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Landmark Credit is providing the services of Credit repair with the best strategies.

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Amanda S

16 July 2019

I have had nothing but great experience with this company. After just my first set of disputes went out I had several collections deleted and even a repossession removed!! Also had a collection company write me a check for violating my rights! DEFINITELY recommend!! More...


Joe M

16 July 2019

I used Landmark Credit Repair a few years ago. Before my scores were so low I couldn't get approved for anything. Once I started with Landmark, I was told I would see results in as little as 30-45 days, and believe it or not I actually did! In that short amount of time I had already seen many old accounts drop off of my reports. During this time I was advised to get a credit card and start using it for gas and groceries etc. After about 7 months I seen my scores go from 480 to 720. I was even able to purchase a brand new vehicle with a low interest rate! Their system worked well for me. It's hard to get through this world with bad credit. That's not a problem for me anymore thanks to Landmark. More...


Steven H.

25 May 2018

Brad and his team is working hard to get things right. My score has went up from 530-630 in a months time. The last 6 months was a little slow but they were able to expand and finally offer me help.


Phillip R.

14 March 2018

This company post their member's personal information onto their Facebook page. They have a member's collection account numbers listed fully. When people comment about it, they are banned from their page. I do believe that they are committing a violation by putting this member'a personal info out in public for anyone to see. More...


Tanesha L.

20 July 2017

I used this company in Tyler, Texas to repair my credit. I was skeptical because of the many scams that are out there, but I found this is a reputable company and the helped me immensely. I was able to raise my score using this program from the 450's to 690's. I was approved for a home loan and refinanced my car to get a lower interest rate. They removed many negative items from my credit reports and I am glad I used this service. I suggest to anyone if you are trying to improve your score, this is the place to go. More...


V M.

19 April 2016

Get your credit fixed, have sent many people here and they have had astounding results. Thanks Brad!


Useto W.

23 March 2015

Maybe led lights would help. Warning stay away.

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