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Charley Harley

7 September 2019

It is so good !!! And the chef sings !


Kenneth Voelker

4 October 2018

Jody was so easy to work with, had great vision and creative ideas, paid attention to detail, masterfully managed all the moving parts and ensured that I would love the results...and I do! I live in Buffalo, NY and she managed everything via email and text messages. Highly recommend! More...


Craig Barzso

4 June 2018

I have seen many of Jody's designs and am always impressed. She has a flair for creative colorful settings that just seem to flow together. I highly recommend her services. Plus she is a dream to work with! More...


Gaidic trapman-O'Brien

4 June 2018

Jody Marcil was a genius in giving me advise on my house color, gave an entire new look to my kitchen and was invaluable in finding art pieces that enhanced my home. I can and do recommend her to any potential house buyer, or an owner who wants to refresh and/or redo their living space. I have seen some of her professional installations for musea and the are impeccably designed and executed. She led me to furniture builders and painters - all of whom did excellent work. More...



4 June 2018

Jody Marcil turned our home and home office into a classy but comfortable space. She took all of our concerns and desires and turned them into a reality. Anyone who walks into our home constantly asks about every detail. From the plush pillows and pillow cases to the rustic tables, the space is clean, open and inviting. More...


Judi Schuyler

4 June 2018

Jody helped me see what direction to go in freshening and lightening my personal home of 20 years. I found her to be very genuine and easy to talk to. I'm undertaking all of her suggestions and am already noticing a difference. Highly recommend! More...


Michelle Ganeles

4 June 2018

Jody has great taste and is fun to work with. She's creative, decisive and easy going. We're so happy with the colors and fabrics that she selected for our home and looking forward to doing more projects together.


Wendy Tatter

4 June 2018

Jody Marcil has an eye for the unique. Her choice of color combinations, window treatments, furnishings and accents have made working with her an exciting experience, and one that I highly recommend.


Jo Sinclair

4 June 2018

Jody has a wonderful fresh approach to design combining lines, colors, and forms in interior settings with flair. Talented and creative. I highly recommend working with her. More...


Becky Greenberg

4 June 2018

Jody Marcil is the most creative person I know. Her own space creates a sense of fun and comfort: bright colors, bold local art, light and open. She makes everyone and everywhere around her feel festive and happy and very alive!I highly recommend Jody Marcil to design anywhere that needs a new, exciting look. More...


Christopher L

4 June 2018

Transforming the interiors of our 130 year old Queen Anne in St. Augustine was a monumental and time sensitive endeavor. Jody Marcil was able to achieve our vision of 'island chic' while maintaining the integrity of the historical finishes with a unique blend of old, new and exotic pieces. Because we were relocating from Los Angeles, Jody's job was made that much harder. We leaned heavily on Jody's impeccable taste and her professional relationships in the area to do the impossible! We wholeheartedly recommend Jody Marcil Interior Design. More...


Norbert Tuseo

4 June 2017

Good reputation