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We are a personal training service based out of Hillsboro Oregon at NXT Level jFitness.


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We listen first. It is important to figure out the reason why a client wants to work with us. After we find the motivation we build a plan to reach the desired goal.

Consistency. It is that simple. The people in life who show up, day in and day out and put in work are the people who see results. This principal applies to fitness the same way.

I am here to help people achieve their dreams through wellness and health. Wealth means nothing with out being healthy enough to enjoy it. I work to maximize my clients potential and productivity in life.

I was tired of being told the scope of how I could help my clients. I wanted to go above and beyond the norm to help them achice their goals even though it did not make the company extra money. That is why I chose to work on my own.

I have worked with hundreds of clients in the personal training industry since 2013. I have a degree in Exercise Science from Oregon State university and multiple certifications including the NSCA-CPT and EXOS-XPS.