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Hayward Park, California


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Torin Knorr

5 January 2019

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23 October 2016

The building permit for our extensive home remodel was just approved and I wanted to take this opportunity to give a shout out to our architect, Torin Knorr.

My wife and I engaged Torin to create a home design that will meet our needs for a long time. My wife is a painter and I’m a photographer, and we needed a home that would support our art-making activities. Having separate large studios was a priority for us. In order to realize the space we needed and being constrained by our smallish lot, it was clear we had to build up. But we still wanted our MBR suite to be on the first floor to avoid constantly dealing with stairs. Most importantly, though, we were looking for a home with a floor plan and exterior design that embraced a welcoming and relaxed feeling. Torin came up with a terrific Spanish Colonial Revival design with strong California Mission style cues that will suit us perfectly.

It's been great working with Torin. He’s very knowledgeable, has a great eye for design, responsive, and is very easy to work with. We both highly recommend him!


Amir BenEfraim

10 October 2016

Torin is an outstanding architect and project manager. He designed our new home, which we love. We hired him again several years later to help us with a major re-model for an investment property, where he led the process from plans to completion. I would highly recommend Torin for any project you may have. More...



10 September 2016

Torin was our Architect for our home in Half Moon Bay. He is now our dear friend. He worked to achieve everything we needed and wanted in our home and listened when we talked about subjects like cooking and where to watch the 49ers. There are not enough words to describe what working with him was like. More...



8 September 2016

Working with Torin Knorr is a satisfying experience. He is knowledgeable, competent, imaginative, and most importantly, he listens. My wife and I had specific input which Torin was willing to consider and incorporate into his design. He also communicated well with our contractor. We would not hesitate to recommend Knorr Architecture services. More...



5 May 2015

My experience with working with Knorr Architecture,
- Design: creative, excellent
-Project coordination: excellent
-Client contact: excellent
-Building permit submittals: on time
-Construction observation: excellent



4 May 2015

I’ve worked with Torin for over 15 years as his geotechnical engineer on numerous new residences on the Peninsula. Torin’s designs are well thought out, practical to build, and high quality. His plans reflect the owner’s vision and the recommendations of the design team. Torin cares a lot about his clients and stays involved with his projects during construction as needed. I always enjoy working with Torin. More...



27 April 2015

I have known Torin Knorr socially and professionally for over 45 years. He is a multi-talented designer with an incredible depth of knowledge of all aspects of design and planning, from conceptual through construction. Knorr Architecture is known and respected by design professionals and their clients for crafting practical and functional design solutions, with the ability to effectively communicate projects to their clients, decision makers and diverse community groups. The firm provides comprehensive design services from permitting through completion, on-time and on-budget. It is a pleasure and privilege to collaborate on projects with Torin Knorr. More...



22 April 2015

We've spent over a year working closely with Torin to design and build our dream home. He is extremely collaborative, thoughtful, and knows how to push things through. Due to his wealth of experience, he has done a great job in shepherding us through the design and (now) build phase. We recommend him highly. More...



22 April 2015

What I love the most about Torin over any other architect we interviewed was that he listened without any ego! His work is amazing but he wasn't arrogant about it, nor did he make us feel his opinions were more important than ours. He was always listening and encouraging our ideas, and then turning our ideas into reality. He created a gorgeous "dream come true" house for us (and amazing guest house). Even after 5 years, I often walk around and just marvel at our incredible home. Torin, was so creative with the spaces and took advantage of every inch. He got every detail I asked for. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking to build their dream home. More...


Sydney Joyner

20 April 2015

I have not personally used Knorr Architecture, but have seen completed projects and always been impressed with the work! I have also heard nothing but good things about the company. I do know and admire Torin Knorr. More...



17 April 2015

Mr. Knorr was employed for renderings and conceptual designs of a project for an expansion of our residence, which included a four car garage, upgrades in landscaping, interior remodeling and changes to our pool area and patio levels. His participation rewarded us with ideas and direction that surpassed our wildest expectations. More...



15 April 2015

Torin did a great job designing our house! He's super-responsive, very thoughtful and creative, and fun to work with. He had a 3d model kept up to date throughout the process and was willing to meet with us wherever we needed to keep things moving.



15 April 2015

Knorr Architecture provided plans for an office expansion to meet the tenant needs in an imaginative manner that reduced costs and time to produce. Plans were accurate and complete for our requirements as well as affordable. The tenant is happy with the result and has renewed his lease yet again. Good work and result that I will use again. More...



13 July 2014

Knorr and associates have been doing work for us since 1973. I continue to admire the fresh approach on each and every project, whether it's ours, or someone elses. As a young man this architect honed his shop craft on fine furniture and cabinetry, creating some very original ideas. I would recommend this group all day every day to everyone serious about creating original ideas for living. James brolin - owner builder - oak country lumber and ranch supply - malibu and santa margarita, california More...



2 July 2014

We have worked on Knorr designs for over thirty years at Portola Valley Ranch. As HVAC, roofing, and sheet metal contractors, we appreciate Torin Knorr's practical designs, problem solving abilities, collaborative approach, and receptivity to suggestions. He also keeps the team focused on getting the project done, and when the project is done we feel pride in being a part of his realized vision. More...



2 July 2014

As Developers and Builders we used Don Knorr then Torin Knorr for our architectural work at Portola Valley Ranch and other locations. Don worked with my father for many years until he passed away. Torin then took over the work as our main architect. Torin takes the required time to listen to our ideas and is able to put them on paper for all to see and visualize. If you have a need for an architect I would recommend Torin Knorr. More...



2 July 2014

We collaborated with Torin Knorr on a project in the Los Gatos hills. The client wanted to recreate a Tuscan retreat and Torin's eye for original details required reclaimed Italian roof tiles and bricks, as well as Italian made steel doors. As a supplier of materials we appreciate when they are used locally in a manner that reflects their origin, and Torin's design, for example, blending reclaimed brick, with stone, with plaster demonstrates not just knowledge but the application of that knowledge in details to elevate a design to that of creating a home. More...



1 July 2014

Torin is a seasoned design professional with the practical knowledge and wisdom to turn imagination into reality. He really listens to what the owner wants and offers invaluable insight that can only come from many years of experience. His clients are always satisfied with the end results. As Torin's civil engineering consultant for the last 20 years, I've enjoyed working along side him on many difficult estate home projects. He is always a pleasure to work with. More...



30 June 2014

I wholeheartedly recommend Torin Knorr based on not only his work and outstanding resume of completed projects and very satisfied clients, but also his personal dedication to strive for excelence. Great work!

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