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Phil C.

31 August 2019

While working up in Plymouth area, we actually saw the band 'Quiet Riot' leaving the hotel while we were checking in (and didn't get to ask for autographs!). Anyhow, that same late evening, we wanted some ramen or soup and fortunately found this place (on Yelp of course).  We had the spicy ramen and multiple types of sushi rolls ... *everything* was great and delicious!  The place started get packed but luckily we got quickly seated before it got too busy.  The sushi chef was knocking out the orders with the place having a friendly vibe about it, especially closer to the bar area!  Compared to Houston TX ramen and sushi shops, this place was an awesome find and worth experiencing.  Enjoy the eats! -pC More...


Elizabeth P.

5 August 2019

Fantastic! The rolls were delicious and the mixed drinks were great! The kids ordered the Kogi fries and thought they were amazing!


Amber J.

25 July 2019

The sushi is pretty good and fresh from here, was visiting for a couple weeks went here a couple times. Spicy salmon and spicy tuna were both good rolls, also tried the fire cracker which was pretty spicy but very good. I went on Wednesday's because of the "discounted" sushi on that day. Otherwise would have been too expensive for me. I took away one star because of the waitress who was actually pretty rude a couple times once while I was there and another time on the phone. I got take out and she was trying to refuse me low sodium soy sauce to go, like it was too much for her to put some in a container instead of giving regular packets. Also when I called to ask about the sushi specials she was so short with me on the phone and then started to speak so fast I couldn't understand her, very rude, I think her name is Ashley. I hung up and called later to speak with someone else. I wouldn't call this place the "best sushi" but seems to be the only good one in the area. I had much better sushi in surrounding towns so my tip is save the sushi for another time and go to some of the great seafood places in the area instead. Would I come back? Probably not unless my sushi cravings came out on a Wednesday More...


Derek M.

20 July 2019

Food here is incredible and the staff are super friendly! Went there with my Dad on a Thursday and got the "Build Your Own Ramen" special with an appetizer of edamame and all of the food was so perfectly cooked and had the right level of spice. We each got bubble tea and that was equally as amazing! Can't wait to come back here! More...


Kristin C.

2 July 2019

If I had to chose one meal to eat everyday for the rest of my life, it would be from here. The Dolsot beef bibimbap was to die for. Enough said. Just get here.


C B.

23 June 2019

This place is awesome! I don't eat sushi but I'm told it's great here. However, I know for a fact the Kogi fries, Katsu Chicken, Kogi Tacos, Ramen, and bubble teas are all pretty fantastic! The owner/bartender is ridiculously sweet and makes a pretty mean Bubble tea. More...


Christina B.

5 June 2019

I dined here a couple days ago with a girlfriend. We ordered the kimchi gyoza which was very good. My friend ordered the bibimibop in the stone bowl and really enjoyed her meal. I ordered the veggie ramen spicy, I was a little disappointed. I'm from Hawaii so when I saw ramen on the menu, I had to order it. Everything in Hawaii is made fresh and I could definitely tell the noodles were not fresh and almost tasted like the cheap spicy ramen noodles you can buy from the grocery store. We ordered 4 Mochi ice creams which were really good. I would come again but would not order the ramen. More...


Karen H.

30 May 2019

I am in love with this place!! Crazy good food! Really nice staff friendly and fast service!! Such a great find! Parking is terrible due to it being in the center of town but it's worth a few trips around the block to find a spot!!


Bill F.

28 May 2019

My daughter favorably compares the food here to her trip to South Korea. We have yet to be disappointed here. The Bi Bim Bop is crazy-good every time! Save yourself a 20 hour plane ride and eat at Kogi. More...


Anne R.

12 May 2019

Great tasting food! We opted for no spice on the ramen, which eliminates a major flavoring ingredient but it was still pretty good! Service was fast, even on a busy day. My husband's order (bbq skewers) we're tagged as spicy so he had asked for the spice to be on the side so the kids can have some if they wanted to try his food, well they charged us for the sauce. Not a game changer, just unnecessary. More...


Patrick C.

6 May 2019

Food is always so fresh & tasty. Cool bar to sit at & eat. Just a great place!


Jess S.

5 May 2019

I loved their food! Boba was on the sweeter side but it was still so good. My sister got the beef bowl thing that is in a super hot black bowl that's still cooking when it's brought to you (I forgot the name) but she loved it! And I got the OMG sushi which was super good just kinda tasted too much like wasabi I think it was the sauce they used on it. Danielle was super sweet too! She was one of the sweetest servers I've ever had in my life!! More...


Christen V.

11 April 2019

Delicious ramen and sushi! Super friendly staff! You get a fun and casual vibe. Family owned restaurant that cares about quality!


Jonathan M.

21 March 2019

The sizzling pork belly is absolutely amazing! My wife loved the chicken skewer box.  This is the 4th time this week we've gotten takeout for dinner there.  The best part about moving to Plymouth is being close to this place. More...


Meredith L.

19 March 2019

Best Korean restaurant you can find in Plymouth! I have gone to this place multiple times. I have sat just at the bar, been here for an after party lunch for a wedding, and many times for dinner as well. Doesn't matter if there's a small or big group of us. They have always been accommodating. Service both at the bar and table has been awesome while the food is exactly what I expected. Yummy!! I recommend for everyone to try it there. More...


Jim W.

21 February 2019

Kogi Bar & Grille is a unique culinary experience. I recently made my first visit. The food was delicious, the staff were extremely friendly, and the decor was beautiful. I've never been to a Korean Barbecue restaurant, and I'll definitely be back! I tried the spicy Raman Soup with Chicken Katsu and also a California roll. Both were delicious! The Ramen soup was hot and spicy which was refreshing on this winters day. More...


Jenny W.

21 February 2019

This is my new favorite restaurant! I got the spicy ramen with spicy wings and I absolutely loved it. And the waitress was great today. Definitely recommend this if you're in the downtown area! Also the prices were pretty good considering that was the biggest bowl of soup I've ever had! More...


Jamie A.

10 February 2019

I had the agedashi tofu and stone bibimbap for lunch. Food was so good that I had to get some takeout to eat for dinner because I had no more room in my stomach but wanted to try more! I wish I had a restaurant just like this where I live. More...


Steven E.

9 February 2019

Great sushi, rolls and more. The soups are great and the bowls are nice too. Not the most charming interiors but sitting at the bar is great. Service always friendly and food is good for this Plymouth spot. More...


Michael B.

23 January 2019

Kogi is one of a kind Korean dining experience on the south shore.  Spicy beef ramen is just the thing to warm you up in the cold tundra we know as plymouth in the winter.  It has also helped me ward off a cold on many occasions. The sushi here is the best around and is a great mid meal snack to dig into between your ramen and a sizzling bulgigi bipmbap. The Korean burrito is a go to for my wife along with the vegetable spring rolls. My kids love the chicken skewers and edamame. The owners are extremely nice and welcoming and Ashley at the bar during lunch is fantastic as well. The drinks are always perfect they have a great selection More...


Heather B.

22 January 2019

Great authentic Korean food.  Owner is always there and interacting with the customers.  The have a great selection of craft beer and unique liquors.  You cannot go wrong ordering their Soon dubu (spicy tofu soup), Dolsot Bibimbap (stone bowl), spicy ramen, or any of their sushi.  They also have ramen night on Thursdays where you can order your custom made to order ramen bowl. More...


