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Tara Palmer

Hi I would just like to take a moment and share my experience with this academy. I rated it a 5, because this academy deserves that rating. It was soooo worth it. I am recovering from alcohol and drugs as well as being a 2x felon. I took 3 classes and received certifications for all 3 as well as licenses. I focused and gravitated more towards utilizing the unarmed security certification. However, because of the wreckage of my past there was a tad bit of red tape. I didn't take "NO" for an option. Instead I took some suggestions and went forth in faith. I thank God for Ernest Hall and especially thankful for Ms. Erica Bledsoe. Have you heard the term "BO KNOW WHAT BO KNOW?" Well so does Ms. Bledsoe...she know what she know and makes it do what it do. I'm talking about a team that will go above and beyond the call of duty to assist and encourage and equip. I am GRATEFUL I trusted the process for it is honestly and truly paying off. All I can say is remain STEADFAST, UNMOVABLE AND ALWAYS ABOUNDING AND TRUST THE PROCESS and you won't regret it. GOD IS and we are not!!! � Thank You to Mr. Kate, Mr. Ernest Hall and a special thank you to Ms. Erica Bledsoe. P.S. if you're real, they are real, but if you're bulls....ing around there is no room for nonsense, zero tolerance for bull...t!!! Thanks again for everything. More...


Nathaniel Mac Strong Streeter

I was kicked out of this program because I was late twice I had documentation stating my where abouts. Thank you guys for wasting my time my voice will be heard

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