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Alan K.

12 August 2019

My family has relied on Jonah for all our pro-photographer needs for over 8 years now, and we've always been impressed with the results. Two very different types of events: 1- family events with tons of stuff going on, where most every photo is a candid, and where there is no "second chance" to catch each special and amazing moment. He gets right into the action and totally captures the energy of our events every time! And 2 - scheduled portrait sessions, where he's found great locations for us, and gets every kid and adult to smile and express energy, which he masterfully captures on film (well, digital "film" of course)! Would totally recommend him to anyone in the Los Angeles area. More...


Ryan B.

5 August 2019

First off I will say Jonah is an epic photographer and he's very talented and does absolutely amazing work. I've used his services for several different photo shoots for my business and also for some personal family stuff as well! He has clearly been doing this for years and he's such a nice respectful guy and super easy going. I couldn't ask for an easier guy to work with. He has a great eye for photography and lighting and he has some of the best camera and lighting equipment in the industry and he's extremely talented at photoshop and touching up photos so they look too notch! It's hard to find a good photographer in town that isn't crazy expensive and Jonah is absolutely my go to guy for any and all photography needs. I will be using his services for a long time into the future and I highly recommend him for any events or photography you may ever need. I can't ask for much more, so keep up the good work buddy! Cheers More...


Lisa Arnold

24 July 2019

Jonah Light is an incredible photographer. He started photographing my oldest son when he was six months and just recently shot his bar mitzvah. In between he’s photographed my husband for professional purposes as well as many special occasions in our family. He is personable knowledgeable and talented! I give him my highest recommendation. More...


Lisa I.

24 July 2019

Jonah is a an amazing man and an amazing photographer! My family has had the privilege of knowing him both personally and professionally.  He has photographed all of my children from a young age and photographed my husband and his former colleagues for professional reasons. Most recently he photographed my son for his Bar Mitzvah... I literally prayed that he would be available. The event would not have been complete with having time memorialized with Jonah's unique blend of poses and editorial pictures. His attention to detail and well trained eye is what has made organizations like the Dodgers, The Bel Air Hotel and newsmagazines rely on his images. Having him photograph my family is truly and honor. More...


Jenna M.

8 February 2018

Jonah did our wedding album and we LOVE it! He was a pleasure to work with- timely, patient, and very talented. Highly recommend!!


Shoshana Shore

19 October 2017

Jonah took the photos at my sons Brit and did an INCREDIBLE job. My favorite newborn photo of my son was taken by him. I couldn’t have been happier with our photos and Jonah’s work ethic. He got our photos to us in a timely manner and each one is a memory we will treasure always. More...


Yariv Frenkel

10 August 2017

Really skilled. Takes just enough time to position perfectly, without taking too long. Terrific results.


Daniel A.

5 July 2017

Working with Jonah Light was an unbelievable experience! We were so excited to see how everything was done so professionally. The pictures came out amazing. Jonah is so friendly and easy to work with. We highly recommend him for all your photography needs! More...


Sharon Judelman Saks

11 November 2016

A consummate professional, and very personable, Jonah photographs and records special moments with a smile and warm casualness. His results speak for themselves


Daniel Shannon

30 June 2016

Jonah did an amazing job at my wedding. My relatives were impressed by his professionalism and the quality of his photos.


Zev C.

13 April 2016

Jonah is an incredibly talented and gifted photographer!  We hired him to take family photos (3 generations) and could not be happier with the results!  He did a mixture of posed and candid shots and gave us all 190+ images.  Jonah was engaging (and goofy) with our 3 and 1 year olds, capturing their smiles and personalities perfectly. If you are looking for someone who is dedicated, skilled, creative and incredibly fun to work with, look no further than Jonah Light! More...


Melissa Gruenfeld

23 February 2016

Jonah is amazing! His devotion and artistic eye puts his photography over the top and he makes sure his clients are satisfied.


Jenni A.

17 May 2015

I had a limited budget for my wedding, and amongst my three main priorities were Awesome Pictures. Jonah exceeded my expectations.Pre-event:He always responded to my emails. I'm a planner, and he met me more than half-way. He took on board all of my requests, and I never once had to wonder if he'd be organized and on time. Jonah is very professional.During event:He made me comfortable. I always worry about "posing." It wasn't an issue with him behind the lens. He directed with practical hints and encouragement. Everybody seemed to have fun taking group shots, too. He learned my entire bridal party's names! And even when our wedding started late, he gave us extra time on top of having arrived early.Post-event:It didn't take him long to send us edited pictures. I was so excited to see they were amazing, I sat in my car at the grocery store, zooming in on every one of them with my phone. His attention to light was most impressive to me. I love my wedding photos. Can't stop looking at them! Thank you Jonah. More...


Aaron B.