Abby M.

17 January 2019

KOGI is one of my favorite places to eat! It is a super clean, modern, and friendly environment. The food is amazing! I have never had anything I didn't like. Everything is fresh and very tasteful. The service is always fantastic as well! More...


Cassandra G.

6 January 2019

Loved this place. Had the chicken katsu which was crispy and delicious. My wife had a bibimbap, which she said was the best she's ever had. Staff was friendly as well.


Anna Y.

4 January 2019

My husband and I were visiting my sister in law (and her husband) over the holidays and they were craving Asian food. We went the day after Christmas. We got there before 1pm and we got seated right away. My sister in law have been there and she knows good food (she owns a Pizzeria in Worcester- The Corner Grille) so she helped us order. We got a variety of things. For appetizers: Ummas Rangoons - Curry, cream cheese, and crab meat. This is crab Rangoon but sorta like Indian inspired because of the curry. It was sooooo good! I haven't had anything like it. 4.5 Stars. Chicken Skewers- it had a little bit of Bbq sauce on it which was tasty so 3.5 Stars. We also had Asparagus Tempura - 3 Stars and Asparagus & Apple Roll - 3 Stars. Now for the Main Event: we each ordered our own entrees and also shared 3 sushi rolls. Let's start with the sushi rolls: SHAGGY DOG - 4.5 Stars. SO GOOD.shrimp tempura, avocado, crab meat, tobiko, spicy mayo, wasabi mayo, kabayaki, micro greens.O.M.G. - 4 Stars. GOOD.shrimp tempura, avocado, torched tuna, salmon, and yellowtail, honey wasabi, spicy mayo.TWIN DRAGON- 4.5 Stars. SO GOOD.salmon, tuna, avocado, cucumber, tobiko, spicy mayo, kabayaki, micro greens. We also shared Kogi Tacos - 4 Stars. GOOD!3 soft shell tacos with rice, bulgogi, queso cheese, kogi sauce, pico de gallo and lettuce.My sister in law had the Dolsot. Bibimbap Bowl while I had the Spicy Ramen. Both 4 Stars. Beware: The Spicy Ramen is soooooo freaking spicy! I mean, I'm Asian and love Sriracha that I eat it with everything but Man.. I couldn't take the heat on this one but it's soooo good! Overall, we were all very pleased with the quality of the fish and the food that was served. The staff was also super attentive and nice.We will definitely come backkkkk!!! LEGIT AMAZING! More...


Kaelani C.

1 January 2019

Thursday is the best day to go for ramen night because you can choose all your ingredients. Very good food and the bubble tea was great.The ramen and tea where 2 first for me and I was pleased. More...


Goudy L.

29 December 2018

Good food, great ambiance! No over amplified music and there is enough light so you can see your food. Good selection of less common liquors and whiskeys at the bar. Try the Dolsot Bibimbap and tequila mai tai.It would be nice if they provided traditional banchan with the meal. More...


Sarah P.

24 December 2018

I really enjoyed the bubble tea, the food came out quick it was tasty. If you like spicy food go here! Great atmosphere.


Elroy P.

13 November 2018

Awesome place ! Great food and very reasonable pricing !! My only negative is that they are closed Mondays! LOL


Robo T.

8 November 2018

Great korean/ramen/sushi fusion in downtown Plymouth.The kimchi dumplings are spicy and delicious.  The spicy chicken skewer is marinated in gochujang goodness.  The bolgogi sizzling platter honestly didn't come out sizzling but it was hot and delicious - served with lettuce wraps and rice.  Other people in the party got the spicy ramen with chicken katsu and it went over well.Recommended! More...


Laura D.

21 October 2018

3.5/5Became busy shortly after 6:30PM on a Saturday.Pros:-All-gender restrooms-Variety of Japanese and Korean dishes-Can moderate spice level in ramen (none, low, mild, hot, lava)-Fairly good service, though a little slowCons:-Street parking--Small Bulgogi Plate ($12.99)The bulgogi beef was good--possibly a little too sweet and slightly too fatty (one piece was not chewable). The rice paired well with the beef sauce. Chicken Katsu Ramen ($12.99)The chicken katsu was great--super crispy on the exterior and soft on the interior. The ramen was comforting and the noodles were very tender. Low spice was not even detectable, so if you want a little kick, go for mild. Tofu Bibimbap ($12.99)All elements tasted fresh, but this was a little bland. Would definitely try the stone bowl bibimbap with beef or some of the sushi options if I returned. More...


Jennifer P.

10 October 2018

This is a very Americanized Korean/ Japanese restaurant.  I was craving Korean and read the reviews so we decided to try this place out.  I want to say up front that I had already set myself up for failure because expected traditional Korean.The interior is inviting and they have amazing Korean wings!  That was literally the highlight of my meal.  The ramen was ok a little flat and missed the mark.  The bulgolgi platter was decent.  The kimchi was - ok...I would come back and try this place again I hope they offer some of the small Korean plates I'm used to like cucumber kimchi, pickled daikon...the list can go on and on!  I think my next visit will be for the sushi and some yaki mandu! More...


John G.

4 October 2018

Really impressed with the simple sushi rolls here.  Had spicy tuna, spicy hamachi (I like that they go with that name), and tuna avocado.  Like a total snob, I was hesitant to try raw fish rolls outside of NYC metro, but I'm really glad I did.  Will definitely be back. More...


Jeff W.

7 September 2018

Having heard nothing but praise about Kogi, we decided to give it a try We were not disappointed We celebrated a birthday and had a great experience Food was spectacular and everything is fresh and made to order You can tell this place has a good handle on everything I'm a big fan and can't wait to go back


Terri M.

23 August 2018

Great Korean food! The bibimbap was amazing! The ramen bowls were delicious and filling! Kid friendly, clean, simple decor, great service!


Dana W.

10 August 2018

Stopped in in our last day for lunch on the way to the airport. The restaurant is comfortable and spacious.Got the spicy hamachi roll, small pork belly plate, and spicy seafood ramen. Sushi roll was very good, nice taste and texture. Pork belly was a little sweeter than we normally like, but tender and tasty with a nice kick. Spicy ramen lived up to its name, nice and spicy hot with a good mixture of shrimp, mussels, and several types of fish cakes. Normally I'm not a fan of fish cakes, but these were really good. Great to see a good Korean restaurant in Plymouth! More...


Greg L.

8 August 2018

Kogi is great! I don't know Plymouth that well but I know Korean food. They had a great menu of Korean fare but with a bunch of sushi too.  The food was spectacular and had great spice. I had the medium spice Ramen bowl and it was still very spicy and the sushi I had was excellent.  The Korean House chicken wings seem to be a specialty and were very tasty.  I also had the spicy tuna on crispy rice balls which were excellent but the rice balls could have been a bit smaller in order to pop them in your mouth while rather than several bites. I would absolutely go here again if I wanted something spicy in Plymouth! More...


Nicole C.

