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Just Move Athletic Club Reviews

Just Move Athletic Club Reviews

Review of Just Move Athletic Club by Robert Gray
1 26/06/2018 Robert Gray

When I signed up here it was Golds gym. Then suddenly it became Just Move. No big deal. Until I decided to cancel membership.
If you want to get screwed on cancellation then this is the place for you. They will have you pay yet another month of membership, $49 cancellation fee, and now I find out on top of that a $30 enhancement fee. Really?
Would have Ben better off just paying for the rest of the contract.
Never again! Will NOT recommended this place to anyone.

Review of Just Move Athletic Club by Armed Astronaut JM-83
1 18/05/2018 Armed Astronaut JM-83


Review of Just Move Athletic Club by George Gasperson
5 09/05/2018 George Gasperson

Excellent establishment. Free weights, weight machines, basketball court, saunas, cardio theater, spin room, and plenty of classes at plenty of times. Friendly and helpful staff. Highly recommend.

Review of Just Move Athletic Club by jany coto
1 04/03/2018 jany coto

Today 2/19/18
Agreement # 3896-28874
Reason for cancelation of Crossfit today, first of all Jarrod the coach has always the worst attitude towards me specifically and I have told him many times about it, I don’t feel motivated anymore to come workout because I feel afraid his going to keep treating me bad as he always does, second I requested a foam box to do box jumps with Zach and never got it since I can’t do them with the wooden and when I tried using the foam 20” from inside the gym Jarrod told me to put it back that I can’t use it and I had to leave the WOD crying on a Saturday, also if I come a little earlier to the Open Gym 10 min he makes me wait outside until it’s 3:30pm and other people that he likes can be inside CF working out earlier, after almost 3 years of paying Crossfit $119 a month consecutively I got tired and sick of his bad attitude towards me, actually I talked to the lady manager with black hair about it because I couldn’t resist anymore rudeness from him, I think her name is Tracy D (I don’t remember) and her answer to that was, we can refund your money and go somewhere else, bad management to kick people out instead of solving the problem, I also work with a lot of people daily and if kick them out instead of helping them my job will go out of business, customers brings money to the business so they need to be treated properly and with major respect! overall Dave (the owner) should keep a closer eye to Crossfit because I tried to scalate until management for some help and that was the least I got, I enjoyed going to watch and support the Devastation athletes and the competitions in Ocala and lakeland but looks like I was the Spanish girl that never fit into their group! BTW Katie was the best coach I ever had while my time in there... You lose a good consistent member for all the wrong things happening in CF, hopefully equal respect and humble friendliness takes over devastation CF like 2yrs ago! Thank you

Review of Just Move Athletic Club by Rosanne Hernandez
5 06/02/2018 Rosanne Hernandez


Review of Just Move Athletic Club by Chris Chris
3 20/12/2017 Chris Chris

Great gym until you try to close your membership. Maybe another gym would be more customer friendly.

Review of Just Move Athletic Club by John S
1 12/12/2017 John S

So I was thinking about joining this gym, but after all the negative reviews regarding cancellation, I don't think I will. And the owner's response to all of those concerns is just the same canned, uncaring thing time after time. This is what these gyms do, they sign up 10,000 people for a place that should only hold a few hundred, and if it's too crowded, too bad. They know that most people have the best of intentions to begin with, but don't stick with it, so they'll just keep paying and paying. Is this a nice gym? Yes, it is. I have been there and it is truly a really great place to work out. They have all the latest equipment and lots of classes. So as long as you're paying the piper, you're good to go. But heaven forbid you want to cancel, because that's when it all goes to hell. I should just be able to come in the club and tell someone "my contract is up and I'd like to cancel" and that should be it. Hit a few buttons and never get charged again, with a "thank you for your business" at the end of it. But just read these reviews. It's like the damn mafia, you can get in, but you can't get out. And then they reply with "I'm sorry to hear you had trouble cancelling" like it's the first time they're hearing it. This gym and ones like it know exactly how hard it is to cancel and they set it up that way intentionally. If they truly cared, they'd do something about it, so the fact they haven't is proof that they don't. There should be laws limiting the number of members they are allowed to sign up and protections for when you want to cancel. Buyer beware.

Update: So I called this gym this morning at 10:00 a.m. and spoke to someone named Zach who said he was a manager at another location. I inquired about paying for a $19.99 per month membership for an entire year up front, and what that cost would be. He said he thought it was $299 including all fees, but wasn't sure and asked me to call back in 15 minutes and speak with him or Katia. I called back in exactly 15 minutes, and was informed they were all in meetings. It is now 3:20 p.m. and they are still in meetings. However, the girl who answered the phone and spoke faster than any used car salesman I've ever spoken to told me that the only rate they have on an annual basis is $499 for the $29.99 per month membership. In case you're like me and not a math whiz, $29.99 times 12 equals $359.88. So of course I asked why if I paid everything up front they would charge me an extra $140.11 and she had no clue. But of course we all know why don't we? It's the same reason that if you want the $10 per month membership that has no contract that there's a $150 sign up fee. Everything is geared towards getting you to sign on the dotted line so they can bilk your bank account until you have to call a lawyer. She also stated that there is no pay in full option for the cheaper memberships, which again is very sketchy. Listen people, it's pretty simple: Read the other reviews, talk to them yourself, and figure out what's best for you. My advice would be to buy some weights, buy a bike, buy some running shoes and save yourself a whole lot of headaches.

Review of Just Move Athletic Club by Josh Childress
1 12/10/2017 Josh Childress

Only join if you want to stay for life. I went in to cancel. They handed me an envelope that I had to mail in to the address that I was currently standing in. I asked if I could just cancel. They declined. I sent the letter and still paying. I am currently on vacation mode paying $5 a month because they will not cancel the membership

Review of Just Move Athletic Club by Janet Wyant
1 25/08/2017 Janet Wyant

If I could give no starts I would. This company deals with ABC Financial who are notorious for taking people's money! Don't be a victim!! I called 4 months ago to put a freeze on my account. I even called golds to confirm. Three months later they take $88 from my account and tell me I never put a freeze on my account and mysteriously the notes that gold's gym had stating it was frozen is gone. Read the reviews for ABC Financial and this stuff happens all of the time!!

Review of Just Move Athletic Club by Cameron Scott
1 25/07/2017 Cameron Scott

I joined the military in 2015, for the last 2 years I have tried numerous times to close my account. Golds Gym and ABC Financial were both unwilling to help, I received the same response every time, to write a letter. I tell them I did and they said they have no record of it. So more time and money goes by and it has been a few times now. I took leave to walk into the gym itself (stationed in Washington state, frequently around the world) and still no help, just referred me to their financial institution who repeated what they said at the gym. I called corporate and they said they couldn't help either. 2 years Golds has been siphoning money from me. I've been plenty patient and I've reached the end. I'm close to going to the better business bureau because of the money I've lost, my lawyers are free so I wont lose anything I'm not already losing.

Just Move Athletic Club

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