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K9 Basics Dog Training

Union Mills, New Jersey

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K9 Basics Dog Training

Union Mills, New Jersey


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sara fox

24 August 2019

Amazing trainibg


Natasha Purdum

18 June 2019

K9 Basics quite literally saved my dog’s life. We came here with 2 pups—one who is relatively okay but doesn’t always listen, and another who has battled with aggression and anxiety. As we have a toddler we’ve been getting more and more nervous with him around the dog(s); we tried several different trainers and finally came to K9 Basics. We put them in the Board and Train program and 3 weeks later we picked up 2 completely different dogs! Our wild and crazy boys were suddenly well behaved, could hold commands for THIRTY MINS, and they even stopped going up on the couch/bed and barking at the amazon delivery driver ;) By reinforcing the skills that they learned at K9 Basics, we’ve seen 0 signs of aggression/anxiety from either dog, and almost no misbehavior. They are SO mentally tired from the challenges we give them every day that they don’t get bored and resort to bad behaviors anymore, like stealing table scraps and whining. The changes we’ve seen have been phenomenal. I also just want to applaud the trainers for how much personal attention they pay to each and every dog. By the time we picked them up, they knew our boys as well as we do! I’ve never seen our pups bond to anyone else the way they did to the trainers there. If you’re on the fence about the program, just go for it. It will change your dogs life, and make yours so much easier!!! More...


Gary Moore

6 May 2019

Very nice


Linda R

27 April 2019

Lucca has been going to K9B since he was about 7 months old. He was exhibiting reactive behavior, constantly pulling on leash and not responding consistently to commands. He began with group training before going through the Board and Train program. Lucca’s transformation was incredible. When Lucca emerged from Board and Train he was confident, able to walk in a heeling position and consistently responding to commands. Switching Lucca to NDF2 Volhard Nutrition was also instrumental in his physical, mental and behavioral development. We continue to participate in group training, learning together, and our bond is stronger than ever. He is a happy, healthy, socialized and obedient dog. I could not have accomplished this without the amazing trainers at K9B. Can’t thank our K9B family enough for their dedication to Lucca’s healthy development, training, and for helping me to build a strong and lasting bond with my dog!! More...


Melissa B.

18 April 2019

We brought our dog to a board-and-train program at K9 Basics after bringing him to a different board-and-train program.  Since attending K9 Basics, Max is completely trained, the trainers continue to respond to our emails and texts, and Max loved all the staff.  We will continue to use the follow-up classes.  One negative is I don't love that the owners of the training program own a dog food company and push that food on clients without disclosing their affiliation. More...


Andrea McBride

27 January 2019

This place was beyond amazing!!!Friendly knowledgeable staff!!! Taught us so much about our dogs!!! Well worth the time and investment we made!!!!!


Scott DeCicco

27 January 2019

The staff are all very helpful and nice to work with. Have been so helpful with the dog's.


Colleen Cruice

30 August 2018

Our GSD Mix, Brady, was extremely leash reactive and it was very difficult to walk him. Living in Philadelphia and exploring many options, we decided to go to Jersey and give K-9 basics a try. K-9 basics welcomed us with open arms and helped us decided on the Board & Train Program. Three weeks later Brady graduated and the change in behavior was night and day. We can now communicate better with Brady and our bond is growing stronger. We also use Clif Wyck Kennels for boarding now and the kennel staff is always welcoming and accommodating. I highly recommend using K-9 basics and their kennels for your dogs needs. They have a wonderful daycare program and even do swimming lessons. Everyone is always very friendly and helpful with our questions or needs. So happy we found them and the drive is worth making our pup happy! More...


Rob Nosari

31 July 2018

Extremely professional, knowledgeable, and caring. I wouldn't trust our male 80 lb pitbull with anyone else. They have given us confidence in handling and training him. Also, they have given us the peace of mind and knowledge for how to handle any kind of situation that our dog may be in. I recommend K9 Basics to everyone I know. More...


Lisa Walko

27 May 2018

The training offered us excellent. I have learned how to help my dog become part of the family.


Dianne Douglas

27 May 2018

K9 Basics is the best training facility in NJ. The owners are top notch as are the trainers, kennel staff & crew. I brought my Katie to K9 Basics Board & Train because my dog was a biter. They worked wonders. The owners, trainers, kennel staff & crew are the best in New Jersey. After Board & Train one must continue taking their dog to classes there & working with their dogs at home for their dogs to continue with their best behaviors. If you do not follow up training on your own, it is not K9 Basics fault. It is yours for not following up. More...


Phil E.

28 April 2018

Literally the best dog trainers in the area, if not the country. They are exceptionally kind, and have a method of training that is unmatched. We had huge problems training our little guy, cycling through trainers that just couldn't help us make progress (he's difficult). Within a WEEK, we saw real progress.I love this company and couldn't say enough good things about them. Truly! More...