14 July 2018

I want to eat here every day of my life. Oh my - why have a I waited so long to eat at Kogi?! It was recommended by a friend so we finally stopped in on a Saturday evening and ended up just sitting at the bar. We got: sushi, the scallion pancake, the Kogi tacos, and the spicy tofu soup. Everything was to die for. Sushi was fresh, my husband LOVED the tacos and said that they were incredibly flavorful and tender. We shared a wonderful scallion pancake, but the pièce de résistance was the spicy tofu soup. It comes bubbling in a skillet and they give you a raw egg to crack into it. By the time it's cool enough to eat, the egg is perfectly cooked. They also give you rice to add....OMG. The best thing ever. Since our first visit, we've been back several times and tried many different sushi rolls and dishes. We are never disapointed. This is my go-to place from now on. When it's my turn to choose, I will always choose this place.If I had to pick one thing to change, I don't like the size of the wine glasses. You know I love this place if that's the only thing I would change. More...


Leslie-Ann M.

12 July 2018

Love this place. The Ramen is to die for! The family that owns and runs it are super nice. They are slowly decorating it so it feels a bit less cavernous. I haven't had the sushi yet but my family has had the bulgogi and loved it too! This place is a must! More...


Tim B.

19 June 2018

Excellent!  Bibimbap Stone Bowl (with egg and Kimchee) was outstanding!  Seriously super hot bowl kept the food as if it was fresh off the stove for about an hour!  Delicious and plenty of it.  Service was also excellent.  When visiting a place like Plymouth I typically like to try as many different places as possible so I don't repeat much from visit to visit but this is one place I'll be back to for sure!  We almost didn't go in because it didn't seem like much from the outside, but we were told that the food and ambiance was very nice.  So glad we decided to give it a try!  Definitely try it for yourself! More...


Brian D.

13 June 2018

Got Alligator, Red Dragon, Fire Cracker, and Russian Roulme rolls for the group I was with. All the sushi was extremely good. They have a fun twist on the Russian Roulme... if you get the piece of sushi with the wasabi in it, you also have to do a shot. Of course, I got the piece with the wasabi and it was HOT. Great food, good service, and good atmosphere. More...


Lei Y.

29 May 2018

Very yummy! I went there with my family. We had very good dinner. Asian people's food always very healthy and light. I love it.


Salome F.

8 May 2018

I can't say enough about how amazing this place is. Delicious authentic dishes, an immaculate dining area and a wonderful staff. The same waitress has been there every time we have gone and she is so attentive and thoughtful and delightful, totally adds to the overall experience. Between my husband and my 5 kids we have tried a large portion of the menu items and everything has been a 10/10. The only problem? It's too far from where I live for me to go everyday! More...


Grape J.

29 April 2018

I've eaten so much ramen here that my water weight is probs 95% broth. Best ramen & sushi in town!


Matthew S.

6 April 2018

Great food and atmosphere. We dine in and get take out all the time. The only place to get veggie ramen with in 50 miles of Plymouth.


Sarah R.

19 February 2018

Kogi is one of the best restaurants in Plymouth.  The food has been fantastic every single time I have eaten there.  I go as often as I can. You can't go wrong with a single with anything on the menu.  It is all delicious. The staff are friendly and welcoming!  Great people, food and place! More...


Nicole S.

19 February 2018

I cannot say enough about Kogi. You know it's a good restaurant with phenomenal ownership when you go so often you become friends with everyone who works there! We can't walk in without someone asking us about our son or wanting to know about the latest news in our lives. Everyone is so kind and friendly it creates a family atmosphere unlike anything I've seen. I don't know anyone who isn't invested in Kogis success bc we would be lost without them!! Friendly atmosphere and owners aside, The menu is AMAZING Their spicy ramen and stone bowl dolsot are probably my favorite but their sushi is so fresh and creative we end up ordering that too!! My fiance goes in for the poke and  hamachi kama and other specialties that you can't find everywhere. My son loves their fun 'street food' fusion options like bulgogi tacos/burritos and bubble tea. Girls night generally ends up at the bar with Patty making AMAZING pineapple drinks. There really is something for everyone there.  I'm baffled by poor yelp reviews bc as someone who has been there as often as possible since they opened and whose friends live/work downtown and go there 1-3x a week, there is just no way an experience was SO bad that it warranted a write up. I know had they had a fluke bad day and talked to management it would have been rectified immediately. In a tourist town with so much traffic you're bound to get negative people with busy thumbs but PLEASE ignore them bc Kogi is an experience you won't want to miss and who knows? you might just join the locals hot spot family before you leave!! More...


Kelly R.

17 January 2018

The bibimbop is so yummy. I don't east sushi, but my friends have said the sushi is really good as well. Hey have yummy mixed drinks, and I've always had really good service.


Dave M.

8 January 2018

We go to Kogi frequently and the food and service has always been outstanding. Highly recommend the Shrimp Tempura roll, and Dolsot stone bowl with Beef is great as well.


Steve A.

21 November 2017

I really love the bimbambap in a granite bowl. It's so hot the rice is crackling. A little hot sauce and this dish is on fire!! Staff is friendly as can be.


Mark D.

4 November 2017

We visited Kogi for the first time for a late lunch.  I was very impressed.  The chirashi and sushi were excellent.  The rice was also outstanding (just a tad warm with good flavor), which is a sign of a sushi chef who knows his craft.  Having traveled to Tokyo over 100x, I am very discriminating when it comes to sushi and sashimi.  We will definitely return for dinner soon. More...


Julia F.

8 October 2017

Great sushi. The sushi was delicious, and the salmon tasted very fresh. The bi bim bap was delicious but it was in a stone bowl which kept it really hot to eat. Miso soup was good. The only thing is the staff is a little overworked. The hostess is the bartender and waitress. She was really nice and helped a lot it just seemed she was running around a lot. Overall great find. More...


Rowan M.

4 September 2017

I love this place, from the food to the people!  Highly recommend the sushi, though the dumplings were also amazing. :)


Brian C.

23 August 2017

This place is awesome.  The food is authentic and delicious.  The staff are super friendly and attentive; especially the bartender Ashley.  I would totally recommend this place to my friends. More...


Sammie T.

3 August 2017

Food is delicious, staff is welcoming and sweet! Best Korean BBQ I've ever had! Would totally recommend Kogi to anyone!


Rumi W.

2 July 2017

Pretty good. I really liked the spicy pork belly dish. Had some HEAT. Child ate edamame and white rice per usual. The rolls were ok... I can't have avocado and they forgot to omit it per my request.Spider roll had to be remade, sorry chef. It was Soft shell crab and I wasn't pumped about it, at least not in the way I really love softball crab. The restaurant is nice, clean and the staff very nice. More...


Victoria E.

13 June 2017

Love it here. Specially hand made crab Rangoon with curry is to die for. Scallion pancake will always keep me coming back for more! Wish it was cheaper but that's the price you pay for good food! More...


Paul F. M.

25 May 2017

Having recently traveled to South Korea and enjoying the Korean cuisine.  I was very pleased with the food at KOGI. We had the Ramon noodle soup that was very spicy (yes I love spicy food). We also had an order of grilled beef. This was wonderfully spiced but not spicy. Some of the food has been Americanized (like using a taco shell). You wouldn't find that in Korea. The wait staff were very pleasant and knowledgeable.  If you have questions they can help you out. The food arrived fast and hot. Give KOGI a try, you will love it. More...


Jaimee E.

