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Law Offices of Justin G. Fok

San Jose, California, Santa Clara

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
Law Offices of Justin G. Fok logo

Law Offices of Justin G. Fok

San Jose, California, Santa Clara

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


With over a 98% immigration case approval rate, The Law Offices of Justin G. Fok has the comprehensive, real-world experience to successfully represent our clients with their immigration needs.

Through an in-depth understanding of how to navigate the complicated U.


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Nuno T.

6 November 2019

If you're looking for an immigration lawyer that will take great care of you and that will be extremely diligent on what he does, then Justin and his firm are what you're looking for. Justin and his team took care of mine and my wife's GC process. Justin was always available to answer any questions that we had about the process. The whole process with Justin was very smooth and we both got our GC.Couple of years passed and Justin is still our go-to when we do have any questions - he will come back to us still in the same day or the next day!We couldn't be happier with Justin, his team, and the results we got!Thank you Justin&team! More...


Kevin G.

5 November 2019

Stop right now!  Don't look any further for an Immigration Law Firm.  Fok Immigration is the one you want.  Justin and his awesome team assisted us with the ever complicated H1-B process and they were just amazing - delivering on the results we wanted.  I just wish I could give them 10 stars. More...


Jayash Koshal

21 October 2019

I worked with Justin, the lead for Fok Immigration for our immigration issues and having him on our side was such a relief. We were very lost before seeking his guidance. He provided excellent guidance, is very prompt and thorough in his responses. He sets a very high bar for professionalism which is tough to attain. At the same time, he is able to build a personal connection which makes you comfortable to discuss any specific situation with him. I would highly highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking guidance from a well rounded professional with a personal touch. More...


Oscar G.

8 October 2019

Great team.  Close follow up on everything.  Very friendly and always open to pick up the phone.


Hunjae Park

21 September 2019

Very professional immigration lawyer. Staffs are also very kind and knowledgable.


Henry Terlep

22 August 2019

Justin was extremely supportive throughout the duration of our case. He gave us detailed answers for all of our questions and concerns. I would reccomend him to anyone in need of immigration assistance. More...



15 August 2019

Mr. Justin is well experienced and very supportive. I liked his professional efficiency and positive attitude.


Siavash F.

5 August 2019

I was referred to Justin and his firm through a colleague at UCSF. After my initial consultation with Justin, it was clear to me that he was very knowledgeable and I knew I could trust him whole-heartedly with my case. Justin not only has an exceptional communication skills, he also takes responsibility for the entire course and prepares you for any potential outcome. Our case was approved within 10 months and I couldn't be happier to have worked with Justin and his firm. More...


Sandra Grycko

1 August 2019

Justin is a very good lawyer. I was happy to have him help me become a permanent resident


Jay P.

19 July 2019

I called this office today for my immigration case which requires to present a special document at the interview. A lady -Shanrei - who answered phone was so informative and kind to assure what I am supposed to bring it in.


James J.

9 June 2019

He is very informative and genuine guy. His knowledge and skills were excellent.I went there to know more about EB-5, his information and research were excellent.I would love to work with him about my immigration issues.Definitely worthy firm.Trust me, you never disappointed. More...


Kelly Padgett

19 May 2019

I can't say enough good things about Justin and his team. They have worked very hard with us on our immigration issues. The whole team is thoughtful, courteous, and professional. I highly recommend this firm.


Zahir R.

1 April 2019

The Law office of Justine Fok is outstanding and professional. We had a series of events in March 2019 and faced a little problem with US visas. This law firm helped us till the problem got solved, everyone of the band got their visas and we had amazing events here in three states. I like to work with this law firm again and definitely recommend them for all. Thank you Justin and Kruthi.Moe More...



25 February 2019

I had a free consultation today. It is amazing. I wish my company can choose Fok team as our immigration lawyer.


Divian Narendra P.

15 February 2019

Absolutely world class. I had a complex business and migrant visa pending. He was able to compile an extensive and fully prepared packet for the embassy. My interview was supposed to be hard. I was asked my name and profession. I can only say the lady serving me had all her answers already in this packet. Look no further. His advice is priceless. Call me on 4153166948 if you ever want more personal advice on my story or the way in which Justin operates. He's a seasoned attorney is a sea of not so great attorneys and legal advisors. Thank you Justin and your team. I have felt safe in your hands from day 1. More...


Florence L.

6 February 2019

Justin is super helpful.I just tried my luck to find an attorney from yelp to check out the procedure on my son's case. Frankly speaking, I don't expect too much at the beginning.Justin and his team impressed me much. Justin called me back on the same day and explained in details to my question. I have no doubt to recommend Justin and will certainly hire him to help my son's case.Thank you Justin and the team. More...


Hyon L.

