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LBA Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing

6850 W 47th Terrace, Shawnee, KS 66203

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LBA Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing

6850 W 47th Terrace, Shawnee, KS 66203



LBA Services offers residental and commercial heating, air conditioning and plumbing services in the Kansas City area. Call 913.268.6822 to shcedule service.

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Aykui D.

1 July 2019

Confirmed online appointment and the technicians arrived as scheduled.  They were able to give us several options and were able to fix the air conditioner within the hour.  Great company to work with.


John H.

12 February 2019

Used them again today for a broken hot water line. Only took an hour! Nathaniel was honest, friendly, and quick.


Skyler H.

3 July 2018

I had a really great experience with Kent Turpin. LBA was able to assist me very quickly for a non-emergency plumbing repair, and Kent was great to work with. Very helpful and informative. I will be working with him again if the need arises! More...


Patricia W.

7 February 2018

Aaron is awesome, he fixed my boiler so I can have heat again, very professional young man kind and courteous, if I have any problems I will definitely call LBA heating and cooling again, thank you very much for your service and thank you Aaron I give them five stars for your service you have made a customer very very happy


Dwain C.

16 December 2017

I typically don't give five star reviews. I think that there's always room for improvement. I apologize for the length of this review but I think it's important to share all the steps and why LBA checked all of the boxes. During the first cold snap this year (2017) I went to fire up the furnace for the first time and realized there was a problem. (I won't get in to the home warranty company issues.)The wife and I decided to go ahead and replace our aged HVAC system. After a lot of research I called 3 HVAC companies for quotes. We called 1. Company 1 (too busy with a home show to come and give us a timely quote. 5 day wait)2. Company 2 came by and the sales rep just pointed his flashlight into our crawlspace but never went in to take a look at what exactly needed to be done and then gave me a quote for almost 10k for the lowest end Lennox system(no options). 3. LBA  came out the first thing Scott McKinley did was go in to our crawlspace and assess exactly what would be entailed. Scott was knowledgeable about the city codes and explained what they would need to correct with a new HVAC. When we got back upstairs Scott asked a few questions to ascertain our needs and prepared two quotes that covered the range of our budget, each quote contained 3 system options from high to low.He quoted for a new Lennox HVAC. The same system that Company 2 quoted and it was 3k less and he also quoted a Ruud HVAC system(made by Rheem). We decided to go with the Ruud(Rheem Product) because of research, Consumer Reports and best bang for our budget buck. Installation: LBA showed up early on the agreed upon day. Chris was our installation tech and completed the work within the promised time. Chris was also knowledgeable and answered all of the additional questions I had. A couple of days later we had the city inspection and there were a couple of items that needed to be completed before the city would pass the inspection. One of those items would have been beyond the scope of a normal installation. However, LBA was on top of it! I can't stress this enough. They were clear in communicating how they were going to resolve the issue, scheduled a time when they would be out to correct them and showed up on time. LBA gets 5 stars forPromptness, completing the work on time, showing up when they say they would, Coming in on budget(no surprises) Professional and Knowledgeable Sales and Installation staff and doing the work to provide us options within our budget. We couldn't be happier! More...


E H.

7 August 2017

Angelena with LBA is a great asset to LBA. I had flooding and a dead Sump Pump. She was calm and reassuring that they could take care of this. I replaced my single sump pump with a battery back up , sump pump. I know it's not cheap, but even doing it yourself isn't. I will sleep tonight and I say bring on the storms , I'm ready! More...


Jack T.

17 June 2017

June in Kansas is not the ideal time to lose your air conditioning. When ours went out, we contacted three local companies. Within an hour, we had a response from LBA and within four hours, the AC unit was up and running again. The fix was simple, but nothing I would have been able to identify or handle easily.  Our tech had found the fault and was able to replace the dead capacitor with a new one he had in stock in the truck within fifteen minutes. He also provided a good bit of advice on how to best maintain the unit and even knew how old it was (were new to the house). I highly recommend LBA for AC service! More...


Brenda F.

25 May 2017

Needed same day service and they were great.  Very nice and professional when I called, and they were able to get someone out at a reasonable cost.  The tech was very knowledgeable and finished the repair quickly.  Would recommend LBA!! More...