13 April 2017

Their bibimbap is very good but the star of the show is the half priced sushi rolls on Monday and Tuesday. I love the tropics roll or the zesty tuna. The presentation is very nice, the fish is always fresh, and the rolls are creative! This is my go to for sushi More...


Kim S.

24 March 2017

Amazing!! Make sure you get the hot stone bowl Bibimbop!


Justine M.

10 March 2017

Let me start with our waitress was out of this world. Everything and then some that you want in a sever, sadly can't remember her name. Spunky punk girl with above the shoulder hair. We tried the avocado and spicy tuna maki. Both unbelievable, stuffed so much tuna into the rolls that it came out of the bottom! So fresh and yummy. My son got the miso soup that was good, husband for some chicken with rice and carrots. He said it was so so but it was really good. I got the tacos... OMG to die for!!! So much fresh flavors bursting in my mouth I was in heaven! A must try ! More...


Jasmine W.

9 March 2017

I had a wonderful time at this restaurant . The food tasted authentic, like a home cooked meal. I'm from New York City and the taste competes with the top places I have visited in NY. My favorite things here are the sushi, kalbi, and ramen - all decent portion and price. The kalbi especially is a great price since I'm used to paying $30+ in NYC.Also the kimchi is a must try, way better than many other places I've had.Th sushi is hands down one of the best sushi I ever had. It tastes super fresh and well crafted.Keep up the good work! More...


Anna K.

31 January 2017

They make seriously delicious sushi here!!!!!!!!!!!! Work of art and really yummy and fresh! Also they do 50% off sushi Tuesdays!


Heather A.

24 January 2017

Best Korean BBQ I've been to! Fresh sushi, polite staff and very clean environment. My fiancé had the  sizzling Galbi (a must try!) while I enjoyed the Dolsot Bimbap with marinated beef! We will be back to try more of the menu! More...


Samantha E.

14 January 2017

Amazing food! Clean restaurant and a nice atmosphere as well.  My husband and I ordered the shrimp gyoza, the ummas rangoons, and we each had the spicy beef ramen. OMG! Those rangoons are like crab rangoons on crack with the addition of curry powder! Yum! If you like spicy food then you must order the ramen! We ate and ate and ate and each brought home a quart's worth of leftovers. The bowl is HUGE!!! So flavorful! I can't wait to go back again because I've spent half the day wishing I had another glass of pineapple bubble tea with mango "bubbles." I highly recommend Kogi! More...


Rick K.

11 January 2017

Another meal and another 5 star review! This place has the magic touch. It's so nice to be "wowed" when you eat out at a restaurant! We had 2 sushi rolls and of course my favorite the Kogi tacos, which are outstanding! The Bog roll was my favorite and the Red Dragon was great too! Also, we got the sushi for half price since it's a Wednesday. They are having a half price sushi special on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so if you're a sushi lover there's no reason for you not to come here! More...


Chelsea R.

6 December 2016

Oh. My. Gosh-- THIS PLACE!My family and I took a quick trip to Plymouth for the day over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. My grandmother lives in Taunton while the rest of us live further south. We don't get to travel around Massachusetts often so I thought Plymouth would be nice and while using Yelp to find surrounding food, Kogi happened to pop up. Oh so glad it did! We got here early so it wasn't packed. The interior is open, big, clean, and there is a lot of seating options. Our server quickly greeted us and got our drink orders but I was quick and put in some app too. Our first app was Ummas Rangoon. I chose this because of the fun spin they put on it. They added curry! And Im a sucker for some Curry so this was a must try. It was very good! I love fun spins on traditional foods. We also got an order of the Goyza. And honestly, it wasn't memorable. But, no points lost because the entrees picked up the slack.For entrees we got the Kogi Tacos, Spicy Ramen, and the Sizzling Galbi. My tacos were AWESOME! They fit my food style to a T. I ordered them because I liked this weird Korean/Mexican infusion they had going in this entrée. It was a flour tortilla, with pork belly, rice, lettuce and queso cheese on top. Most normal people would probably look at this and think, "Ew, that sounds terrible". But I look at it and think, "I feel like I couldn't get this anywhere else! I must try it!". And I was so happy I did. This entrée comes with fries. The fries actually sucked. I think they were just fat frozen potato wedges from a bag. And if they weren't, that's exactly what they tasted like. Dry as all get out. BUT I hate fries anyway, so I didn't care. My dad had the spicy ramen. He's one of those people that will order spicy food and then say, "I hope its not spicy". *Inset questioning emoji here*. I didn't tell him it would be a bad idea to do that because my second line of thought was, "If its too spicy for him then I can have it and he can order something else". haha. Anyway, the ramen came out and it was RED! I was automatically scared for him. He let us try a few bites and I thought it was PERFECT! It was the type of spice that builds. But he finished his whole big bowl and didn't make a peep! So I knew he was in heaven. Lastly, my sister got the Sizzling Galbi. This was recommended to us by our server. My sister always likes to ask the servers what their favorite thing on the menu is and order that. Thinking they know what's best. This was one of those times that line of thinking bit her in the butt because this dish was very "Meh". It was just Korean style ribs with rice and lettuce. The ribs were good, they were a bit on the chewy side, but the overall dish was very boring and one we could have gotten anywhere.We finished off with Bubble Tea and I'll have to say, this was the best I had ever had! We got the coconut flavor. We were thinking it was going to be blended but it was served over ice. The bubbles weren't too big, and very smooth. They had other bubbles that were like gushers? You could choose what flavor you wanted in your tea. Sounded like a really fun concept, and one that I had not yet heard of. But we stuck with the traditional. It was a perfect finisher to our crazy awesome meal in Plymouth! More...


chris N.

13 November 2016

amazing Korean bbq food for the area sushi is bit over priced for quality but Korean food is hard to find


Alex C.

31 October 2016

Kogi is one of the best places to eat in Plymouth. I left some previous reviews complaining about the cleanliness and they've since improved. Considering the price and location, I give it 5 stars. Best sushi on the south shore, Korean short ribs are unreal. More...


Victoria S.

26 October 2016

This place has some of the best sushi that you can find in the area. The prices are completely reasonable and they have 1/2 price sushi deals on certain days. The staff is wonderful and the food is great!!! More...


Steven C.

21 October 2016

Yikes, crazy good Korean comes to Plymouth.  Imagine if they had a little Bim Bim Bop at that first thanksgiving.  Put a little Kimchee in the TeePee... (I digress)My ex had been here before and I love good Korean.  We started with a veg tempura roll.  Nice crunch and good choice of veggies (Asp, Sweet Pot, Jalep).  I went with a spicy seafood ramen for the main event.  It was sublime.  Spicy flavorful broth that was almost velvety in a deep flavor and great chunks of seafood (fish balls?  Who knew they had them?). It was as good as anything I've had in Japan.Family owned, food crafted with pride and love, solid value for the price - hell yeah, we'll be back! More...


Josh C.

14 October 2016

The food is always great and the service is fantastic. Rushell and Jasmine are excellent waitresses and I recommend this restaurant to every one.


Tandi H.

9 October 2016

Amazing!!!! We went to Kogi a month ago and I can't tell you how many times I've wished I could just go back whenever I wanted. I live far away, so it's a treat! The bimibap is one of the most amazing & fresh dishes I've had. My husband got the spicy ramen. I can't rave about it enough. The broth was indescribably delicious!!We also got the fried pork dumplings. They were so light and crispy that when our waitress came to check on us we put in a second order. I'll definitely be trying several other things the next time we get to go to Kogi. More...