Kimberly DeLoach

13 April 2018

Best dog trainer experience ever


Ethan Zeigler

10 April 2018

Amazingly skilled team, incredible program, and happy pups


Aaron Fidoten

25 November 2017

Great trainers. Noticeable improvement in my dogs behavior


Terry Murphy

14 October 2017

Great place, did wonders training our boy Duke


EJ Burns

2 October 2017

Beautiful place, full of beautiful people spending their time helping people in need.


Kyle S.

4 August 2017

Amazing I am three weeks in and my dog is Night and day different. I was reserved about the use of a stim collar but it really did work. Kind of felt like I might have been getting ripped off after the first class, but it turns out they just start small with the dogs. An amazing establishment that knows what they are doing. More...


Ralph Calderone

1 August 2017

Great instructors and good way to get your dog under control.
Teaches you and pet how to gently communicate a command.


Dianne D.

15 July 2017

K9 Basics is the only place you should take your dog/dogs for training.   I have had many dogs & have gone to many training facilities.   I was lucky enough a couple of years ago to have a friend recommend K9 Basics to me.  K9 Basics is outstanding.  Two of their trainers are retired Marine K9 Dog Trainers.   They are the most outstanding trainers I have ever had.  Then there are the female trainers that go beyond the call of duty for everyone of their clients.    Besides training at K9 Basics their also is their daycare, boarding & grooming facility called Cliff Wyck Farm.   The owner Of K9 Basics was a police K9 trainer for 23 years.  He runs the training.  His wife Lisa was a police woman.  She runs Cliff Wyck kennels. They are both outstanding individuals that go out of their way to be sure everything runs smoothly. I recommend K9 Basic as the top facility for dogs in the area. I would never take my golden retriever any other place for training, daycare, boarding or grooming. More...


J S.

4 May 2016

Your dog will come home well trained.  You will be able to play with your dog off leash.That being said....since Nicole, former head trainer, departed the customer service has suffered.Brian is a great trainer but is arrogant and condescending. Just accept that is how it is going in and you will appreciate the experience much more.Execution in the kennel is hit or miss. If your dog has specific needs be sure to follow-up.Prepare to be sold on the food products represented by K9 Basics.Again, you won't find a better training location.  The owner is just a bit of a butt at times. More...


Mia J.

4 May 2016

took my 5yo a few months back,  he has a different personality now! highly recommended for anyone having trouble with their best friend ;) good luck


Beverly O.

4 September 2015

K9 Basics Dog Training and Nichole as their Head Trainer; did an outstanding job for the past three weeks working with our six month old Doberman. We were having specific behavior issues with him that led us to their facility upon recommendations. We must say they lived up to the recommendations we received and beyond. Not only did our Dobe learn to loose leash walk; he no longer lunges at us, no longer runs at other people; and he now listens to commands such as: come, place, sit, down, quiet, and many others. They were excellent in training him and us as his human handlers when we picked him up. Going over every little nuisance about their program, the specifics, what we needed to key in on when we took him home, the follow up they provide, etc. The kennels there are extremely clean and we would highly recommend them for boarding as well. They are very interested in how your dog eats while there. If there is an issue with your dogs food, they get in touch with you right away. They provide a doggy menu to choose items for while your dog is there, so they are not just eating kibble all the time. Very nice they are able to get frozen pup treats as well as a hot dog or hamburger. K9 takes pictures and videos to put on their website daily of the board & trains; so that you are able to keep in touch with your dogs progress and never be out of touch. Greatly appreciated by the Dog Mom & Dad !!Answers to questions are quickly answered. I would highly recommend K9 Basics for anyone interested in quality training for their dog. More...


Voris Tejada

28 May 2015

We started taking our Samoyed puppy to K-9 Basics when he was 17 weeks old. He was a pretty well-behaved dog to begin with, but K-9 basics has really helped him reach his full potential in terms of obedience and discipline. The instructors have a lot of experience, and that is reflected in how well-run the classes are.There are usually somewhere from 10-15 other dogs at each lesson. This is one of the most important things in my mind, as the dogs are trained to obey all commands despite surrounding distractions. Classes are offered at least 3 times per week, and you can go whenever it's convenient for you.Our puppy is now 9 1/2 months, and is doing great. He recently graduated, having passed the comprehensive test which required him to obey all commands while off-leash. Now when we go to class, he does all of his training off-leash. Despite the fact that he's graduated, we plan on continuing to take him to class indefinitely. The training was a big investment, but given how much we invested in our dog to begin with, combined with the fact that this is training for the life of your dog, I would do it again in a second. Based on my experience, I really believe that anybody who brings their dog to training consistently, pays attention, and continues to train their dog at home, will be amazed at how quickly their dog progresses. That's what we did, and we couldn't be happier with our incredibly obedient Samoyed. More...