Nanaham H.

13 April 2017

Nick Larkins at LBA air conditioning is AWESOME!  LBA was my parent's choice and now they're my choice!  Nick is professional and helpful!  He has been to my home several times and now we know and trust him.  I appreciate the calls to let me know when they will arrive.  The maintenance plan keeps my air conditioner/furnace operating efficiently.  I trust LBA to advise me and do it right the first time!  There are many companies to choose from but staying loyal to LBA is easy since they treat customers like family!  Savannah V. More...


Gregory T.

7 March 2017

Kent was awesome, helpful and left our home much cleaner than when he got here, I would highly recommend Kent and LBA to any and all my friends and colleagues.


Sean M.

1 March 2017

Jim Hutsell of LBA was great for the job we had.  He was pleasant, professional and detailed.  He listened to my concerns and needs, and came up with acceptable and clean solutions for them.I would definitely call LBA for furnace and ac needs again. More...


Peter M.

21 October 2016

Good serviceNick was very pleasant and took the time to show me how to use my humidifier this winter. Had some water damage a few weeks ago inside my furnace and he checked every thing out to make sure everything was working properly.Share click to collapse contents


Natalie C.

21 September 2016

Hunter was one of the best servicemen I have had in my home. He was training a new guy and was so good about explaining everything to him. My reason for the service call was for a leaking valve on the line going into my water heater. It was the most simple fix, tightening a nut. I was embarrassed that I didn't know to do that, but he was great about it. Rather than just charging me and being on his way, he offered to check anything else with my plumbing. He helped educate me on all of my water lines and valves and what they were for. He checked my sump pump that was questionable after the runs we had a few weeks ago. He explained how all of that type of system works. He really earned his money on that call and was so professional throughout it all! I would want Hunter specifically to come back when my water heater needs to be changed which could be soon More...


The Parkour P.

2 September 2016

Drew was professional, informative, patient, thorough, kind, courteous, friendly and a breath of fresh air!  This company is lucky to have him!


Leah A.

10 August 2016

The only thing I know about my HVAC is that it makes the house the right temperature. So when the AC went out in the middle of the summer, LBA was there to help me understand what I needed to know to make an informed decision for what to do. They clearly laid out our options to fix or replace the 16 year old system. When I ultimately decided it was time to replace our entire HVAC system, they helped walk me through the options. Once everything was set, they came out the next morning to replace the system. The team was exceptionally courteous of me and my home. Within a few hours, my house was cooling down and the team was on their way. I appreciated the great work of the team but also how helpful they were through the process. I feel like I made an informed decision on my purchase thanks to LBA. More...


Cody S.

3 August 2016

It's never cheap to have a plumbing repair, but with LBA  the prices are fair.  I live in an old house and come across issues I can't fix myself.  I've felt like other plumbers just wanted me to put their kids through college.  LBA gives you options at a fair price.They send you a picture of the plumber that is coming before he gets there.  I've had three different guys.  They are always knowledgeable and pleasant.  This is the company to call if you want respectable gentleman.  Also they waive the service call fee if you chose to repair. More...


Eric J.

17 June 2016

They got to our house as quickly as they could, and the technician diagnosed the problem within minutes of gaining access to the AC unit. Nick was awesome, and deserves a day or two off! PAID!!! Thank you Nick! More...


Craig P.

24 March 2016

LBA has been my HVAC techs for over a decade. All techs have been courteous and provide explanations that are easily understood.


Jason S.

2 November 2015

Zach S. came over to my house and installed a steam humidifier.  He did a great job on keeping me informed on the work. Very polite and professional. Price was very fair. Will definitely use LBA again. More...


Debbie B.

13 October 2015

Zack B. Provided great and prompt service.  The customer service reps scheduling were also very courteous.  Thank you.


Greg T.

6 July 2015

Eric (the service tech) was very professional is servicing our system and problem. He was very clear with what he was going to do, the diagnostics, the repair, and the additional preventative maintenance. I will call on LBA again.


Lance C.