28 January 2019

I came to Justin and his firm with a tricky immigration case, but immediately after the initial consultation, I knew I could trust my case with Justin.Justin not only is exceptional at communication, as many others have also said in their reviews, but he really takes responsibility for the entire course.  There were a few hiccups along the way for us, which were not his fault, but Justin went out of his way to correct the path using his own time and money.  I don't know any other lawyer that does this.Not only that, when there was a sudden law change that completely impacted our approach, he was able to let me know within the day of it happening and knew exactly how to change our course.  I talked to my friends that were going through a similar process and their lawyers had no idea about this change until a month or so later.  Justin really has his ear close to the ground and has a plan for everything.I wish I could write more than just one review, because my process took over a year and he was never short of amazing every moment of the way.Needless to say, Justin nailed the bull's eye with my case and I couldn't be happier with my result! More...


Serena D.

7 January 2019

I hired Justin without even meeting him face to face first. That's how much trust I had for him and his staff. From the initial interaction, I knew that I'd enjoy working with him. He's professional, knowledgeable, personable, and extremely responsive. The entire process has just been really smooth and streamline. He took the time to chat with me to understand more about my situation and offered the best solutions for it. My case is a bit unique and tricky. For every questions that I had, Justin and his staff would respond in a few hours, if not, within 24 hours. I never felt like I had to worry or follow-up. As soon as they get an update on anything, they'd let me know right away! I highly HIGHLY recommend this firm! More...


Elizabeth M.

20 November 2018

The work done by John and Kruthi was exceptional!!.. Since day 1 you feel that they are completely focus on your case, taking the time to understand your situation and have an open discussion about any doubt you have... And best of all my case was approved!! More...


Ken S.

31 October 2018

Justin is an excellent immigration lawyer.  He was two of eight lawyers who said I can get green card. Most of them said no chance, and  another one told me 50% or less chance and charge me twice as much of Justin.  His advices were so pertinent and timely, and I got one!  All my family is so happy now. I highly recommend him. You won't regret! More...


manali shah

28 October 2018

Great dedication towards each of his cases. Amazing service. Highly recommended for H1 B visa.


Ken Shimokawa

28 October 2018

He is such a great lawyer. He is only two out of eight lawyers for my case that I can get green card with higher probability. Others said 50% or less, or no chance. And he did. His advice was so efficient and timely.I highly recommend to engage him as the immigration lawyer!Thanks Justin. All my family members are happy. More...


Shenglan Crystal Duan

28 September 2018

Very responsible and detailed feedback quickly~ Highly recommend for any immigration needs.


Brit C.

18 August 2018

I'm so glad I found Justin and his team. They helped us get our daughter her citizenship. I don't know how I could have done it without them. His prices are extremely reasonable and whenever I had questions they responded within hours. I would highly recommend this law office for any of your immigration needs. Thank you Justin! More...


Heather Bouchard

30 July 2018

I had a great experience with Attorney Justin Fok and his assistant Xinwei! I was referred by a friend who also had success with this firm. Immigration is a stressful process with moving to another country and uprooting your whole life. But Justin was very clear from the beginning about which visa was applicable for me and my husband, the steps involved and estimated timeline. All documents were processed quickly and Xinwei always followed up with us. I never had to worry about being forgotten among other cases, although I know they are very busy. We did have a very difficult time with another company that verifies nursing documents. The company CGFNS posted their review time as 1 month, but according to many can take about 6 months. However, Justin and Xinwei followed up with this company almost daily to get my documents processed. I think I would still be waiting many more months if it was not for their help. I can gratefully say I have a TN visa and will be looking at more longer term visa options with this firm!! I would definitely recommend them to anyone interested in immigrating to California. More...


Sayida B.

25 July 2018

Law offices of Justin G Fok, is one of the most professional organisation that I have worked with. They are the best lawyers in town. It is good to be working with a firm who knows what they are doing and have high values in giving great customer service. The most impressive thing is their genuine interest in helping the customers. It is a difficult combination to have. They are very thorough, quick, accurate and work with depth on each case. I was deeply impressed with the extent they go in handling the case, the whole approach is holistic and supremely professional. Justin invests personally on his cases and his staff is equally competent. I do not have enough words to express on how phenomenal this firm is. My 100% recommendation for them to anyone who is looking for their case resolved in a speedy , professional manner with great results. I am lucky to know them and all my future work will always go to them. More...


A G.

24 July 2018

Justin & his office were easy to deal with and very professional. They were quick to respond to our questions and concerns.  We are very happy with the service we received. More...


Kyle B.

