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My passion is story telling through the lens, especially high school seniors and weddings. Every couple, every individual has a story, and my special ability is to capture the essence of the moment in a creative way to create a lasting image.


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Marcia Spear Rorai

30 March 2019

KC Studios is awesome to work with! She shot my wedding a few years ago and I am still getting compliments on her photos. She took all the pictures we requested and was very professional and courteous. If you are shopping around for a photographer look no further! She is the best! More...


Maggie Nieves

28 November 2018

Hands down best photographer out there! Not only did Kathy take amazing photos of my wedding but she was a key player in its success:) from the consult to the final product she was beyond professional and thoughtful. She asked questions about everything and took notes on family, guests and wedding party rolls. She asked questions I would have never thought to ask and was greatful for her experience! We had an outdoor wedding in August and did not have a rain plan... Of course it rained on everyone and everything! While I have heard that rain on your wedding day is good luck... We were not feeling lucky. Kathy knew just what to do and helped calm my nervs. She even got a clear umbrella and took my husband and I out to take photos in the rain! Those were my favorite! Overall the wedding was a beautiful disaster, but Kathy captured the love that surrounded that day! Thank you Kathy! More...


Rita Barnett Griggs

23 July 2018

Very impressed with the personal attention to detail.


Bailey Sarah

23 July 2018

She is awesome she did my engagement, wedding, and newborn pics she did an amazing job.


Sarah Thompson Laing

23 July 2018

I love the personalized touch! Kathy gets to know her subjects; this is represented through the lens of a true artist.


Sam Spear

23 July 2018

I am a professional photographer and videographer. And I’m really picky and obsessed with providing my customers exceptional quality. Who did I choose and trust to photograph my daughter’s wedding? KC Studios. Kathy’s photography is excellent and she develops an outstanding rapport with her clients. I’m very pleased with the pictures from my daughter’s wedding and highly recommend KC Studios for your photography needs. More...


Mary Moore

23 July 2018

Kathy did a wonderful job on my recent business headshots and I highly recommend her work to anyone who wants to avoid the overly airbrushed look that so many photographers do these days — none of us look THAT good!

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A great photograph captures authentic emotion from the subject which requires earned trust and a comfortable relationship with the photographer. The other ingredients are great lighting techniques and mastery of composition, top quality camera gear (backup camera), and a variety of lenses.

What is your personal style? Formal or casual? Playful or serious? Do you have any poses or locations in mind? Are there any body image concerns that I could minimize during the session (using camera angles or posing techniques)?

I love the reaction clients have to seeing how great they look in the images and how positively clients respond to the experience of being treated like celebrity VIPs.

Artistic expression was the primary reason that I became a photographer. College educated in design, I took time off to be a full time mom. Photography continued to be part of my life. I worked as a photojournalist for the Red Oak Chronicle and more recently the Aledo Community News where I won state and national awards for feature photography. When I began taking portraits professionally in 2009, I realized how important and rewarding it was to create authentic and timeless portraits that would be treasured for generations.

There is no one more caring and committed to artistic expression and customer satisfaction than I am.