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John Huie Coaching

Asheville, North Carolina

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John Huie Coaching

Asheville, North Carolina

2 hires on Bark


John offers mentoring and coaching services for young people, young adults, parents and grandparents. When parents or guardians are struggling with vexing situations, John is uniquely qualified to coach, to encourage, and to guide in helpful and constructive ways.


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7 August 2019

I am so thrilled that I got to work with John Huie!
He heard what I needed and jumped right in, offering many employment options and considerations for my needs. He sent me lots of leads and asked the right questions. In less than 6 weeks , I found a new job in a career I have been exploring.
John is kind, supportive, thorough and a problem solver.
I highly recommend him if you feel stuck in your personal life or business. He will help you all the way through.
Thanks John!


Building rapport and trust with my clients is deeply rewarding. I find deep fulfillment in helping clients of different ages and backgrounds to find their way through difficulties and challenges. We are all human. We can learn from and with each other. What I love most is the excitement of seeing people overcome hurdles, learn new ways to solve problems, and grow inner strength and confidence.

After decades of leadership and service in schools, colleges, and character-building outdoor adventure programs, I am fulfilled by the opportunity to share my experience. It enriches me to feel useful and helpful. Some clients tell me they benefit from my "wisdom, sense of humor, and genuine integrity." I like the challenges and the rewards of being on the team with others who are striving to become "fully alive" and who want to reach their full potential.

FEEDBACK about John Huie from Clients & Professionals
“It is not easy in our culture today to find direction, purpose, and meaning. We live in fragmented times, and there are many ways to isolate, to turn off, to shut down, to escape. Our task is to see that every young person is challenged in ways that bring out the best within them so that they can discover they are better and stronger than they know. If they discover this once, they will not likely ever again settle for less.”
—John Huie

“Our family will forever be in your debt. Our son is doing really well now — thanks to your deep commitment and compassionate guidance.”
-Parents of 17-year old young man
“John, thank you so much. You have been a wonderful resource and friend to my family. Your guidance, I believe, saved my child from almost certain disaster. Our family is lucky to know you.”
-Single parent mother of 23-year old daughter
“Our grandson has made a turn for the better, and we have learned immensely from our dialog and interactions with you. We are grateful.”
-Grandparents of 19-year old grandson
John Huie has been a teacher and educational leader all of his adult life. A native of Albany, Georgia, he’s a graduate of Davidson College, with a BA degree in history and a minor in psychology. He earned his Master’s degree in American Studies at Emory University in Atlanta, and a PhD in Education at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

“It is hard to believe how much better things are. We are very thankful.”
—a grateful mom

“Whether in the wilderness or the boardroom, John Huie uses his substantial skills to bring diverse people together around common issues. I’ve experienced his creative leadership first hand and up close.”
—Arthur Sulzberger, Publisher, The New York Times

“John, you are and have been a lighthouse for my sons. I mean that – you have been there as a kind of beacon for them to see from afar and to be guided and reassured by—steady and strong.”
—a grateful father

“John is so committed to helping kids and he is passionate about this in a way that would be hard to put in words. He knows SO much and is incredibly dedicated and will find a program that is a proper fit.”
—K. McCabe, mother

“Needless to say we are ecstatic and very thankful to you for your support. We could never have done this without your leadership and sound empathy.”
—M. & N. Calloway, parents, Connecticut

“My sons and I would not be where we are today without your guidance and encouragement. We are blessed to have found you in our paths. We are forever grateful!”
—T. G., Hickory, NC

“We were truly lost, yet you were there to guide us towards that dim light that we couldn’t see.”
—P. & P. Michelet, parents

“I can recommend John Huie with the highest confidence. As a former headmaster, teacher, college professor, coach, and school director, John brings wisdom and kindness to this work. Parents and others who turn to him for assistance will know they are getting the very best. It gives me pleasure to recommend this servant-leader who knows and lives out the Outward Bound motto: ‘To serve, to strive, and not to yield.’”
—Josh Miner, Founder of Outward Bound USA