Robert R.

24 September 2016

We've been twice in the past month. Delicious both times. Will return soon for a new appetizer and bubble tea.


Christina N.

30 August 2016

Food is great. Very tasty, I would love to try their bubble teas sometime. The bulgogi is my favorite dish.


Randy A.

29 August 2016

Pattie and her family have done a great job adding value and diversity to the limited dining choices in the area. Korean was a bold experiment and I think they are succeeding.Kogi has a multifaceted menu that I would break into Korean BBQ, Ramen, and Sushi.Young restaurants that are good continue to evolve quickly to remove the rough spots and I've seen Kogi do so.  It's not perfect but I expect it to keep getting better.  I've been a half dozen times in the last six months and will continue to be a patron. More...


Stephanie R.

28 August 2016

So yummy! A coworker recommended this place and I'm so glad he did. I love Korean food, but there isn't much around for choices. My husband got the Bulgogi Box and I got the Dolsot Bibimbop with a coconut bubble tea. Everything was delicious. We will definitely be going back! More...


Shane P.

24 August 2016

BIBIMBAP!!! I love you so. The Tofu soup was out of this world too, and my friends ramen was comparable to what he got in Japan. Staff: helpful and friendly, willing to help us make some special requests to the menu.I found everything including restrooms very clean, not sure if Alex hit a bad day or what. More...


Elise L.

14 August 2016

A group of friends and I came up to try this place from New York and let me say, this spot needs to be in NY too!!!! The food was awesome! Atmosphere was great! Staffs were so accommodating! And best of all, the drinks were BOMBBBB! We came here on a Saturday night and it so happened to be karaoke night too (our favorite) we sang the rest of our nights away with a happy belly ^__^ More...


Kate S.

9 August 2016

I went here with my 9 year old after visiting the museum just up the street (which was great). I looked at Yelp and saw that Kogi had great reviews. My son likes sushi but he's pretty specific about what he likes.  He asked if they had something with smoked salmon and avocado and what did we find but the Philadelphia roll, which also has cream cheese. I ordered the Spider roll, which was fried soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber, carrot and rice rolled up in seaweed. They were both delicious.I decided I also wanted a variety of sashimi so we ordered a sashimi plate with 5 different kinds of fish on it. I know it had salmon, tuna, salmon eggs in a pretty little cup made of cucumber and octopus. It had two other kinds of fish that I was unsure of what they were but they were both great. The presentation was beautiful.Our waitress was friendly and helpful. The place has a full bar with two TV's.  The menu is extensive with not only all kinds of sushi, but noodle bowls, chicken, beef, and other Japanese-themed food.It's hard to find good sushi (even on the coast like we are!) and this was the best I've had in years.RE: the bathrooms, I did not venture into the bathroom but I can say that if a bathroom is in rough shape it is not necessarily a reflection on the kitchen. I work in kitchens and I can say that typically the cooks clean the kitchen, and the servers are in charge of the bathrooms. I can't say for certain, but please don't judge a restaurant so harshly based on the bathroom. More...


jeff u.

9 August 2016

Ok I am a sushiaholic. I travel weekly for work and eat sushi two or three times a week. This place is magic. Everything is incredible. So light, fresh and delicious. Well done Koji. More...


Leslie T.

23 July 2016

Came here for bubble tea, ended up drinking another 3 more. Too good to pass, must try! Food is great, awesome atmosphere, friendly staff.


Teshigi S.

22 July 2016

All the way from Tacoma, WA! Hey all my name is Teshigi, (This is a Korean name. I am part Korean!) I'm here in MA for the summer visiting my dad. Back home I'm used to having Korean food pretty regularly, so anywhere me and my family go to get some we definitely are ready to critique it! Earlier today my dad and I walked in to Kogi and and enjoyed two delicious meals. I myself had a Korean Burrito. It came with lightly salted steak fries that were fresh and hot. And the burrito itself was stuffed just absolutely fantastic. We were the only customers at the time so we got our food fairly quickly. Our waitress was very courteous and upbeat. Our server (one of the cooks) was also very friendly and dished up some great looking food. The bulogogi meat went extremely well with the added sauce as well as the avocado. I definitely can already taste my next meal and I hope I can get back out to Kogi sooner then later! -Tesh More...


Heather M.

16 July 2016

My family and I have gone twice now and we absolutely love the food! The staff is very helpful and friendly as well! It is on the pricier side but it's worth it. Can't wait to go back!


C B.

15 July 2016

Best kept secret in Plymouth!  Awesome wait staff.  Great bar. Delicious food.Hard to find good asian food on South Shore.Love the volcano roll. (real volcano attempted)Dolsot is granite bowl is crunchy, happiness!! More...


Lucy B.

9 July 2016

The kogi tacos were really delicious with the spicy sauce. I also got the mango and watermelon bubble tea. The beef was kind of cheap tasting, but the rest of my taco was delicious. I'm happy I found a local Korean take out restaurant! More...


Jay H.

27 June 2016

Outstanding Korean BBQ ribs, excellent Chicken Katsu and the sushi is fantastic. Tuesday's have half price sushi all day, which makes it an excellent value as well. Great addition to the downtown Plymouth area and I highly recommend stopping in.  We will definitely be back! More...


C S.

23 June 2016

Lovely atmosphere, excellent Korean food! Can't recall the name of the veggie crispy bottom rice dish served in a sizzling iron pot topped by poached egg but it was outstanding!


Marin J.

19 June 2016

Kogi is a great addition to the Downtown Plymouth area. I have been three times since it opened and each time everything we ordered was absolutely delicious. (We have only tried the Korean menu, so can't speak for the sushi, but it looks amazing!) Be warned, there is no children's menu to speak of, but my kids love to order the Katsu (chicken cutlets) which is plenty for all three (9, 8, and 2) to share! The chicken skewers are also a good bet, but are a little spicy, so you may want to ask for the sauce on the side if you can. The Bibimbap is great, as is the Ramen, and Bulgogi. Servers are excellent; friendly and informed about the menu. The owner is super nice -- the first time we were there she came over to the table, encouraging the kids to try the kimchi. When they did, she rewarded them for their adventurousness with a free scoop of ice cream. Love it here. Will definitely be back many times! More...


Jhaki W.

16 June 2016

This is the most amazing authentic Korean food. I have tried every item on the menu. Everything is delicious.  The Sushi is the best.  The service is great.  You can't see it from the outside, just go in you'll be happy you did. More...


Jack W.

30 May 2016

Food was excellent; very disappointed that I had to pay extra for kimchi--the first for me as I eat Korean food all over the country.


Scott O.

24 May 2016

Wow what a surprise in Plymouth! Extensive bar choices And tons of apps. We just had drinks and apps at the bar and were not disappointed. The bar tender (I think his name was Paul) was social and helpful picking out drinks and apps. The food was very good, try the Korean flavored wings and tuna rice balls. Even the dumplings were top notch. I will be going back here for sure for a full dinner. More...


Rosie Q.

