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Brigitte B.

4 February 2019

Julie has come into my life as a recommendation by an acquaintance: he said nothing but fantastic things about her and about how she impacted his life for the better. I started seeing her regularly and she turned out to be a magnificent blessing in my life. She is so compassionate, kind and wise, and has a beautiful, shining spirit. She gave me strength, tools and strategies to cope with the hardships I was going through, ideas to try out and advice on things, she brainstormed with me on different situations, and she always, always made me feel better by the time I was leaving her sessions. She has a very holistic view and can easily connect the dots. Her office is like a safe haven - she always has an understanding word with a warm smile to give to you. It's helpful that there is also ample parking available. 5 stars all the way-- thank you so much for everything, Julie! I am so so glad to have met you! More...


Kayla Z.

6 November 2018

Julie Wells is A+ Therapist.....I saw a different therapist previously who did not help me at all. I felt like the person would just listen to me "talk." That is not what I was looking for at all. I wanted to see someone who would offer advice and actually help me through a challenging time. Once I found Julie ( who was recommended to me by a friend) I knew that we were a good match. She has helped me tremendously. She is an A + therapist --top notch service. She is in the same category as all the experts and people who write books on marriage, family dynamics/issues, couples therapy, etc etc. She runs a very professional practice. I highly recommend her. She is worth every penny. More...


Mary K.

30 August 2018

I had gone to over 15 different therapists until I found Julie. No one could truly connect with me until her. She has helped me overcome so many challenging times and helped me grow into a better loving person. She literally changed my life, and my perspective about life. She's incredibly compassionate, with a beautiful heart and soul. She oozes loves from her inner core and is a natural healer. I am extremely thankful for her guidance and expertise. It is truly a blessing I found her! More...


Tammy Hyland

9 August 2018

Awesome therapist!


Marie Athan

9 August 2018

I personally think Julie is the BEST therapist in the Orange County area! She has helped me to change my life for the better, and I couldn't be more thankful for her. Five stars is an under statement.


Brigitte Bokor

9 August 2018

Julie has come into my life as a recommendation by an acquaintance; he said nothing but fantastic things about her and about how she impacted his life for the better. I now have seen her twice and she turned out to be a magnificent blessing in my life (as well). She is so compassionate, kind and wise, and has a beautiful, shining spirit. Her office is like a safe haven, she always has an understanding word with a warm smile to give to you, and ample parking is available. 5 stars all the way-- thank you, Julie! More...


Matt S.

3 August 2018

I started seeing Julie at the beginning of 2018, and she has been a great addition to my life.I started seeing Julie during a very difficult time of my life, and she has managed to keep my spirits and hopes up through everything and allow me to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Her space and time she gives you is filled with compassion, caring, sympathy, and she practices a completely judgement-free zone.I have been in sessions where I've cried the entire time, and some where we've laughed half the time.  She truly cares about her clients and the situations their in and always asks how things are that were discussed in previous sessions.  She also allows her clients to bring their service dogs with them, as it helps to keep me comfortable and have that "rock" with me throughout, what at times, can be a difficult session.I look forward to continuing my relationship with Julie for the unforeseeable future. More...


N J.

6 June 2018

My wife and I have been seeing Julie for several weeks and highly recommend her. We have found her to be very knowledgeable regarding the challenges facing couples in today's fast paced world. Her compassionate approach and understanding of our problems has been very helpful in helping us resolve our issues. More...


Monica Huston

27 May 2018

I can’t say enough great things about Julie. Her role in my life is invaluable and I hope everyone can meet someone like her. I highly recommend her as a therapist to all of my family and friends. More...


Leah W.

21 August 2017

Julie Wells is a compassionate, caring and insightful therapist that has truly helped me during challenging times.  She provides a safe support system and helps you focus on positive actions to better your life and yourself.


Andrea P.

20 December 2015

Julie is truly amazing. I haven't been seeing her that long, But she has saved my life. I am very lucky to have found her.


GrayThe Wolf

28 May 2015

To all those that want to get better and be the best you that you can be.I started seeing Julie about six years ago on a once a week basis.I LOVED her right away and felt so safe and comfortable I started telling her everything she is one therapist that really and truely care about you and your well being.She has made such a difference in me and my life! The biggest way is that she helped me love myself and beleive in me and that I do count for something in life.If you want to get better and have a better life go see Mrs.Wells because she is a great therapist and you will see a difference in youself and your life.I LOVE YOU JULIE AND THANK YOU for the difference you made in me!!! (:: More...


Malissa P.

27 August 2014

In just the couple of months that I have been seeing Julie, she has helped me tremendously. She has helped me to understand how all feelings start with thoughts. I have learned much from her guidance already. She gives practical advice you can apply daily and is specific. There are not enough wonderful words I can say about Julie. She truly is the best. One of the smartest decisions I made was to start seeing her. More...


Lauren N.

4 August 2014

It's difficult for me to put into words how amazing and and vital to my life Julie has been. She was my constant support through the hardest part of my life - my divorce. My (now ex) husband and I went to see her together and I saw her by myself as well. After the divorce, I continued to go to her weekly. Those hours were spent crying, laughing, and recovering from the situation I was put in. Julie is so easy to talk to, you wouldn't think you're in a therapy session. It's like talking to a friend. I trusted her from the beginning and was right to do so. She knows all the right questions to ask and how to guide your thoughts through what you are struggling with. She checked in with me on my bad days and celebrated my great days! I could never have had such a successful emotional and mental recovery from what happened if it hadn't been for her. Julie, you have the biggest heart and I'm so lucky I found you to guide me through the dark days back into a happier life! More...


Barbara Kaeni

28 May 2014

Julie Wells is a therapist with a warm & caring personality that makes you that you're in a safe environment with a capable and compassionate professional who knows what she's doing. She offers practical advise in dealing with the everyday problems we all deal with in relationships. More...


Patrick Healey

28 May 2014

Julie is a warm, caring and brilliant therapist who is an expert on relationships, especially working with couples and families.

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