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K9 Research & Investigations, Inc.

Warren, MI


K9 Research & Investigations, Inc.

Warren, MI



We have been providing honest, fair and quality investigations for over 28 years, and have been in the Michigan detective business for over 32 years. We service insurance companies for all types of claims, and handle investigations such as: domestic, child custody, location of witnesses, background investigations, as well computer record searches and all facets of civil, criminal and insurance investigations.


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Joyce Mullins

8 March 2018

I only stopped in for a moment here, but the people who work here were friendly and helpful and gave me directions to the address that I was trying to locate!


William Hearn

21 February 2018

Supervisor Murphy was great! He challenged me to get out of my comfort zone, fought for my raise, and constantly presented me with new opportunities. He was always flexible with my availability and held me accountable. He tought me some life long lessons by doing so. His respect and belief in my capabilities built our level of rapport. His communication was efficient and his decisiveness encouraged me to mature and do what needed to be done when the time came. When Murph needed a favor, he was the guy you wanted to help. It was likely you already owed him one anyway. Murph connected with me as soon as he got the position and I could see the effort he consistently put in to growing the relationship. He showed nothing but respect and love during my tenure as a guard with this company. Thank you Murph for all that you've done for me and thank you Alimar for the opportunity. More...


Al3133 .cobblerr

16 February 2017

I currently work here and before my supervisor Brian left it was great. Now with the new group it seems very unorganized. I'm giving it a little more time to see where this goes.


Brian Mitchell

13 February 2017

I met a lot of great people with some lifetime friends that I met here. I was given a lot of opportunity here and able to gain a lot of experience in the different divisions of the company. I'm thankful to have worked here and I am eternally greatful for everyone from the owner to all the employees that worked under me. I have moved on to other endeavors but this can be a great opportunity for those who would like to gain some experience in security. More...