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Bridgette Millican

8 August 2018

So wonderful to work with!!! His work is beautiful!!!!


Karen Kroyer

8 August 2018

Jimmy did an AMAZING job with my horse, Indy, capturing the essence of his personality


Sandy Coleman Amen

8 August 2018

Jimmy has an incredible eye and talent for interesting photos of both animals and people! I just love the photos he has taken for us.


Dani Bleier

8 August 2018

Jimmy was just great to work with, his lovely wife made a perfect assistant. they are such nice people & i haven't even seen all my photos yet & i already have a good many i love!


Haemy Chung

8 August 2018

I've had the pleasure of shooting with Jimmy on multiple occasions so I think I can provide a more objective review now. Short version: Highly recommended! Longer version: Foremost, Jimmy is very respectful and kind. He's aware of personal space and will go out of his way to make you feel comfortable. You might be wondering what that has to do with his photography skills but Jimmy's personality matters because photography is a team effort. Especially with people that aren't used to being photographed, being comfortable is crucial in getting relaxed and natural photos. Second, Jimmy is very good with finding a flattering light for you and capturing the look/mood. People can look so different based on the lighting/angle/post editing and I'm very fortunate Jimmy has a great understanding. He's also well versed in taking photos in different situations and locations. Jimmy has consistently given me great photos and I look forward to working together more. I highly recommend him! More...

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