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A passionate and creative digital media professional who combines a love of photography, videography and all forms of media engagement with a talent for developing personal client relationships to create products that tell a story.

Recently founded Keen Eye Media, a Chicago-based digital media firm that is changing how you see life through unique and engaging visual experiences.

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Dan Weishar

6 June 2019

Keen Eye Media’s ability to tell our story through video has resulted in thousands of views that a young organization like ours usually can only dream of. Their work has helped us build a small local event into a production with nationally recognized talent that attracts a sold-out crowd of 3,000+ people each year More...

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Understanding your subject! Simply walking in front of something and snapping a photo will never properly convey your message. Taking time to understand the subject and the platform that the photo will be used on allows us as photographers to highlight its unique characteristics and bring the photo to life!

When can we get started?!

On a serious note, knowing where the project will be used, and what the client's objectives are, helps start the project off on the right foot!

Flexibility! Being able to translate a variety of creative services into a countless number of platforms and products is an unbelievable, professional freedom. On top of that, we never get tired of meeting new people and businesses who are just as excited as us to create something great!

I've always loved telling stories! Photography and Videography have always been my outlet to tell the best story I can. Owning my own business was the logical step in helping me connect with people and businesses who have a unique story just waiting to be told!

Keen Eye Media is about more than just delivering a digital file and calling it a day. We not only aim to produce a high-quality, professional product, but we also facilitate a straight-forward and positive relationship with our clients. If we can't communicate effectively with you, then our product certainly won't communicate with your audience. That's why we always love having open communications and being clear with our clients from start to finish!