13 May 2015

Jonah was the photographer at my wedding 2 weekends ago, and i'm writing this without having even seen the pictures yet. How can i give him 5 stars without even having seen his pictures yet? Because of how amazing his presence at my wedding was.Since i've only been married once (and hopefully never will be again), the day was just one nerve racking decision after another, and i wasn't sure what decisions to make. Such as, "Oh we're running really late, should we still have the tish?" Or "Someone who wasn't invited showed up, what should we do?" Jonah with all of his experience was able to take a look at the situation and give me really sage advice on the fly, and our wedding was so much better for it. We had almost zero budget for the wedding, we had no wedding planners, and no buffers for when things went wrong. And even though he was hired as a photographer, he morphed into an adviser effortlessly. And anything else that he saw that needed to be done, he was there, without having to be asked.And even though the wedding was supposed to happen between x and y time, everything was running late and while he could have still left at y time if he wanted to, he stayed an additional two hours until everything was done, and we really appreciated that. Our wedding was beautiful, and he played a vital role with it.So even without having the photos, he deserved a 5 star review for everything else he did at the wedding. Do not hesitate hiring him. More...


David Coleman

15 August 2014

We were incredibly fortunate to have Jonah Light do the photography for the LA premiere of our film. Not only did his pictures come out perfect, but he managed to get the best out of all our VIP guests. A 100% joy to work with and look forward to using him for all future events. More...


david littauer

15 August 2014

Headshot, wedding,banquets


Azriela J.

20 May 2014

Jonah has taken stellar shots for our family and for our businesses. He is personable, easy to work with, and has a keen eye for taking the perfect photo. No matter the setting or size of the project, Jonah can capture the moment just right. More...


Shawn S.

10 September 2013

I found Jonah on Yelp and saw he had great reviews. I called him and he answered his phone (imagine that!) and he was able to take me right away. I dont love having my picture taken, but he made it easy, fun and quick, and the shots came out great! Not to mention that his pricing was super reasonable too... Highly recomended! More...


Aryeh Powers

15 August 2013

I've worked with Jonah Light for quite some time and truly appreciate the style and professionalism that he infuses in each and every one of the shoots that he takes. As a fan of the person and the brand, I highly recommend Jonah Light Photography as the place to go for professional, as well as original shots, for your commercial endeavors. More...


Ziba Ban

15 August 2013

Jonah Light did a great job taking family our family pictures. I have 2 girls and the whole time he was calm with them. He shot such cute and adorable pictures. I love them all! He was not in any rush. We felt like we were his only clients for that day! I highly recommend Jonah for your next event. More...


Judy Gruen

15 August 2013

Jonah Light is a wonderful photographer, terrific to work with. In the past few years, I have had him do my author photo; formal family photos, and our son's wedding. With each particular occasion he took wonderful shots, captured meaningful and revealing expressions that make for the most memorable photos. And he is patient and cheerful when you are trying unsuccessfully to choose among so many great shots.I cannot recommend him highly enough! More...


Zev N.

14 August 2013

My family used Jonah on a few occasions. He photographed our family celebration and we also hired him to do a family photo shoot. Both times, Jonah was a pleasure to work with, and his photos exceeded our expectations. He captured some of the most magical and memorable moments. His pricing is reasonable, he's honest and personable, he produces stunning work, and just an absolute pleasure to interact with. Highly recommended! More...


Marcus F.

15 March 2013

i've seen Jonah's work at a number of events - corporate and community - over the course of the last three years and he always produces excellent results. Jonah's got a great approach to photography, making the subjects feel at ease and capturing the less-obvious moments that make his work memorable and unique. Strongly recommended! More...


Nathan Gilson

15 August 2012

Jonah shot my wedding, June 10th 2012 at Rancho de las Palmas in Moorpark CA. Getting the family together was a disaster, we arrived late, and the kids were hungry and didn't want to pose. Yet Jonah handled everything so beautifully, and in a way that didn't stress us out even though you could imagine he could have made it very stressful if he weren't such a cool guy. He rolled with it, was very resourceful, worked wonders getting the kids to pose and smile, and he took almost 2000 pictures. The best part? The photos are beautiful. The quality of Jonah's work was everything that we were hoping for. Also, his rates were the most reasonable among any of the photographers that I found who shoot Jewish weddings. If he is available on your day, book him. More...


Cathie Lazarus

15 August 2012

Jonah and his lovely assistant, Aurelia, shot my daughter's wedding on June 3rd, 2012. From the moment they came to the hotel room, for pre-wedding photos, he took command but was totally appropriate and not controlling. He made all of us, camera shy folk, very comfortable at at ease. The day seemed to flow effortlessly as they took endless photos and caught every single significant moment. His pictures are are beautiful, tasteful and fun! He captured the true feeling of the day and every picture makes me smile. Aurelia is a very talented photographer, in her own right, and filled in with photos when Jonah was needed elsewhere. They made a fabulous team! More...


David Weinman

15 August 2012

Jonah took pictures of my kids and extended family. He was a pleasure to work with. He was very patient as we shuffled in all the different family combinations - one side of the family, then the other, then grandparents, then first cousins, then second cousins, etc. The quality of the final product really said it all, however; the pictures really captured the essence of the big day and are beautiful. He is a real pro, genuine, and works hard to get all the shots right.I have also seen samples of his commercial work and would not hesitate to use him for head shots or any corporate event.Highly recommended without hesitation or reservation. More...


Aliza Saltiel

15 August 2012

We used Jonah Light for our wedding and we're thrilled!! Awesome pictures and he's gotta be the nicest guy around! Such a pleasure to work with!

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