Ken M.

29 March 2013

This is going to be a long review (sort of therapy for me) so bear with me.My wife and I rescued a dog from a shelter. (a Labrador mix, 2 years old). He was found as a stray so we don't know much about his history. When we brought him home, we were happy to see that he was already house trained. However, once he went outside, things were a different story. He would go into a prey drive mode and wouldn't listen to any of our commands. He was impossible to walk on a leash (he would pull us to the point of almost dislocating our shoulder).  He was VERY aggressive towards other dogs (barking, growling and lunging). Though, he was not aggressive towards other humans. We quickly learned that watching dog obedience videos, reading books and catching a few episodes of the Dog Whisper on TV wasn't going to help us train our dog. We needed professional help ASAP (as the longer we waited, the worse it was going to get). I noticed that a few of friends on Facebook had Liked the K-9 Basics Dog Training service. I did some research and decided to enroll our pooch in obedience school. We are so  glad we did!!!The K-9 Basics company offers dog behavior modification/problem solving services. The owner/founder has been working with dogs, breeds and behaviors for over 23 years. He spent 25 years in law enforcement during which time he handled a police dog for 10 years and then supervised the K9 unit for 10 years.  He has an indoor/outdoor facility with a good amount of acreage. (The indoor facility is a large cargo bay style dome). He has his own stable pack of dogs that will interact with your dog.Here's how it goes down: They offer free evaluations every Saturday (check the website). You bring your dog (on a leash) to the evaluation. The owner will tell you about his operation while his team members will evaluate your pooch to see if he/she is a candidate. Just on initial observation, our dog was diagnosed with re-activeness towards other dogs. (He is fearful of them). He was not found to be reactive towards humans. The owner indicated they can train almost any dog, no matter how aggressive/fearful they are. (even human re-activeness). So, unless your dog has some sort of serious neurological issue beyond repair, your pooch is probably a candidate. After listening to the sales pitch, we decided to enroll our dog. You have two choices:1)  You can do a GROUP TRAINING program where you train at your own pace and come as often as you want. They offer 8 training secessions per week. They stand by their service and the training is for the lifetime of the dog; you can brush up and refresh your dog's training at any time (free). This may or may not be for you, especially if you have a rigid work schedule. 2) The other choice is the BOARD and TRAIN program where the certified training staff completely trains your dog from start to finish including off leash control, all obedience commands, behavior modification, etc. Your dog will be boarded in a very clean kennel (heated floors). They let you inspect the kennel, they have nothing to hide. You bring your own food. Your dog will receive 3 training sessions per day and will interact socially with the trainers' dogs as well as clients' dogs. This program also includes two lessons at your home if you need it. The training is for the lifetime of your dog!We chose the BOARD and Train program. It is more expensive but was absolutely worth it. Our dog was trained for 2 weeks. On pick-up day, you and your dog will spend a few hours with the trainer going over all the commands and they will answer all your questions. If all goes well, your pooch will receive a diploma and graduate from the program. Our dogs trainer (Nicole) was excellent! It has only been one week since our dog returned home but he is like a new man. His obedience commands are on-point! I can walk with him on a leash and he will not pull, his right shoulder lines up with my left leg and he keeps a perfect cadence. So far, his off-leash obedience is just as good. He is a lot less reactive to other dogs. It is still a work-in-progress, it takes commitment. I plan on bringing him back for some re-fresher courses. (Socialization training on Saturdays). I would definitely recommend K-9 Basics!!! More...



12 January 2012

In early 09 our yellow lab graduated with an Advanced Off Leash Traing Degree. In all my years of dealing this was one of the few times we positively got our money's worth! Caring, loving people, every single member of their staff! Early last year while boarding our baby as we do several times a year there(the only ones we trust) one of the owners detected a serious heart condition during a play session, if not for her sharp eyes and experience the vet told us the end was probably close! We are forever grateful for them detecting the problem and the training he recieved! We've had canines for over 30 years and even know others were trained professionally, without compare K-9's training was second to none! More...



23 May 2011

I had tried other places before finding K9 Basics... All I can say is I wish I had found them sooner!!! I had a particularly difficult dog with issues and they were remarkable in helping us through them!! My dog is no longer afraid of people or other dogs. The training style/philosophy of coming out to classes as often as you like for the life of your dog is a far cry above anything I've been able to find. 5 Stars is not enough!!! More...



21 May 2011

Best Dog Trainers Around!When I first found K9 Basics my dog was very nervous and afraid of everything. After signing up at K9Basics in just a few short months she is now off leash and able to be around other dogs without reacting. K9 Basics has made a world of difference in my dogs life as well as my own. I would highly recommend this place to anyone who needs training. More...

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