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Kasbah Kosher Restaurant, one of the most well known of all kosher restaurants in NYC, is famous as one of the best upper west side restaurants in NYC. In collaboration with our world-class Executive Chef, the Kasbah kosher restaurant in Manhattan has created a deliciously tempting menu featuring traditional American favorites as well as Kosher Middle Eastern specialties.

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Yossi Berrebi

16 September 2019

By far the best Pastrami sandwich you can have in NYC!!! And the Argentinian Fillet is second to none! The best kosher place we’ve been in NYC!


Miryam Rosenburg

6 July 2019

Good kosher food.. little bit pricey and small servings.. overall not too bad.. looking for kosher meal in upper west.. this is it


Elli thekingofbroadway

13 May 2019

Great food. A bit pricey but worth it.


Ina Anid

10 April 2019

I love this restaurant. Good for my stomach and for my soul! Great service, the meat is excellent, the atmosphere is so friendly- I always end up making new friends! Highly recommend!


Donna Tulkoff Schwechter

25 May 2018

I like this place so much !! We love the food. It’s always delicious and the service is always good. I love that they are open late. So much to choose from on the menu. The only thing I don’t really care for that it’s too dark and the seating is really tight. Also they should get rid of the lubovitch Rebbe videos. More...


Mushkie Engel

11 March 2018

Really fantastic food and service. My family made a party there recently, with a group of 20. The manager was extremely helpful, accommodating all our special requests while keeping the price pretty reasonable, and the food was absolutely delicious - I particularly recommend the meat cigars and all of the steak options! Waiters are friendly and came to check on our table pretty frequently. We had a lovely party and will definitely be back. More...


Larry Kahn

15 January 2018

The food, the service and the atmosphere are all fantastic. Enjoy!!!


Victor Ofstein

23 October 2017

Great choice of steaks and burgers, delicious sushi, and informal, low key atmosphere. An UWS favorite of ours for over 15 years...


Matt Bob

11 November 2016

Although I had a problem with the Moroccan cigars, shell not philo like and soggy food was otherwise good as was the service.


Lisa Gareleck Fogel

18 July 2016

Loved it. Clean, good portion, fresh, of course met someone who knows someone from where We live.


Yonatan Ben-Zev

16 November 2015

The food is very decent. The service is pretty good though a little slow. The obsession with Chabad is a little unnerving - 2 video screens playing movies of the Lubavitcher Rebbe all the time, pictures all over the walls and divrei torah on the tables.


Shlomo Golombeck

3 May 2015

Great food! Great service! But I didn't like the ambience. A bit too dark, and too much "forced Lubavitch" if you know what I mean. :) Would highly recommend. Don't forget to say a vort for a free desert! More...


Joel Dinin

8 March 2015

Best EVERYTHING!!! Atmosphere, food, dessert!!!!!!!!!!


Tzvi Shumulinskiy

19 December 2014

Went with my wife last night. Food was excellent, really next level burgers. The presentation was meh and the TV did not help the ambiance. Will probably go back again sometime... More...


Greg Starr

8 December 2014

I have never had a meal I didn't like here. This place is consistently great, though a bit expensive. I love this restaurant. Do yourself a favor and order the roumaki More...


Yehoshua Solomon

18 November 2014

The matzo ball chicken soup hit the spot. Burger was incredibly tasty!!