3 July 2018

My wife and I highly recommend attorney Justin G Fok and his office manager Xinwei! We were referred by a friend who also had success with this firm. Immigration is a stressful process with moving to another country and uprooting your whole life, but Justin was very from the beginning about which visa was applicable for us, the steps involved and estimated timeline. All documents were processed quickly and Xinwei or Justin always followed up with us.They are extremely reliable and I would definitely work with them again. More...


Hytham Bedawi

26 May 2018

If you want your Visa approved I highly recommend Law Offices of J Fok. Last November I started my online research to find the best and most reputable immigration company in SF Bay area for the investor visa application. I have narrowed the search to 2 firms, and after initial contact and the followup from both companies, I preferred Law Offices of J Fok as their efficiency, ethics and approach were on point.Following Justin's advise, on Jan 18 I arrived to the US on B1 Visa, and under temporal business visa started my search for business acquisition. It took me 3 months to find & buy my business. Justin did all the paperwork for my LLC incorporation as well as all prepared all documents for subsequent E2 visa filing. After that his company has applied for my E2 visa priority/fast track service as I requested ( it was supposed to take 15 business days for approval instead of 3 months of regular processing time) and to my delight our Visa was approved 6 days later after submission!!!!!I am super happy, the Law Firm of Justin Folk are highly professional, well organised, very efficient and friendly.I will be using Justin's services for all my future legal work.Thank you Justin and all your team!!! More...


Michelle Hoover

26 May 2018

Justin is an experienced, polished, articulate and effective immigration lawyer. He even has experience with federal courts and can take on complex immigration issues. Our company met with him to have an overview about how he can assist with international work visas. He is known as an expert in this field and has many small/medium and even large size corporate clients. We were thoroughly impressed after meeting him and appreciate the prompt replies and support by his attentive team. More...


Barath Ezhilan

26 May 2018

Justin provided timely feedback on my EB-1B application (which was prepared by my company's attorneys). His suggestions were on-point and greatly improved my petition. I highly recommend Justin (even if just for second opinion). More...


Michelle H.

16 May 2018

Justin is an experienced, polished, articulate and effective immigration lawyer.  He even has experience with federal courts and can take on complex immigration issues.  Our company met with him to have an overview about how he can assist with international work visas.  He is known as an expert in this field and has many small/medium and even large size corporate clients.  We were thoroughly impressed after meeting him and appreciate the prompt replies and support by his attentive team.  A big shout out to Lillian for always helping when we have a question! More...


Andrew N.

2 November 2017

It was an absolute pleasure working with Justin. During my consultation, Justin was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about my complex subject of interest. He took the time to explain every step that was needed. I highly recommend this firm! More...


Rj B.

26 October 2017

Mr Justin Fok and his staff are exceptional.    We had been looking to put together an Estate Plan and looked and interviewed several local attorneys. Our initial meeting with Justin was very easy and we felt very comfortable discussing our thoughts with him. Justin provided very keen insight and guidance and we just inked our plan and cannot be happier.  All hypothetical circumstances and our nuances were discussed and we are in good hands. Big 5 stars for Justin.  Highly recommend he and his team of professionals. More...


Zhao S.

21 September 2017

It is May 2017, I contacted Mr. Fok, because my case is out of normal processing time.  Mr. Fok and his assistant Mr. Alex was very friendly, responsible and prompt responded all my email, phone call. We cooperated several month, finally, Mr. Fok and his team helped me work out my case within a very short time. Mr. Fok is really an excellent lawyer, his professionalism, his integrity and friendly attitude, all of these characteristics impressed me. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Mr. Fok if anybody need an immigration attorney!!! More...


Roy B.

1 July 2017

Justin Fok is amazing.  I had an urgent matter, and he made room in his schedule to see me the same day.  He was very quick in comprehending the issue and very informed and competent.  His fee structure is fair and straight-forward.  In sum, I had a pleasant and effective interaction with Justin and can highly recommend him. More...


Ali Adlene A.

31 May 2017

We were clients of Justin G Fok Law Offices,  with Justin G Fok as our Immigration lawyer. We would like to take this opportunity to Highlight what a thoroughly outstanding job that they did for us in our Immigration case. Justin and his Team were the complete professionals in their handling of our case. They kept us informed on every aspect of the case from start to finish. We greatly appreciate and thank you for your help and hard work. me and my family absolutely recommend the Law Offices of Justin G Fok to others seeking professional and successful Immigration Services. More...


Teddy S.