14 May 2016

When you walk in this Korean restaurant, the first thing I noticed was how spacious it was! Definitely a great hang out spot if you have a group since there were plenty of seats that lined all the way down the long bar table. Service: Our bartender was very friendly. I was there by myself at first and she engaged immediately and suggested a beer to my liking! Food: Crispy Tuna Balls- It's not on the online menu! The only thing with this is they should work on the presentation on this appetizer just a little bit, the avocado was breaking apart, regardless it still tasted amazing!Must-try: Sizzling Galbi- For $25, so worth it! The sauce they used to marinated short ribs was spot on Korean BBQ style! They're served with rice, kimchi and even romaine lettuce for the option of lettuce wraps instead of just eating it with rice. Nice way to mix it up! More...


Peter S.

20 April 2016

Korean food is very good. California roll is odd. They used different kind of crab meat that tasted almost like canned crab meat. Unless you like that taste of crab meat, I'd avoid any sushi with crab meat at this restaurant.The location is at the heart of downtown Plymouth so parking space can be very challenging especially on weekends. More...


Heather G.

1 April 2016

Went this afternoon for a birthday lunch for my sister. She had been before and loved it. We had a great time it is very clean and nice atmosphere.  We got all kinds of things from sushi to ramen and everything in between. There were 6 of us and we will definitely be returning. The food was all so fresh and light.Can't wait to go back, our waitress who as it turns out was one of the owners was excellent, really pleasant and helpful.Went again today for a quick lunch, everything was great but I'm sorry the ramen is just not good it lacks flavor. It was like a broth of water and hot sauce left it untouched and waitress never asked why I didn't eat it.so I must take back  star. More...


Melissa M.

25 March 2016

Food is different, but phenomenal. All food is made fresh to order. While that sometimes means it's a little slower to come out, it's well worth the wait. The Dolsot (Stone Bowl) Bibimbap is frigging amazing. The food stays hot for so long and the crunchy rice at the bottom...OMG try the Koji fries...Great beer selection...forever rotating...only has 4 taps but good bottle/can selection as well. People I've been with to Koji looove  the bubble tea variety and rave about it.Staff is knowledgeable and friendly and always great.  I didn't want to come here before, now I'm addicted and can't wait for next visit. More...


Blake L.

21 March 2016

Welcome Kogi Bar and Grill :)  In a town where there are endless restaurants to choose from, I think I have found my new favorite spot!  The bartender was friendly and knowledgeable, the drinks were DELISH and the food was amazing.  We opted to sit at the beautiful, brand spanking new bar and started the evening off with a Prairie Dawn cocktail.  It was artfully prepared and delicious.  We order the Kogi fries as an appetizer; it was a simple dish but it came out quick, fresh and the flavors were incredible!  I opted (per the recommendation of the bartender) for the Yellow Dragon sushi roll.  It was the best sushi I've had on the South Shore.  The attention to detail was incredible... I've never seen a roll so beautifully put together!  My date ordered the Bulgogi and loved it.  The beef was really tender and again, had amazing flavor.  My only regret is that I didn't have any leftovers to take home.  Can't wait to go back and try some of the other menu items! More...


Jonathan K.

20 March 2016

Came here for the first time on a whim. The staff was very professional and helpful with the food choices. We ended up ordering the bulgogi, phili sushi, and spicy ramen soup, which was the best Korean food we've tried in awhile. We definitely recommend to stop by if you're in Plymouth!! More...


Marla K.

21 February 2016

A friend of mine raved about Kogi Bar and Grill so I was very excited to dine there.  The food was exceptional and the Bubble Tea was out of this world.  I purchased some fried rice with tofu for the folks at home and they said it was out of this world delicious.  Can't wait to return and most definitely highly recommended.  Oh, and definitely order the miso soup....yum! More...


Calla F.

9 February 2016

A new restaurant just opened up near my house and I have been patiently waiting to try it. Not because I am a lover of Korean BBQ, to be quite honest I never had anything labeled Korean BBQ before, but because they offered Bubble Tea. I work in the city near China Town and regularly head over for a wonderfully satisfying cup of bubble tea but when I head to the South Shore, such a thing is difficult if not impossible to find. Needless to say, the Bubble tea got me in the door. Once in the door I decided I needed to try the food too!Since they opened I've been there a number of times. During my first experience I sat at the bar during lunch hour which was quiet but steady. Seems like they do a lot of to go during that time. Not knowing what to order I decided on what the guy next to me ordered. It was Cup Bap, which is a large plastic cup STUFFED with rice, vermicelli noodles, vegetable and I chose the beef. It comes with a red spicy sauce that I poured generously into the bowl. You are meant to mix it all up, according to the Owner who came over to see how I liked the place. She was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. She made a few recommendations which I stored in my head for the next visit. The Cup Cap was good but I would probably like a little more of that sauce on the side to amp up the flavor punch! I know they would have happily provided but I just didn't feel like asking.The second experience was OUT OF THIS WORLD. This time I was with the hubby and we sat at a table. I never mentioned the actual space. The restaurant has a decent amount of space and a long bar that probably seats about 10. The ceilings are crazy tall and makes it feel really spacious. Its located in an older building and the way the space was transformed still leaves some of that old character exposed. The waitress was pleasant. Everyone seems a little reserved but maybe it comes with being a new hire. Either way it didn't bother me. We ordered the Kogi Tacos and Chicken Skewer Box. The menu does not provide much detail so you either have to ask the staff or dive into whatever they put on the table. Before our meal came they brought over some homemade Kimchi, delicious. My husband decided to eat it all before the food came out, stating its like a tiny delicious salad, but I hoarded mine like a protective animal until the actual food came out in case I wanted to mix flavors!The Kogi Tacos were made with the Bulgogi beef and came with french fries and a delicious pink sauce. It kind of looked and tasted like a sweet Aioli with a twist. I'm sure the cook wants to punch me stating "that's not what it is at all," but its the only way I can think to describe it so sorry. The tacos had rice, cheese lettuce and beef and I added some of the mystery sauce. AMAZING a must try. Honestly just get them. Fries are fries and they didn't really add anything but they filled the remaining void in my stomach so it worked.I've been there on two other occasions for sushi and ramen. Both experiences were very pleasant and the food is good. I loved my sushi rolls! Fresh and delicious. The only complaint I had was with the ramen which is spicy and for someone who likes some spice but not too much I found it difficult to enjoy the broth. The chicken was a little tough as if it had been reheated but even at that the flavor was still great. I'll probably even give the spicy ramen another go to see if its improved the second time around. Best of luck in Plymouth Kogi! Hope you stick around there are a lot of other dishes on your menu I still need to try! More...


Bill B.

4 February 2016

With all the choices in downtown Plymouth this is a must experience! Reading the reviews the scallion pancake did not disappoint. It's a large portion. Ramen was served in giant in bowl and was spicy. Dosot bowl was hot and sizzling. Portion were nice size. Service was friendly and efficient. Safe to say this place will be in business for years to come More...


Adam S.

3 February 2016

Kogi (that's KO-gee, not Ko-ji, FYI) is just great.  We went there when they first opened and had only a limited menu.  It was good for sure.  Flash forward a few months and we head back on word of their full menu, awesome sushi and huge ramen bowls.  It's all true!  Just outstanding.  This is a family run business. They are friendly and make great food at a fair price.  Stop reading this and just go. More...


Bree S.

