working Kevin for about a month now with our very active 8 month old puppy. I wish I would have spent the time & money to properly train our last doggies. 14 years is a long time to go without properly training your dog. All our lives would have been easier and more enjoyable. I highly recommend Kevin if you are in need of a dog trainer! More...


Serving people and animals to the best of my ability. Seeing the change in their lives. And the appreciation I receive from the joy of my clients relief.

That was always the plan. I learned this from a professional trainer

I am very passionate and qualified. I take extra time and care always. I do this with joy and a positive attitude. You will learn so much from this experience. And unlike most trainers I do not use shock collars or treats when training.


Private 1 on 1 training. I come to you. Working inside and outside. No treats, no shock collars, lots of love