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L. Clark Graphic Design provides professional graphic design services from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Originally trained in San Jose , California and worked in hi-tech and the video gaming industry. From start-ups to established businesses, my experience can help you implement a program to get visibility in today’s competitive market.



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The first thing I do is to review a clients web site to see what mood is conveyed, fun, purely business or generic. I always note the branding, colors, mood.
The next step is the most important part of the process, the designer/client conversation. I feel it's important for the client to talk about his/her product, what has worked or not worked in the past. Talk about the product/customer demographics, age, sex, income, interests....
Finding the feel of the project is crucial. The design piece, whether it is an advertisement, brochure or packaging should connect to potential clients. From there we find descriptive words about the product and talk about colors. From this point I go to the drawing table to make several comps which we then review.

I need to know their web site. If they have a branding book or guidelines. If they have all their photos available and are they professionally taken.
Do they have their logo in a vector format. How big is the project...

The creative process and the final result with a happy client.

I started in fine arts and saw graphic design as a way to use my creativity to support my studio work. Eventually I became so successful that I had to put my art aside. It was very rewarding and fun to work in the video game industry. Such a creative fast pace business. Eventually my business expanded to include the food, wine and fashion industries.

I am exceptionally adept in adobe software. Have experience working with printers and extremely creative with the ability to keep a project clean to deliver powerful messages.