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I help people think and be healthy! I assess each client to determine how best to improve their overall health and fitness. I look at all of their current habits in every area of their life to aid them in reaching their fitness goals. I specialize in reshaping your body while building strength.


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13 August 2019

After a long-time search for a personal trainer, one that would put my fitness in alignment with my health and jiu-jitsu goals, I am so glad to have found Jen. Not only have I been able to stay consistent on my path to a better quality of life, but I feel confident and grateful to know that I have someone that will help me maintain and increase my fitness goals and show me the tools so can do it for myself for the rest of my life. Her patience and encouragement is never intimidating yet she is the no-nonsense type that is very firm and increases the challenge accordingly. She makes herself available to answer all my questions and customizes my plan to fit my needs. She is very knowledgeable in all things fitness. What I like most of all is how she corrected my mindset, how I see and talk about myself and my body, and integrates a proper attitude that sets me up for success. I love how she emphasizes the importance of maintaining good form to minimize injury and maximize efficiency.

If you're looking for long-term results that will transform your mind and body, look no further. Jen is truly a wonder! She has made me look forward to exercising and removed any intimidation I had when thinking about weight-training and lifting. I look forward to training with her for as long as possible!


Lisa Ystrom

10 August 2019

"Jennifer is amazing. I am in my late 40’s and have been battling my weight for a long time. I heard Jennifer speak at an event and just listening to her got me going in the right direction with my workouts, but a few weeks later we started working together and I am finally making progress and starting to lose weight. I had gotten so frustrated and was sort of giving up and didn’t think my goal was realistic at all. When I told her what I wanted for myself, I thought anyone in their right mind would laugh at me, but she was so encouraging and made me realize that it was achievable. Jennifer takes an individualized approach and really explains how important it is for women to get back into doing weights and building strength. She gave me that nudge that I needed to really get back on track and very quickly I started making progress. I am also more motivated because she made it easy to understand the science behind why working out is so important, but also that it is just one part of a holistic approach to staying healthy and strong. I was feeling powerless and she made me feel like I could get my power back. Thank you Jennifer! I highly recommend her!!"



Paola Deocampo

9 August 2019

"Jennifer has coached me for both bikini physique competing and overall fitness for long term goals. Though I'm no longer training to compete, I continue to call her my coach, because she is so much more than a personal trainer. She guides me through my fitness journey, not just by putting me through a great workout; she also encourages and inspires through her words of wisdom and leading by example (Jennifer is the strongest and fittest person I know). She knows the winning formulas for your specific goals, and because of all she has taught me, so far, I have been able to stay on track with my goals and I feel stronger than ever! With Jennifer, I saw amazing results faster than I had anticipated and I've been able to maintain and improve my physique and fitness level through her continued advice and training. Thank you, Jennifer! You're the best!" More...


Pam Felcher

9 August 2019

Since working with Jen Dietrick, I have more strength, physically and emotionally; I am toned; I have more energy; my body has changed. Before we started working together, I was overweight, my blood pressure and cholesterol were high and signified that I was in danger. But since working with her my numbers are good, my health has been steady, and I am strong. Now I receive compliments instead of sad looks and advice. As Jen is fond of saying "you can do more than you think," and I have been doing much more than I ever thought possible. . .because of JEN! More...

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I offer a one-hour free consultation to discuss the client's health and fitness goals along with their past history. During the consultation is also a great opportunity for the client to determine if I am the right fit as your personal trainer. With the completion of my forms along with the in person discussion, I tailor a plan specific to their goals and personality type. I create a mental plan along with the physical.

To get the body of your dreams, I suggest positive thinking about achieving success and enjoying the progress. I also recommend a lot of patience and consistency with starting and continuing healthy habits.

I love seeing clients get true lasting results along with an improved way of thinking about health and fitness. Being around people that want to be healthier and feel better makes me happy.

I was always fascinated by the human body and what it can do. Helping people reach their goals is fulfilling for me and I wanted to create a business that exemplified true health and fitness.

Clients should choose me because I truly care about their health first and foremost. I individualize plans specific to their needs and goals while giving encouragement and support throughout the process.



I teach individual or groups of women how to properly defend themselves through jiu jitsu based self-defense.