6 October 2013

Fantastic service! From Darrell (salesman) to Bo & Jim (installers) the entire process went smooth.  Had new AC / Heater / Humidifier installed along with some new duct work and the guys did a great job.  They were on time and were done in just a few hours.I would give these guys a call if you are looking at replacing your AC / Heater.  Excellent service, very knowledgable. More...


Amy M.

18 February 2013

LBA was recommended to me by a friend. I am so happy to have found LBA. My original issue was the hot water in my bathtub would not shut off. It was snowing like crazy. I called LBA and they said someone could be at my house in a hour. LBA, Rusty Damron came out and fixed it within a couple of hours. Two others had tole me it could not be fixed without significant dry wall and tiling work. Nope, not Rusty. Fixed with no dry wall or tile impact.I highly recommend LBA. They also help with heating, cooling, and electrical. One stop shop! More...


Ann M.

30 September 2012

I just wanted to let people know how happy I have been with the service (both regular maintenance and problem solving) I have received from LBA over the years.  I have had work done incorrectly by other individuals and I have learned my lesson!  LBA has had to come in and fix the mistakes that others have done.  Going forward I will stick with LBA to ensure the work is done right the first time! The various people that have been sent to my house over the years have always been considerate, hard working and very straightforward with their evaluation and solutions.   I highly recommend them. More...


Cathy C.

12 January 2012

Okay, these guys ARE heroes.My heat went out on Tuesday.  Saw a good Yelp review Wednesday morning, and the serviceman was here at 1:00. My 22-year old Lennox furnace was DOA, and possibly trying to poison us with carbon monoxide...it is now 27 hours later, and I have a complete new high-efficiency HVAC  system up and running.Everyone I dealt with was a complete professional. They call before they come, and they show up on time. All the utility rebates were applied up front, and LBA took care of sending in for the manufacture's rebate. They explained everything and set up a service call in a couple of weeks to make sure everything's working right and that I'm satisfied. They cleaned up and finished about 2 hours ahead of schedule. And they sell Lennox. Did I mention the last one lived for 22 years? I'm doin' a Happy Girl Dance, too! More...


Rose L.

25 November 2011

I just had my annual furnace cleaning and inspection, and I can rest easy until my summer a/c tune-up. I have used LBA since I bought my house.  They are always courteous and professional.  They never try to upsell me.  Although I have doggy pawprints all over my hardwoods, the servicemen always immediately slip on booties to keep their shoe soles off my floors. Ha ha!  The price is fair and hasn't changed more than $30 in ten years.  Scheduling is easy, I get a call an hour prior to confirm, amd they are on time.  Way to be consistent and fantastic, LBA!  I will continue to be your #1 customer! More...


Holly M.

24 June 2010

Hot, tired & cranky. And Hot. Did I mention Hot I mean, cranky and tired are a given for me, but the hot thing is totally unacceptable. Yeesh ! I'm spoiled for Shyt sake ! So, you just know it's gonna be a crappy day when you wake up so hot that your hair is plastered to the side of your head, and the air conditioning is blowin' warm air. Yay. I called numerous places and heard " we can't be there until Friday or Saturday". What But, I'm hot ! (insert whiney girl voice here ;p). I was about to concede that since everyone was so swamped ( it IS hot out & a/c's are failing everywhere ), I was just gonna have to suck it up, and wait. I just happened to come across the LBA Heroes ad in the phone book just before I closed it. You know them. They have the trucks with the guy holding the plunger and is wearing a cape. Anyhoo, I decided to make one last call and I'm ever so glad I did. The lovely lady on the other end of the phone said "Yes, they could get me in today", and even said they'd call me before the tech headed for my home so I could stay at work ! Yay ! "And don't forget the coupon on our website!" she says. Awesome. The guy shows up nice, polite and with little surgical bootie covers over his shoes as to not track up my house. Sweet. He explains what he'll be doing and will give me a written estimate for my approval before he does anything. Nice. He offers me plans for a furnace check up in the fall and a plumbing evaluation. I jumped on it, my plumbing sux. He had my air running in no time and damned if it didn't freeze me out during the night. Cool. No pun intended. Me does the Happy Girl Dance. More...