1 February 2016

This place is a gem! Run by a family wholives in town (tonight the mom is cooking, the aunt is rolling sushi, the daughter is working the bar). I live in Plymouth and I am so happy to have Kogi downtown! This is our second time here, and once again we were impressed. Delicious, and unique sushi - and the spicy ramen is absolutely incredible!!! It's a small place on Main Street, but they have a full bar and bubble tea! Everyone in town needs to support this new place. So good! Can't wait to come back. More...


Andrew N.

30 January 2016

The best tuna sushi evah!!!    I'm very critical when it comes to restaurants.  That being said I can't say enough about this place. Service was great, very fair prices and the food was phenomenal.  Scallion pan cake awesome.....chicken Katsu awesome and the sushi is certainly better than anything else on the Southshore.  Don't miss this place I highly recommend it. More...


Thomas K.

30 January 2016

Bibimbop! If you have never had it....go get some. Have missed Korean food since leaving NY. No more.The bop, with meat, was excellent. A mish mosh of flavor from the over easy egg over beef, surrounded by bean sprouts and veggies, over excellent rice.Perfect for a cold day. Kimchi not as hot as I like it but very good.Wife and son had bulgogi and plates were cleaned. Thy were very happy with the flavors. Good portions, fair prices...excellent food.For apps we did get the gyoza, shrimp and veggie....I wanted one steamed but got both fried. Those were average IMO. Not good, not bad.Next time the bop and bulgogi will suffice....and suffice it will!!! More...


Shelley R.

11 January 2016

I'm not a Korean food expert, but I love what I eat here. As a vegetarian I appreciate the choices and the service is excellent.


Swedish C.

29 December 2015

Finally something other than a bar with lame pub food. We have more than enough of these in Plymouth. Great Korean inspired menu more Americanized than authentic, but it works. Start with the Kogi tacos, vey good and very filling. Lots of flavors you may not recognize but will certainly appreciate. Also try the spicy ramen bowl. Just the right heat with fresh vegetables and hearty broth. Great on a cold day. Honorable mentions. Crab Rangoon and the pot stickers ( forgot the Korean name for these ) both excellent. Fully stocked bar and bubble tea, haven't ventured into one of those yet. Friendly service a plus. More...


John M.

26 December 2015

Awesome place with the option for bar seating or restaurant dining. They also have a take-out window and bubble tea! Next time, I'll be taking a bubble tea to go.For appetizer, try Umma's Rangoons. These aren't your classic cream cheese and crab meat rangoons. Umma's are full of a more curry-flavored concoction. Definitely memorable.The Bibimbap is delicious and beautifully served. If you've never had this Korean classic, I'd recommend trying it for your first time at Kogi. More...


Jenna M.

8 December 2015

I selected this place from the Yelp reviews and I am more than happy I did. Patty served us. She is super friendly, and had great suggestions. The scallion pancake is phenomenal, full of fresh veggies and super crispy. Shrimp tempura roll was yummy and we couldn't get enough of the bibimbap, rice with veg a tofu. You won't be disappointed! More...


Sheryl S.

1 December 2015

THE GOOD Excellent food ... Really good !!!!Authentic , large portions , fabulous dinner !THE BAD Bartender took forever to make two simple drinks . On a busy night , I can only imagine the wait time .....I wanted to jump over the bar and make them myself !!!THE LACKING Ambiance was completely lacking !!! No background music , lights turned on full blast at dinner time . Zero effort made to create a cool or chill vibe . Very institutional , not at all inviting . More...


Gabriel A.

1 December 2015

great spot!  authentic food, reasonable pricing, prompt service.  will definitely go back.


Jeanne G.

30 November 2015

Driving from Boston to Cape and stopped based on reviews. We were just as enthralled as previous reviewers. All fresh ingredients. We had the marinated beef short ribs and scallion pancakes--both delicious. Korean short ribs are thin but extremely tasty, and the scallion pancakes are served more like a pizza--also tasty. The owners are lovely and have done an amazing job renovating the space. The ceilings are very high; there is exposed brick on the bar wall, and the overall decor s very clean and inviting. This is a new restaurant well worth supporting and enjoying. More...


Jake H.

24 November 2015

Wonderful freshness. Great service. Fair prices. Sushi was great (Wherever they get their salmon from is out of this world So it must be space salmon) Ramen was very nice. Seaweed salmon was terrific.


Michael C.

23 November 2015

They had me at  tempura asparagus and vegetable dumplings.  Seriously cool place and the food is great.Wait staff were friendly and suggested different options and dishes.Definitely coming back.


Vin C.

22 November 2015

Wow , nice addition to downtown. I'm giving them my "best new restaurant" award.  Lots of new places have opened in the last year but these guys are the best of the new bunch.  Good fresh food , large portions, and extremely reasonable prices.  The atmosphere is clean and modern. A combination of various asian dishes obviously Korean with a sushi and other japanese type disshes. My only complaint - I found the menu confusing it needs better organization but hey , take your time and you will not be disappointed. More...


D. C.

18 November 2015

Absolutely amazing atmosphere and food.  I first ate here with my friend Myung (from Korea).  She is very picky about Korean food, and she loved it.  Now, I have been back a few times and each time it is better than the time before.The atmosphere is very inviting, and I especially love the Kogi Tacos.  Their sushi is also terrific.  Try the Red Dragon Sushi, and you will not be disappointed.Finally, the owners are awesome!  They are very warm and friendly.  My #1 recommendation for a Plymouth Restaurant. More...


Laura C.

18 November 2015

I have been to Kogi four times since it opened two months ago. I love it! There are several other options for sushi in town and this is by far the BEST place for sushi. Fresh, flavorful, and beautiful presentation. The red dragon is my favorite so far. Patty, the owner, is so friendly and will help you with anything you need. A definite must if you are looking for a great place for lunch or dinner in Plymouth! More...


Dean W.