19 March 2017

I have been working with Justin since late 2013. I have been through 3 major immigration applications. I feel lucky to have had Justin along the way!!!No Objection WaiverI had a J1 Visa that was subject to 2-year rule. Before finding Justin, a few the attorneys I talked to had no experience on how to effectively obtain a No Objection Waiver that's needed from both Department of State and China Consulate. Justin made it easy for me! He explained the process and laid out the documents I needed to prepare. He and his team diligently reviewed everything to ensure 100% ready for submission. Within a standard timeframe, No Objection Waiver was granted!I485 Petition based upon Marriage to US Citizen (Gay Marriage)The successful outcome to obtain No Objection Waiver laid the ground work for my I485 application. Within a short time, Justin and his team helped me and my husband understand the process, documents needed, as well as the preparation of various documentations. He personally reviews the documents prepared to make sure our case is fully supported with evidence. The case resulted in an interview. Justin prepared me and my husband. Our interview went very smoothly, which resulted in approval within a few days after the interview. The whole I485 application took less than 5 month.I751 Remove Conditions (Waiver needed due to divorce from spouse)Unfortunately, my marriage ended in divorce prior to removing the 2-year conditions on the green card status. Justin is extremely experienced in handling various challenging situations that clients face. The situation itself was already very stressful, but his expertise, knowledge, and timely and accurate legal advice and guidance really put me at ease and helped me focus on gathering the right documentations and evidence that was extremely crucial to demonstrate good faith of the marriage. The case review took longer than normal. Justin and his team constantly followed up with USCIS case reviewers to make sure things were moving along. When I finally received the notice to appear for an interview, Justin prepared me and my ex-husband and made a few very strategic decisions that helped build the case on the day of the interview. On the same day of my interview, my I751 petition was approved!!!If I were to use three words to describe Justin's practice, they would be: compassionate, experienced, and strategic! I am certain that I will continue to come back to Justin for legal advice for any future immigration-related matters! Thank you, Justin!!! More...


Robert P.

11 February 2017

First off....Justin is a great guy.  I met Justin through a mutual friend that was raving about him.  I have to say...he's the real deal.  Without getting into specifics, Justin is the most caring and detail oriented Immigration Attorney that I've ever met.  He took the time to really help.  He also explained how someone can "Self Sponsor" themselves.   I absolutely would recommend a conversation with him More...


Younis E.

24 January 2017

Dealing with Justin and his team was probably one of the best experiences in my life. The immigration case was very complicated and had many turns to navigate. Justin made it very easy, and talked to us, explained every little detail and most importantly whenever we were in doubt or had questions, -which we always did- we were able to reach him whenever we needed to. I believe that's one of the key things you look for in a lawyer, availability. He will take your call day or night! That's a huge plus! He was able to go through all of our worries and navigate them with us one by one. I can't thank him enough for putting my mind at ease. And making is easy for me to go to the interview. Which was a success Justin is really a great lawyer and I wish if I ever needed another lawyer he'd have the professionalism, the attitude, the integrity and care that Justin showed us. More...


Aletta W.

23 January 2017

I've had the pleasure of having Justin and his team assist me from the start of my case and during its completion. I can say without any hesitation that I would very much recommend Justin for anyone who's considering the services of his law offices.Having such a exceedingly solid, professional, and communicative lawyer to help during what can be a complex and difficult process is worth its weight in gold, and Justin has delivered in spades on every step of the way. To add to the previous yelper's review, my experiences with Justin has been nothing but positive indeed! More...


Katherine M.

13 January 2017

Justin is awesome! He was beyond helpful in guiding us through the immigration process. He and his staff made the entire ordeal incredibly easy and painless (Julia Lan is so wonderful too--we would email her with the smallest, simplest questions and she made us feel important and valued, no matter how little the question might have been). From our first meeting to our last with Justin, he was supportive; not only in helping us to be completely certain that we had all of our paperwork in order, but on an emotional level as well. He gave us complete confidence that we had nothing to stress about, and it made our process with immigration practically pleasant (at least as much as dealing with loads of paperwork and bureaucracy can be!). He is incredibly knowledgeable in his practice, and in the end we walked away feeling like we had not only been represented with expert guidance, but also with genuine kindness. Thank you! More...


Manal M.

17 November 2016

Dealing with immigration issues can be daunting but Justin has helped us through the process flawlessly. He was on-top of everything from the start, stayed way ahead of the game, and was happy to answer any and all questions at any stage, from the most basic to the most complex. He has inspired confidence every step of the way and has followed through, ensuring this process was as effortless as possible.I couldn't have asked for a more professional, friendly, or positive  experience! More...

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At the Law Offices of Justin G. Fok, we are committed to providing you with personalized legal services that best fit your individual needs. We take pride in establishing personal relationships with our clients that begins with the promise of accessibility to your attorney to ensure the best possible outcome for your legal matters.


With over a 98% immigration case approval rate, The Law Offices of Justin G. Fok has the comprehensive, real-world experience to successfully represent our clients with their immigration needs.

Our unique experience in both tax and immigration law allows us to prepare and implement pre-immigration tax planning strategies that allow our clients to minimize their tax exposure prior to becoming U.S. tax residents.