“Thanks for everything John, I don’t know what we would do without you.”
—Amy G., mother

“Thank you for the compassion and intelligence you brought to your work with our team. We are all very grateful to you.”
—Geraldine Plato, Head of Spruce Pine Montessori School

“John Huie speaks and leads with compassion and good will. He is an inspiration for all of us who strive to be responsible leaders and good corporate citizens.”
—John Raynolds, former CEO, Ward Howell International

“When parents face vexing decisions with their struggling teenagers, I simply give them John Huie’s contact information and say: ‘Here’s the man you need to talk to.’ As a former head of school himself, John has the experience and wisdom parents can trust. He knows the landscape, he listens with compassion, and he guides parents to solutions that bring hope.”
—Dr. James Hendrix, Interim Headmaster, St. John’s Academy, Houston, Texas

“The professional and caring way you navigated the world of wilderness therapy and therapeutic boarding schools on our behalf was masterful. You are the best, and we are eternally grateful.”
—T. & B., parents of 17-year-old son, Kentucky

“Thank you, as always, for your support and sage counsel.”
—C. Jarrell, mother

“Thank you. You are simply the best.”
—E. Isley, mother

“John works at the point of confluence where education, career counseling, philosophical conversation, and life coaching come together. He helps people to help themselves by seeing their situation clearly and then claiming their inner gifts and strengths. He inspires people to take responsibility for their choices and actions and to understand that, as Viktor Frankl says, ‘We may not be able to choose the situation in which we find ourselves, but we can always, always, choose how we will respond.’”
—Dale Roberts, Career Counselor, Warren Wilson College

“We certainly couldn’t have done this without your help. We feel incredibly grateful and so fortunate that our paths have crossed. Thank you for your guidance and support.”
—mother of 15-year-old son

“Thanks for our talk today. Your perspective and insight are always so valuable.”
—a grateful father, Winston-Salem NC

“John, words cannot express my thanks for your assistance. I look back on the
series of events and speed with which things fell into place once I stopped fighting
the process. It is all pretty unbelievable. Much appreciation to you.”
—mother of 15-year-old daughter

“I really like John Huie. He is so committed to helping kids and he is passionate about this in a way that would be hard to put in words.”
—mother of teen daughter

“I have grown from boy to man here. I am extremely happy with the fact I have been given a second chance.”
—teen boy

“Yesterday, I met a couple through my job, and I found myself discussing my son’s situation with them. Their response was that I needed to immediately contact a man named John Huie. I laughed and said I had managed to already do that. Apparently, you helped them with their son a few years back. They were highly complimentary of you.”
—a relieved father

“Thank you—you are simply the best. And I am thrilled to know you and Jesse Quam are now working together.”
—mother of 18-year-old

“Your radically genuine approach to connecting with families is inspirational.”
—Clinical Psychologist, Chief Clinician for residential treatment center in Vermont

“I tell people about you and you continue to be an inspiration to me in my darker moments. It is amazing what you did and still do.”
—father of 16 year old, Connecticut

“Thank you all so much for assisting me to find the perfect therapeutic boarding school for my son. I am truly blessed to have had you all in my corner, I had the dream team combination! A kind and knowledgeable therapist who not only guided and supported my son but also looked out for my well being. Two amazing Educational Consultants that worked so well together, they got to know my son and worked hard to find a perfect fit …where my son will continue his healing process and have an individualized academic program. Thank you all for going above and beyond what I ever expected; tonight when I count my blessings I will be saying your names!”
—mother of teen son

“John, thank you so much. We are all in your debt and you have been a wonderful resource and friend to my family. Personally I believe that your advice saved my son from almost certain disaster. My sons and our family are lucky to know you.”
—mother of teen sons

“We can’t thank you enough for your tireless work on our son’s behalf, or for the incredible kindness you have shown to all of us. You are the best of the best.”
With great respect and fondness,
—T. & W., parents