11 November 2015

So psyched to find out that a new Korean restaurant was opening up in town so we took my mom out for her birthday there last Sunday night, and again for lunch with the family last Sunday afternoon.. From all appearances this is an old-school mom and pop operation (literally appeared like the mom, dad and son are in the kitchen, with number one son serving as runner and number one daughter out waiting tables!) but apparently that's not the case. Patti the owner is a Plymouthian, and Paul is the former award-winning head chef of Bluefins sushi in Chatham. While the atmosphere is a little stark (You can tell they're focusing on the food and service first, the rest will come if they can sustain...a good thing!) but the bar was appointed nicely. One quick fix might be a few plants, and turning off the overhead florescent lights in the main dining room. They had these great wrought iron chandeliers in there that would cast a nice warm light like they had in the lower-ceiling back dining area. This said, we were here to eat. Having eaten my fare share of good and not so good Korean in Boston, on the westcoast where Koreans outnumber Chinese joints 3-to-1, this place is right on the money. Where on the west you can find places that are opulent to almost sterile (one place we went too in SF once had kitchen standard stainless steel everything (we took this to be hold-over styling from Japan-occupied Korea where the Koreans were forced amongst other things to desire durability and utility over aesthetic), what we found was authentic, comfortable, clean, quality, value, and friendly service to boot. Dad came out to say hello and check in a couple of times and we all got a friendly wave walking by the kitchen on the way to the rest room. Since Plymouth has some decent sushi places (Sushi Joy, New Tokyo, even New World Tavern right up the block from them) what was happening here was quality and quantity for the value. We got sashimi Unagi, yellowtail, and the tuna/mango tartare for apps and all were generous and super fresh, and priced just below what you'd do at the other full-on sushi place.We also tried the scallion pancake which is the size and depth of a small pizza, cup bap which is vermicelli and rice with mixings, mild chicken wings, and for entrees the fried rice and iron bowl bibimbap complete with Korean spicy BBQ and fried egg. Everything was standard fare so didn't try the Americanized dishes some mentioned (next trip!) just to see if they got the basics and everything was top notch, served piping hot and perfectly presented and flavorful. For the lunch round we tried Spicy Beef Ramen, Spicy Pork Belly, and Kogi Fries. Ramen was dead-on, Pork was similar to Hunan style beef but you spread rice and the pork onto a chard of romaine and eat it open faced, delicious. Kogi fries slathered with korean beef, white onions and I think Velveeta made me think of cheese fries at Nectars in Vermont...For dessert, don't miss the bubble tea, totally refreshing light and different. You combo up tea type and flavor, and a flavor for the bubbles which are tapioca infused with fruit juice of your choice. Get the tapioca bubbles if you're into the sweet consistency of slurping down gelatinous fish eyeballs (haha!) or ask for the fruit-infused ones if you're into the burst of flavor. Several specialty adult beverages featured as wel..The kids had never tried it before, let alone tea, and were bonkers about sucking them up the oversized straws, and so much that Patti gave us a free 1/2 cup of them to go! More...


Erika A.

10 November 2015

This is absolutely my favorite place in Plymouth! I'm very particular and don't easily give 5 stars but this place deserves every one of them! I'm a vegan and they have tons of options for me here! Don't be deceived by the look front the street this place is gorgeous! Looks like a takeout place on the outside because they are still new but come inside and you'll be very surprised. Full bar and amazing food ! More...


Kianna C.

28 October 2015

Great food. My family is very picky and they loved the food here. Very flavorful and funThe tacos were great and really filling so you can have it as a meal or as shared appetizer. I'm going to try the katsu ramen next time!Their sushi was good too. Lots of options. More...


Joy R.

22 October 2015

My Mom and I were so excited when Kogi finally opened.  Some of the best Korean food we have had in a long time.  We shared the dumplings, bulgogi and chap chae.  All three dishes were amazing. The wait staff was also great, they were attentive and friendly.  We cannot wait to go back! More...


Alexander C.

19 October 2015

Surprisingly good Korean food, actually one of the best korean food I've had for a long time. I would compare Kogi to L.A korean food ( for those who do not know L.A is known to have great korean restaurants). I'm from New York and I would say a good 85% of these places are not great and over priced (I'm a very picky eater when it comes to korean dishs). But Kogi has a nice selection of dishes and the price is surprisingly low. Their Kogi fries are like a drug, it's something I never had and it's amazingly good. Also their sushi, hands down one of the best i ever had within my 24 years of living. Their sushi cheif is humerous and extremely talented. Try their ragoons as well, I probably can eat 20 of them myself. Great Kalbi to! I can not wait to go back to plymouth and try more of their dishes. Keep up the good work Kogi staff. Great people with amazingly great food. More...


Sherry K.

18 October 2015

Do you yourself a favor and eat here!  The food is beyond amazing and the atmosphere is so cool!  We had the Rangoon,  bim im bap,  Kogi tacos and chicken skewers.  ... All delicious!  All the food and sauces are homemade! We can't wait to come back. Thank you! More...


Leigh L.

17 October 2015

My husband and I were so excited when we first saw that a new restaurant was coming to Plymouth and having it be a Korean restaurant made it even more exciting! Today we came for lunch and it was everything we were hoping for! First, it's all very clean and welcoming and big. There's exposed brick, a large bar and plenty of tables. We decided to sit at the bar.The choices were all delicious sounding. We started with the crab rangoons. They were very crispy and really good! You could see large pieces of crab and the curry in them was good. I told my husband that they were my new favorite kind of Rangoon! It comes with a spicy mayo I think? It was good too! I ordered the Kimbap with beef for my main dish. I really wanted the Volcano sushi but wasn't hungry enough. It was so good! The soy sauce is not for these because they don't need anything. Sweet, crunchy, salty...perfect.My husband ordered the chicken katsu ramen. He loves ramen so he was excited to see it on the menu. It was served in a huge bowl with plenty in it! It was spicy and amazing! The chicken was crispy and really good. There's a lot of veggies in it, too.I also ended up ordering a raspberry bubble green tea with strawberry popping bobas because I saw them being made next to me. It was my first time having the popping bobas but it was so good! Definitely recommend.Overall, this place is so good! I would recommend to anyone as there's such a great selection of dishes. There's vegetarian options too! I can't wait to go back for my birthday in a couple weeks.Basically, eat here. More...


Judy D.

16 October 2015

My first impression was a bit pricey and my second was good. I am not familiar with Korean food, and I chose to have Cup  Bap, at $9.99 + $2.00 with beef--- clear vermicelli noodles with sautéed vegetables over rice. The meal was good, but it didn't wow me. I did overhear others raving about their meals, so maybe it was just my choice. I love the idea of having some ethnic diversity in Plymouth. They offer a lunch menu with items from $7.99 to $13.99. The restaurant itself is very clean, attractive and nicely done, and the staff is very friendly, accommodating, and anxious to please! I look forward to trying more dishes at this welcome newcomer to Plymouth!! More...


Chelsea T.

1 October 2015

Before visiting Kogi Bar & Grill I had never had Korean food, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I decided to get the Kogi tacos as my meal and was NOT disappointed. They were packed with flavor! The rice on the bottom really gave the tacos great texture and the beef and queso topping put your tastebuds over the edge. My boyfriend got the Katsu chicken which was thinly pounded out and lightly fried to a crispy golden brown, drizzled with a sweet yet tangy sauce to complement the crunch. Our server and our meals were absolutely fabulous! Give this new place a try and spread the word! You won't regret it. More...


Christopher R.

30 September 2015

Just got some takeout, got the Kogi Fries and Kogi Tacos.  Both are very good!  The fries are thick cut, drizzled with a cheese sauce and topped with bulgogi and a fried egg.  Delicious, and a very generous portion.  The tacos were also delicious and very flavorful, filled with rice, veggies, and lots of bulgogi.I didn't sit in the dining area, but it looked very nice.  Everyone was very friendly, and they said they just received their liquor license. Looking forward to going back and trying new things! More...


Mary P.

28 September 2015

Stumbled upon Kogi accidentally. Honestly the Bubble Tea caught my attention. Had it on the west coast and was delighted to find it right here in Plymouth. Sampled the Bulgogi, had the Katsu. Both were incredible. Can't wait to go back and try more. Great service, helpful and friendly! More...


Gregory G.

17 September 2015

Very good authentic Korean BBQ. I had the Bulgogi, great kimchi and awesome homemade hot sauce. Will definitely be back, they just opened from what I can tell so they don't have a liquor license but server said its coming soon. Based on food alone, very good.


Leo H.

12 September 2015

Great food and great service..I would highly recommend this place...great Bubble tea. .great Galbi (marinated short ribs) and the Spicy Pork was to die for